How To Write A Perfect Essay Like a Boss

Writing is a procedure or an art. It requires patience, takes time, and continuous practice to develop writing skills. Writing is easier said than done. Students who are pursuing a particular course in a college requires to write so many types of essays given by professors. Unfortunately, for a beginner, writing essays is not an easy task. Students who are beginners have a question in their minds that how to write a perfect essay. 

College Essay writing requires good command on the queen’s language (English), great vocabulary, and you have to develop your writing skills through practice. You should not simply become a great writer overnight. A perfect essay requires a commitment that helps in writing it.      

How to write a perfect essay:   

How to write Perfect Essay

To write a perfect essay is not an easy task. Students have to follow some criteria before writing it. Here is the perfect essay writing format are as follows:  

1 Plan:

If you make an excellent plan of writing before actually writing it, then you will save your time. It may sound time-consuming, but you will know where your answer is headed. Don’t worry if you find it difficult at first, but if you make a proper plan, then it is most comfortable for you to make your essay perfect. 

For example, you choose the topic amazing grades: how to attain it.

Then make a plan before start writing it. Brainstorm ideas related to your topic. It will help you think of related ideas.

2 Have a clear format:

While you are doing the planning, you have to think about it. First, you must know which type of essay you are going to write like it is an argument or a speech, etc. It needs to have a clear or logical format so that your all points covered together in it. It is good to select some major points which will include in your main paragraphs. Three to five major paragraphs is enough for your perfect essay. 

In the above example, you choose an amazing grade topic. In this, you can include how you can motivate yourself to study, how to reduce time in learning, set tasks with a time limit, etc. All these points must be mentioned in a proper format.   

3 Save all your points with well-analyzed references:

This point will help you with how to write a perfect essay as in scientific report; a writer always give references, evidence to support your points or findings. In essay writing, you can also include evidence or references to support your points; there is no harm in including it. An attentive reading of your references can help you to impress your professor or examiner.   

When selecting the best references or quotations for your essay, you must understand its relevancy. 

For example, if you want to attain good grades, then you can use a quotation by asking yourself, “What am I doing for attaining good grades?” You can use some literary techniques:

  • Tricolon: a group of three or phrases that placed close together for emphasis.
  • Chiasmus: It helps to draw the attention of the audience yo that phrase. It includes the ABBA structure.
  •  Tautology: using words that have the same meaning, but the pronunciation is different, for example, ‘terrifying’ and ‘frightening.’
  •   Parallelism: It helps to signify movement from one concept to another. It includes the ABAB structure.

These are some of the examples of literary techniques, and you can use it to make your essay perfect.

4 Be creative and include original content:

Everyone can write an essay, but the thing that makes it ‘perfect’ is your original content on the topic you are going to write. If you have noticed something interesting points and you find it engaging, then you can include it in your essay. It will also like by your audience or professor.

Essay writing also demands your creativity. Creativity helps you to stand out unique in the crowd. Essay writing includes three main parts:

a) Introduction:  In it, you are going to explain which points you are going to include. From this, your audience understands the theme of your essay. It must be engaging. It all depends on it whether the audience is read it fully or not.  

b) Body paragraphs: It includes three to five paragraphs in which you explain your topic deeply or in detail. All the points detail explanation is mentioned in it. 

c) Conclusion: In it, you summarize your main points of a topic. Don’t include new points in the conclusion. You add or repeating the things you said in your introduction or body paragraphs. Think of your conclusion as the climax of your essay. The conclusion must not be boring although you must include the interesting stuff in it. 

All the above points help in making your essay perfect.

Tips on how to write a perfect essay:

Writing an essay is a difficult task for students. Either any type of essay you are writing, such as scholarship essay, argumentative essay, persuasive essay, etc. you must know how to write it perfectly. Here are some tips which can help you in making your essay perfect:

8 tips on how to write a perfect Essay
8 tips on how to write a perfect Essay

Tip 1 Choose a topic that is researched enough and interesting to explore: 

Be careful while choosing the topic for your essay. You find so many topics on the net but do not choose immediately. Make sure you do proper research on the topic. While researching a topic, you must make sure that your topic must contain novelty as there are so many similar topics available. It is advisable to select that topic that will be interesting to the audience. Select a topic that you have a passion for it. The more you know in what you write the perfect essay you have as a result.

Tip 2 Be unique:

If you are using your own original content in an essay, then you have more chances that your audience finds your essay interesting. You can find material from different perspectives, that make your work stand out from the crowd. 

Tip 3 A perfect image essay:

If possible, use diagrams, images, graphs. Images are a strong way to convey your message to the audience. It makes your work more interesting. A picture paints a thousand words.  

Tip 4 Mention references:

Remember to mention references at the end of your work. A particular amount of relevant references will show that you have studied your topic correctly and properly.

Tip 5 Proofreading:  

It is an important part of making an essay perfect. First, finish your work and ask someone else to read it too. Spelling checking is not enough. If someone else reading your work, then you can make changes in your essay or even the tone as the changes suggested by the experts.   

Tip 6 Use simple language:     

The language of an essay plays an important role in the perfection of an essay. The language should be simple so that everyone can easily understand what you want to say.

Tip 7 Present Both Sides of an Argument:

 Do a debate on the topic. Show your understanding and information regarding the topic by discussing the two sides of the argument. Try not to be uneven. Present various perspectives that also show you have thought the topic subject in an intelligent way.

Tip 8 Set your time limit:

The most important thing that you must complete your essay on time. Because the due date has importance in the college life of students. It helps you in achieving good grades.

It’s a wrap up:

To make your essay perfect, it takes time. The above explanation helps you in solving your query on how to write a perfect essay. The step by step guide helps you in writing your perfect essay. Follow the above tips and prepare your essay perfectly. The points to be included in an essay must be well-researched. It should have enough content to build an outline or thesis statement.    

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