How To Write A 5000 Words Essay In A Day

How To Write A 5000 Words Essay In A Day

There is also procrastination, and there are people who tend to procrastinate as much as possible. Can’t end up completing the tasks before the deadline; why? However, when tasks have to be accomplished, instead of worrying about them, you go out and do them. Have you left your 5000 words essay at the last minute? Not perfect, but do not worry. By following our guidance, you will make that happen!

Tips for writing 5000 words essay

The following are the tips that make you productive and help you complete your essay in a day:

1 Start writing in the early morning:

The sooner you begin writing, the faster you can complete writing; this is important as research has shown that most people get optimum productivity in the morning and are frequently exhausted from midday to 4 p.m.

If you can complete all your work before noon, you will be a winner. Many consider mornings a productive time, so trying to start work before 9 a.m. It means students can write whatever they want for the rest of the day.

2 Don’t take stress:

Secondly, you shouldn’t worry or panic because these two aspects can seriously hinder your efficiency and you can’t afford it now. Worrying will seriously slow down your mind, so you can end up stressing even more and finish up generating less satisfactory results.

Relax then, take deep breaths and begin writing after spending much less time thinking about your writing. You have to make sure that when you have left time, you devote yourself to writing.

Not starting to panic is very necessary, but many procrastinators are awaiting the final burst of anxiety and tension to enhance their effectiveness.

If you’re generally not a procrastinator, don’t let that ruin the essay for you. You still have a chance; you require to get the most out of every minute leftover.

3 Assemble your material in one spot:

Take anything from snacks and drinks to pencils and papers, everything you may need to get through 5 hours of intensive writing. It would benefit if you considered your favorite workplace or your workstation for your 5000 words essay.

A positive work environment is crucial at this point, and all in one position should keep you focused on avoiding deviating.

It also ensures that all the knowledge and work you’ve done in one place will be compiled so that you don’t have to go around and forth between various activities.

We recommend adding all the necessary snippets of information to a single paper to prevent the panic of writing nothing at the last moment.

4 Reduce distractions:

Our smartphones are perhaps the most time-consuming inefficient devices for us, so make sure to put your phone in another room or fully turn it off, and maybe use it as a treat for yourself.

To maintain security, shut off the internet, or delete the software from your computer if you need to. But if you want to do research, then do one thing, firstly you should complete all the research work.

After that, you can start writing without any disturbance.

You can’t take risks at present, and wasting valuable time isn’t something you can bear. So, drop all your disturbances in some other place and isolate yourself from the world for those five hours.

5 Set a routine and manage your time efficiently:

Managing time is pretty critical when you have a deadline of 24 hours for completing a 5000 words essay. Give some time to yourself to meet those goals.

Let’s assume it’s 9 am, and tomorrow morning, your essay is due first thing. If you’re thinking how to write an essay quickly, you can follow a viable fourteen-hour schedule which we explained below: 

9 am – 9:30 am: Choose your topic for the essay and determine your ultimate aim.

9.30 am-11 am: write your essay plan and outline.

11 am – 11.45 am: Complete the introduction

11.45 am – 1 pm: mention quotations and references for analysis to back up the claims

1 pm-1.45 pm: break for lunch

1.45 pm-6 pm: write the essay body

6 pm-6.45 pm: break for dinner

6.45 pm – 10.30 pm: edit, update and complete the word count

10.30 pm – 11 pm: get it ready for the next day.

6 Take shorts breaks between writing:

Having plenty of time for writing doesn’t automatically mean you can write without taking a break for long periods. It will only mean you are easily exhausted.

It will help if you take a five-minute break every 25 minutes. You will find it incredibly helpful.

7 Complete your work in speed:

Write in the flow when writing a 5000 words essay, and don’t look back. Don’t make changes as you go; first, concentrate on reaching your word count and then when you’re finished writing, go back and check. When you decide to edit as you go along, reaching the word count may take you longer, and you can become too exhausted to complete the work. Keep on writing without looking back, and update when you’ve reached the count of words.

8 Don’t edit just after finish your writing:

Editing will ruin your writing flow as you write; you’ll see just how “awful” your work is.

Instead, write down everything you want for the day, and then edit your writing until it’s done. That’s what played out for students for their 5000 words essay.

The above tips help you in writing an essay with the word limit of 5000. Follow the tips while writing an essay.

How to complete the 5000 words count:

Use the data you’ve gathered earlier to help the key concepts you set out in your outline, but don’t just wonder about it. Try to be descriptive and be sure that the intensity of your arguments will get you to around 5000 words essay.

If you fail to reach the word mark, don’t stress. Choose a single point in your case you feel wasn’t completely built on, and go back to your research. You can add a quote or two that you could drive in to make your point even more transparent.

Of course, if you utilize a lot of quotations from other experts, make sure that you summarize the key points to give the voice to the essay and explain which words belong to you and which ones belong to someone else. Plagiarism is dangerous, and if you don’t cite properly, all of your hard work may be fully disregarded!

The conclusion shouldn’t be too long. You have just to sum up the points that you’ve consumed the last few hours outlining and describing how they all fit together to justify your overall answer to the question you’ve chosen.


From the above discussion, now you have complete knowledge of how to write a 5000 words essay. We mention the tips that help you in writing an essay. Pursue it while writing a great size essay. 

Writing an essay paper of 5000 to 6000 words is a standard assignment in many higher learning institutions worldwide. Students mostly have to write about 6000 words of paper in their thesis writing but not in a day.

Many students come to our website seeking help writing a 5000 words essay when they realize they can’t beat the deadline.

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