Tips To Write 4000 Words Essay In A Day

An essay is defined as brief and non-fiction writing that explains and examines a given subject. During the academic career, a student would have to write many essays, from a personal experience essay to a detailed study of a scientific process. 

The essential component of an essay is the structure. That contains the thesis statement, introduction, body parts, and conclusion. Typically an essay involves a student’s point of view, which explains a specific subject. Here, we will provide the students with a beginner’s guide for writing a 4000 words essay for college

How much time it will take to write 4000 words essay

It’s not simple to state how long it takes to write a 4000 words essay. It relies on a set of factors.

Students shouldn’t be frightened; however, a 4000 words paper is not easy, but it’s not as difficult.

For instance, a dissertation usually consists of around 12,000 words, and some university writing projects may reach about 5,000 words in length. 

Whatever the word count that you need to make, specific points affect the time required to complete the task. Observe the following points:

1 How is your Ability to Read: 

Many people will search the text and select the information that is most useful. Some need a lot of time to come up with the main idea.

If you have excellent reading skills, the writing procedure is continuing to go fast. You won’t find any challenges in gathering specific information about the problem and arranging them into a meaningful piece of writing.

2 The duration needed to do the research:

If you are asked to write an opinion on the topic with 4000 words essay, as you already know, you don’t need to collect data about the topic. In this situation, the thoughts have to be structured and presented compellingly.

If you want to examine an unknown subject, you should collect data about it before writing it. The amount of time spent on research is dependent on the nature of the topic being studied. The simpler the subject, the quicker you gather the data about it.

3 Can you properly plan your essay:

When you have all the details you need to write your essay, it will seem like the process itself isn’t complicated, because the most important thing is to generate 4000 words.

It is best to draw up a successful essay plan to save your precious time. The introduction will introduce the research results with the main point; the body paragraphs-the the very topic and the conclusion. 

4 Writing concentration:

Often, someone or something can distract you from writing. You can then forget how exactly you wished to explain the question.

That means you should be in a position to type or write quite quickly. You can thus continue to connect your thoughts precisely before your mind begins forming the next thought. If you want to develop the writing skills, you can follow the tips which we discuss below.

The above points should be considered while writing a 4000 words essay. It helps you in determining the duration of writing an essay. You can write it in a day or some days, it all depends on you. So don’t worry! Just take the initiative to write.

How to write a 4000 words essay?

A 4000 words essay is an extended essay. It is a requirement for college students to write. Universities require students to submit an essay of 4000 words in their curriculum on a certain topic.

Writing an extended essay of 4000 words is quite challenging for students. Here we mention the points you must consider while writing 4000 words essay (extended essay).

1. Select the topic carefully

The first step in writing an extended essay is to select the topic in which you have an interest.

Let’s take an example; suppose you are pursuing an art stream, but it is not limited to two to three subjects. It is quite a wide stream, including architecture, fashion, photography, advertising, sculpture, etc. In selecting your 4000 words essay topics, it is vital you pick that topic that is related to your field of study and also you have an interest in it.

2. Creating the main idea

Once you select the topic, you must draft the key concept of your extended essay. The core theme is the essay’s focal point, in which the whole essay will revolve.

It would help if you wrote a blueprint, list the key ideas you want to research, and establish the main concept. You can mention the supporting facts at the bottom of each idea. A blueprint helps you to enter only those points related to the topic. It also helps you in organizing your thoughts. 

Start doing your research on the related ideas. You can use both offline and online mediums for researching your topics. For example, offline mediums include books, magazines, autobiographies, etc., and online mediums, including eBooks, google, Wikipedia, etc. Don’t forget to mention citing your sources. It helps to become your 4000 words essay reliable.

4. Start writing your extended essay

After doing all the research and creating the blueprint, you can start writing your first draft of your essay. It is not a work of overnight. It is a work of researching appropriate material, revisions, and providing supporting facts to your main ideas. 

4000 words essay

Tips for writing a 4000 words essay

1. Have a healthy breakfast:

When you start writing in the morning, boost your mind and body with a good meal, much like porridge. The balanced nutrient energy means you are not going to have a struggle over your laptop in the middle of the morning-something you can’t bear right now!

Even though you may be willing to get coffee mainline into your bloodstream, avoid too much early coffee. Caffeine is the reverse of slow-release energies, and within a few hours, you can find yourself collapsing.

2. Choose your workspace and accessories:

Find a quiet place where you know you’re not going to get distressed. Whether you are doing best in the library or at home, you’ll know, but don’t pick someplace you’ve never been to before. If you were sure you would be relaxed and able to concentrate for as long as possible, it would help.

Organize yourself and come with two notebooks, a water bottle, some notes, and some food to be used as micro-rewards. It will hold you in moving without needing to take your eyes off the road (the best focus choice is dark chocolate!).

3. Stay away from social media and other diversions:

Procrastination is the worst enemy of a student while writing a 4000 words essay or any assignment. Please switch off your phone and avoid the temptation to search social media.

Don’t you believe in yourself? Then you can deactivate your accounts temporarily, or let a friend change your passwords for some time.

4. Take short breaks:

If you are writing an essay of a big size, it doesn’t mean that you will write it continuously without taking any break. It will only lead you to feel exhausted. You should take short breaks of 10 minutes for every one hour of writing. You can walk or take a 10-minute nap. It will help you in regaining your energy.

All these tips help you in writing an essay efficiently. 

Make your 4000 words essay Splendid!

When your essay is already completed, you must pay attention to proofreading. Editing is certainly one of the most critical pieces. This is why it is a bad idea to leave everything on the last day. Some students even ask for an online edit of my paper. Here are some tips for doing 60-minute proofreading of your essay:

  • Study your essay, and stop at points of sentence structure. It can help you decide how the framework’s sounds – if you notice anything you don’t like, then fix this. Then read the essay once again.
  • When the essay’s content has already been updated, you must have reviewed grammar and spelling manually, not using a computer as the machine likely won’t see everything. Test the series of tenses, plurals, possessive nouns, punctuation to ensure that the subjects and verbs suit. Check it again when you’re finished testing it.
  • Let anyone read your essay if feasible, and ask them for suggestions about how to develop the writing. If you don’t have these people, then do it yourself because you’ve been writing it for a lot of time, put it off for a couple of days, and then examine it again. It helps you to examine the essay with a new look.

4000 words essay structure


Academic procrastination isn’t as uncommon as you imagine, so stop thinking to yourself why you’re like this. It is exactly what it is. And although it is perfectly appropriate to ask written services to “write my essay,” which is 4000 words long.

If you have to do all of this yourself, then the tips and points mentioned above help you in writing a 4000 words essay.

Getting anxious can ruin everything, so don’t panic; relax, instead, by measuring how much you can do in the time left. Collecting all of your things in one place and reducing distractions is another way of ensuring you can finish your work on time.

When you feel too tired or anxious and concentrate on reaching the word count, you can contact us. You can avail yourself of our essay help from professionals. We are always available for your help.

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