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Essays are a piece of writing that focused on persuading or informing the readers. There are four types of essays. Every essay type is used to evaluate the writing skills of the students. It does not matter that you are studying in a school or college; your teachers always give you essays as an assignment. We can say that essay writing is one of the popular academic assignments in schools or colleges.

As this educational essay writing affects students’ academic grades, so students are required to create effective, successful, and attractive essay writings before the deadlines. Students, from time to time, write many essay writings, but when it comes to choosing the correct type of essay to write then, every student seems confused.

There are dozens of types of essay writings. So it’s natural that you may be confused about what types of essays to do. If you are also confused about different types of essays, then you came to the right place.

Here we are going to discuss the major 4 types of essay writing. Along with this, we will also provide you with all the relevant and in-depth information about all those essays.

The basic essay format for all types of essay writing

It does not matter which type of essay you are writing. All the essay writings usually contain three parts- The introduction, the body, and the conclusion of the essay. So before discussing the major 4 types of essays. We are mentioning the common format of all types of essay writings

Introduction to the essay

An introduction is the very first and most important part of essay writing. It guides the audience into the complete essay by introducing the topic. The introduction of your essay must be with a compelling hook that can easily catch the reader’s interests.

You can use an analogy, a thesis statement, a quote, or a question, etc. as the hook in your introduction. If you make sure that the essay now can quickly get the attention of your audience, then you should give some background information about the topic. 

Here one thing that you should always keep in mind while writing the introduction of your essay. That the ideas that you are writing just be as easy as everyone can easily and gradually understand the initial and critical ideas of the essay.

Body of the essay

It is the second but also the most crucial part of the essay. The body of the essay supports the key points that you presented in the thesis statement. In the body of your essay, you should have to give detailed information about the topic.

Even it is good if you can write all the information that you collected during the research on the topic, and which you want to write. You can write the body part of the essay in 2 or 3 paragraphs. But don’t give any unnecessary pieces of information, always try to provide all the relevant and reliable information. 

In addition, the author can give some opinions on the topic, and the result of their analysis on the topic. If you want to write a successful essay, then you should write an effective, attractive, and perfect body of the essay.

Conclusion of the essay

The conclusion is the last part of all types of essays, along with it’s also the key part of all essays. As the conclusion is the last chance for you to attract and convince your audience with the complete essay. 

In the conclusion of the essay, you should write all the critical points of your essay in brief. You can take a thesis statement here to refer to the key points and leaves the audience with the final thought. If the topic is related to a social issue, then you can give your personal points of view and ultimate solutions for that problem.

The major 4 types of essay

Here we are going to describe all the major 4 types of essays in-depth. Along with we also describe the things that you should keep in mind while writing each type of essay writing-:

1. Descriptive Essays

The descriptive essay is one of the most popular essays of the 4 types of essays that teachers like to give students most of the time. A descriptive essay is also known as the cousin of narrative essays.

A descriptive essay is a painting of pictures in the form of words. In the descriptive essay, a writing writer might describe in-depth an object, a person, a place, or anything, etc. Commonly this type of essay writing requires a detailed description of the topic with all the relevant and reliable information.

In simple words, we can say that in the descriptive essay, you have to communicate a more profound meaning with the help of in-depth descriptions. If you desire to write a successful and effective descriptive essay writing.

Then you should write an essay in such a way as an appeal to the audience’s emotions. Thus you can see the result of it that makes your essay highly evocative.

Things you should remember while writing a ”Descriptive Essay’

  • In a descriptive essay, you have to paint a picture with words in your audience or reader’s mind.
  •  In the descriptive essay, you need to describe everything about a topic in-depth.
  • These essays are very similar to narrative essays.
  • For writing a successful descriptive essay, you need to be more creative.
  • It is essential thing that you should make sure that you write everything in writing in perfect order.

2. Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays are the other most important type of essay writings of the 4 types of essays. As the name itself indicates that a persuasive essay means an essay about convincing the audience.

In a persuasive essay, the main goal of the writer is to persuade the readers in such a way so that they accept the author’s point of view quickly. For convincing the audience easily, the writer can utilize some relevant and reliable facts and logic in his writing.

