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An argumentative essay is a category of academic writing work where students have to argue on a selected or defined topic in favor of their position. The essay needs the use of convincing facts from the author’s point of view to convince the target audience. There should be present both arguments (in favor of and against). Every student gets the task of writing an argumentative essay in their academic tenure. They think of how to choose and get the best ideas for argumentative essay topics. In this blog, we will discuss it and help the students in how they can select the best argumentative essay topics. 

What makes a significant essay in the category of argument?

It would help if you learned what a good one looks like, to write a successful argumentative essay. You would need an argument, a good thesis, and sound research along with a solid framework. Everyone knows about the structure. If you consider these elements of the essay, you will get the ideas for argumentative essay topics.

1 Argument:

Unlike the other essay types, you try to persuade the audience about anything. You don’t just teach them a principle or explain an idea — you’re making an argument to change the readers’ minds. You will be required to build a strong argument that contains not just your key point but also every one of the parts that constitute it.

Consider what you mean, and consider the way you mean it. How are you looking to bring an idea and turn it into a nuanced and excellently-thought-out argument that can change someone’s mind?

2 A good thesis:

Your argument is based on the thesis. Which particular message do you seek to bring along? Within one paragraph, state the message, and that will be your thesis.

It is the base on which your essay is constructed, so it must be solid and well-considered. You should be able to use evidence and references to build on it, not just emotions.

3 Research:

A successful argumentative essay is not based solely on your opinions, but rather on research. It can be to cite sources and other claims, or it can imply direct field analysis, based on what your point is and the context on which you argue.

Be ready to cover up your research with academic journals, magazines, or other forms of research coverage. Using well-researched evidence would be better at supporting the argument than assumptions or speculation. It’s worth reconsidering your thesis or doing original research if you can’t find enough evidence to back up your point.

Tips for choosing the best ideas for argumentative essay topics:

Students also notice that much of their research is completed on these essays before they even begin writing. It means that you must have a genuine interest in your topic, it’s best; otherwise, you can get frustrated or bored while trying to collect information. (However, you don’t have to know everything.) You must know the thing that makes this process satisfying, and you understand something unique.

When you want to know about the ideas for argumentative essay topics, Keeping the tips mentioned below in mind is important:

1 The topic has to be arguable:

Uh yeah …   It may seem simple, but it’s worth mentioning. You require a subject with (at least ) two sides to it. Selecting a subject such as my favorite sport is not arguable. It’s arguable to take up a topic like Puerto why Indians give more importance to cricket sport only. Many citizens agree with the statement, and others are not. Some benefits and drawbacks can be explained.

2 Start writing on the topics which are popular among people:

Check the news every day. Browse the web. Writing about something important right now is more engaging. For instance, if you continue to hear much about immigration, you can pick a topic like the United Kingdom Should Close Its Borders.

And if you read about a common test in colleges a lot, you might develop a subject like Colleges must eliminate common testing from their selection procedure. It makes for a more engaging essay when a subject is recent and fascinating.

3 Show your interest:

Writing about something that you have a passion for is always easier. If you love online games, you might write a convincing essay like online gaming that is productive for teenagers. If you’re a sports fan, you could cover something like college players deserves to earn.

It takes quite a bit of time to read and write an argumentative essay, so you can get more ideas for argumentative essay topics if you select a subject you’re interested in writing. It makes the process a little less painless.

4 Think of writing as a good medium for voicing your opinion:

Consider a topic you may have felt was unacceptable to speak about it with anyone. Remember that getting your feelings into paper is better than asking people what you think. The purpose of this is that you have no direct interaction with them. Use that issue as a topic for your essay on arguments.

All the above tips help you in effectively writing an argumentative essay. So keep them in mind.

Ideas for argumentative essay topics:

Often, looking at several various approaches brings out the best ideas. Explore this list of potential topics and see if there are a few that spark your curiosity. Start writing down the ones when you come across them, then think for a few minutes about each.

What one would you love to research? Do you have a clear stance on a given topic? Is there any point you ‘d want to ensure you get through? Has the subject offered you something unique to view about? Do you see why others would feel differently?

Much of these subjects are quite controversial — that’s the argument. Within an argumentative paper, the viewpoint matters, and controversy depends on viewpoints which, ideally, are supported by evidence. The topics mentioned below are a little bit controversial, but they help you get the ideas for argumentative essay topics:

  1. Do humans cause global climate change?
  2. Is our election process fair?
  3. Are school uniforms beneficial?
  4. Are we too dependent on computers?
  5. Cell phones dangerous?
  6. Are girls too mean to each other?
  7. Is homework harmful or helpful?
  8. Should the government provide health care?
  9. Is college admission too competitive?
  10. Do violent video games cause behavior problems?


From the above discussion, now you get the ideas for argumentative essay topics. It would help if you kept in mind the elements of a significant argumentative essay. Follow the tips for choosing the best ideas for an essay. It will help you write an argumentative essay effectively. 

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