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Studying in the enormous field of business is a great way to gain working experience across many divisions. As such, many students decide to go ahead with their education with a degree in business. However, in order to get admission in your desired business school, written and business communications are a must. Writing a business essay does the job for you.  

This blog consists of a stellar business essay example. It will help your business school application appear apart from the rest of the applicants. Nevertheless, there is just no doubt that having an excellent application essay helps one tremendously. If you are a business aspirant who wishes to go through a well-drafted business essay example, we suggest you keep reading the blog.

What is a business essay example?

Business is the process of making one’s living. It is an art of making money by producing or buying and selling of goods and services in exchange for payment. It can also be defined as ‘any activity or enterprise entered into the monopolistic market for profits’. The primary goal of any business is to make income while, at the same time, being able to satisfy the unlimited demands of customers. It has been rightly stated that, if the customer is satisfied, business tends to grow with time.

Further, let us come to the question of what is a business essay. Written business communication is as important as verbal communication. During the admission process of any reputed business school, the applicant will come across Written Ability Tests (WAT) or essay writing tests. This round is necessary to check whether the student is fit to join the business school or not.

Given below is a business essay example

Before starting to write your own essay, you can explore our sample essays. The reason behind this is to collect a few ideas and thoughts on how you can make your essay unique and appealing to the reader. Do you also agree with the same? Well, if you are searching for a well- qualified business essay, you only need to scroll down.

As noticed, we have provided you with a business essay example. A question to support the essay is also drafted below. Make certain that the essay is used for references and ideas. Do not use it for your personal benefits. Also, one must take care of the word limit and check for grammatical mistakes.

Question: Elaborate about your aspirations and how exactly you will drive yourself along the way to accomplish them. (400 words) 

XXXX was the first business school I visited for my application journey. No one in my family has ever attended a business school, so I instantly learnt that my visit opened a new world of opportunity for myself. I sat in the auditorium among 200 other Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) students absorbing information about XXXX business school’s collaborative belief, international perspective, and esteemed faculty. My most unforgettable memory of the experience was when the Black and Latino MBA Organization (BLMBAO) came onto the stage and helped me gain an insight on what it truly means to be a XXXX Business school graduate. After having heard speeches delivered by ex-graduates and people in authority, I became more confident that there was definitely a place for me there. For these reasons, I am keen on seeking a spot in the entering class of 2022.

After completing my MBA, I intend to work as a Brand Manager in an innovative digital healthcare company which highlights the use of technology to change patient care. To be specific, I would like to work in an area of wireless technology and data analytics focused on chronic disease management. In order to promote health, I plan on being an active member of XXXX Health Care Club (HCC). I am eager to contribute to this community through my outlook in healthcare consulting. This will be coupled by my experience in the health insurance market and business analytical skills. Mainly, I am excited to acquire a gainful insight into the healthcare industry via various coordinated programming sessions conducted by HCC. I believe that HCC will not only provide me with immense knowledge in this area, but it shall also allow me a life-long network of influencing XXXX healthcare leaders.

I want to continue the community’s great work of increasing the visibility of underappreciated minority groups. Engaging XXXX business school on grave issues of race and inequality as well as being an advocate for women in business remain my goal. To conclude, this business school is the perfect place for me to become the business leader I wish to be. I understand that the opportunities in healthcare are vast. Gaining an MBA degree from XXXX business school will provide me with a chance to learn and grow in this field of knowledge. As a part of the incoming class, I will continue to learn more about the business school.

Conclusion on business essay example

Keeping all this in mind, we now come to the conclusion having noted the concept of a business essay. In addition, the blog includes a well-written business essay example. Make sure to not use the essay for personal application. It should only be used for references and thought processing. After completion of the essay, proofreading should be done.

Business essays are written for the purpose of examining the applicant’s writing ability. It is a very important process for clearing the admission round. It has the capacity to speak for the student.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on business essay example

1. What is a business?

Business is described as a continuous economic activity. This activity entails the production and/or buying and selling of products in an economy.

2. What are the consequences of submitting a copied sample business essay example?

If an individual tries to submit a copied business essay example during the admission round, it will directly lead to the rejection of the applicant by the business school.

3. What is the full form of WAT?

The full form of WAT is ‘Written Ability Tests’. This test or an essay writing test is taken during the admission process of a business school. 

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