Even the writer should have to give some examples, sound reasoning, and expert opinions in his essay writing. It becomes helpful for the writer to easily convince the audience to accept the writer’s points of view. After giving such examples etc. the writer should have to communicate clearly to convince the readers.

Things you should remember while writing ”Persuasive essays”

  •  In persuasive essay writing, you should make sure that all the reasoning that you are giving in writing is 100% valid reasonings.
  • You should always keep in mind the progression from one idea to the next in the form of natural progress.
  • If you can make a forceful and convincing conclusion. Then you can write a successful persuasive essay.
  •  In such essays, you must give some factual evidence.
  • You should also make sure to sustain the audience’s interests in your complete essay writing.

3. Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is one of the most common and popular types of essays for school and college students. It is also an easier essay writing as compared to other essays. In the narrative essay, the writing author tells a story based on real-life experience.

It’s common telling a story that may seem easy to do to too many students. The main objective of narrative essay writings is to give a challenge to students to think and write about themselves.

In narrative essay writing, authors should have to try to involve their readers by making the story as vivid as possible for them. For doing so, you can take many words and sentences that are indicating the first person.

Such as “I” words give your reader a feeling as they are part of the story of the essay. If you can write such essays that provide the reader with a sense that they are a part of the story. Then we can say that you are writing a successful or effective Narrative essay.

Things one should keep in mind while writing ”Narrative Essay”

  • In the narrative essay writing, you should include various imagery and sensory details about the story.
  • Narrative essay writing is always written with a first-person point of view. So you should use only the words or sentences that indicate to first-person.
  • If you are writing a narrative essay, then you should remember that a narrative essay requires many essential elements of a story. Such as theme, style, plot, setting, tone, characters, etc.
  • As it is a story type essay. Hence you can write a narrative essay as large as possible for you. But don’t write more than 1000  words. 
  • It will become more impressive if you use some serious matters.

4. Expository Essays

The expository essay is also one of the most important or popular types of essay writings. Most of the teacher’s time-to-time give their students expository essay’ writings. 

Expository essay writing is one of the informative essay writings. It presents a balanced and useful analysis of a particular topic. In the expository essay writings, the author defines and explains the topic with the use of relevant statistics, examples, and facts.

The expository essay is also known as the combination of a wide range of essay variations, such as the cause and effect essays, “how-to,” comparison and contrast essays, or process essays, etc.

The expository essay is only based on real facts, and it does not contain any personal feelings. Writing doesn’t need to reveal his emotions.

Things one should keep in mind while writing ” Expository Essay”

  •  While writing an expository essay, you should have to stick with the numbers and facts. And keep all your ideas and opinions in the proper sequence.
  • Write a conclusion according to the key points that are relevant to the topic, don’t take any new information in the conclusion of your essay.
  • Always keep in mind expository essays written in the third person.
  • In expository essay writing, you can take a relevant or reliable thesis statement, research statement, and research questions.
  • You should try to write more-and-more informative writing if you want to get good academic grades. As more pieces of information, your essay can provide, the more your writing is effective.

Content analysis Essay Or Textual analysis essays

Textual analysis essays are papers that break down the Entire Specified body of This written Job, fractionate it as a Complete as Well as a Meeting of a Couple of different Elements, and Clarify the meaning or purpose behind them. These can be a divide into two parts both are mentioned below

Literary analysis

The purpose of a literary analysis essay is to examine carefully and sometimes Appraise a Job of literature or an aspect of a Job of literary literature analysis. It presents a close reading of literature work. The literature analysis examines the characters, setting, figurative language and theme. The debut of a literary analysis article presents the text and history, and supplies your thesis statement; the entire body contains close readings of this text with analysis and quotations confirming your argument.

Rhetorical analysis

A rhetorical analysis is a work that divides an essay of non-fiction into components. It then describes how the components work together to make a particular effect–whether to convince, entertain, or educate.


We have mentioned the major 4 types of essays in detail. Along with this, we also mentioned the detailed and relevant information about all kinds of essay writing.

We hope that our blog becomes very helpful for you and will clear all our doubts about the major 4 types of essay writings. Still, if you have any confusion about it, then feel free to contact us anytime.

We have a team of experts who all are well qualified and having different higher degrees such as Ph.D. Even they all have in-depth knowledge of all types of essay writing Help. They are also available 24*7 hours for providing you the best solution to all your academic problems.

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