Determine the Causes of Academic Failure and How to Deal With It

Everybody hates the word failure. No-one in this universe is planning to fail. Students struggle hard to obtain good grades and pass their tests with the necessary numbers. But several times, with all the efforts, it can be very difficult to get a passing score. There are several causes of academic failure Many of these are internal causes, and others are external causes.

High school is a significant stage in academic life and career for a student.

A nation with high rates of dropouts from high school is likely to have a low literacy rate and hence a shortage of professionally trained individuals to run their country.

Academics play a significant part in student performance. Students with higher ranks in higher education often have a greater chance for a career, according to the study. Students have to manage both academic life and personal life as well.

It’s essential to get good grades in academics, not just to get a decent job and high pay scales. It is also for understanding the innovations and growing awareness that will need the businesses that will be required by students in the future.

Academically successful students, therefore, have too many chances to select the carrier.

Concept of academic failure:

Academic failure arises when a student’s ability to learn can not meet the primary goals of education to the degree that there is a necessary and continuing breakdown.

Causes of Academic Failure
Causes of Academic Failure

Common causes of academic failure:

 It is essential to understand why students at this critical step of their lives have reached high levels of failing grades. If the prevention of such causes or challenges can be possible, then we need to conduct the prevention of these failures and move the nation to a powerful cycle of success. Below are some explanations about the causes of academic failure or why high school students that fail:

1 Afraid of failure:

The student makes every effort to try hard, and they’re still not doing very well. Fear of success is the opposite of failure. When you have a kid who is exceptionally gifted or very intelligent in one way or another, often they will not be aware of it.

The child has scared of popularity, and they don’t want people to say, “Oh, you’re just too smart.” He doesn’t want that sort of attention. 

On the other hand, if the students have an academic failure for a long time even after trying their best, then he or she will develop a lifelong fear and fail to perform properly.

2 Absence of focus:

In this era of information and technology, where smart devices and cell phones are a fundamental necessity of society, it is very difficult to focus on studies without distractions.

Despite access to the internet anytime, participation in social media networks, and a variety of video games at their fingertips, it is very difficult to find the time to study. Students struggle because they can not concentrate on their studies and because they are distracted by these worldly events.

3 Procrastination:

A procrastinating approach to the studies also leads to less time devotion to study. Students ‘lazy and laid back mentality holds them away from making attempts to study and understand the various topics they could be evaluated on.

They are too lazy to work for themselves and expect others to do their tasks and exams.

4 Absence of time management:

Time because we know it is a precious commodity. No time lost can be recovered once. All the non-academic distractions eat up much of the students ‘time. Because of procrastination, they struggle to make good use of time.

Often students are unable to prioritize their studies due to a large number of academic obligations and thus lose valuable time. Therefore students who are unable to handle the time adequately end up failing at high school.

Lack of time management is one of the causes of the academic failure of many students, so manage your time appropriately.

5 Lack of dedication:

Understanding the value of hard work and devotion in life contributes to both a productive academic and professional career. You have to take every difficulty as a challenge and work on it to make life more productive.

Having to give up on challenges and problems leads to high academic failures. Consistency is the key to achieve impossible in life, so practice preserving in life as it helps it not in your academic life but in your all stage of life.

6 Negative thinking:

To have doubt and negative attitude to life and its problems is also quite risky. If students are depressed after little hiccups and life mishaps, they tend to hold a pessimistic attitude toward everything in life. They don’t have any motivation to learn and end up failing at academics.

7 Absence of confidence:

The more use of the internet and social media is bringing students to a life of loneliness and anti-social behavior. The number of students with introverts is growing.

Such students lack confidence and have low self-esteem to deal with others. They have little confidence in their abilities and reject to take support from the teachers and peers.

8 Absence of thinking ability:

BY practicing academic syllabus and tests, allow a student to have a certain level of reasoning and the ability to reason objectively.

In school and college, students with inadequate intellectual and analytical abilities frequently struggle to succeed, and it becomes one of their causes of academic failure.

9 Too much self-esteem:

Even as experts say lack of confidence contributes to failure, so also does possession of over-confident personality.

Being too confident of your skills and abilities or having too much self-esteem, a student is unable to study at its optimum level and may end up failing in examinations.

10 Dependent on others:

The student is reliant on others to decide for them, to tell them what they need. They rely on having others do it for them simply because they have become too reliant on anyone else to rescue them.

In one situation where both brother and sister were in a school, one brother was always speaking for the sister. So sister became highly dependent upon his twin to answer questions for her.

11 Carelessness:

Certain students struggle because of careless thinking. They do not give their studies the value.

All these are some causes of academic failures because of which they face failure in their academic tenure. But it is not impossible to deal with it.

By changing in lifestyle or following some tips, students can overcome all these and clear their exams with flying colors.

Additional factors that are the reason behind the academic failure-

There are two types of factors that also play a role in the academic failure in students life-

Internal Organisational FactorsExternal Organisational Factors
Way Of Teaching
Evaluation Methodology
Providing Online Assignments Instead Of Individuals
Educational Writing Support To The Students
Library Facility
Characteristics Of Teacher  
Parental Behaviour
The Social Status Of The Family
The Level Of Parental Education
Business Prospect

Tips to overcome the causes of academic failure

Plan daily study time:

Students with low grades in one or more classes will make a regular study schedule covering an additional 30 to 45 minutes a day. The management of extra time will be according to the different topics of different subjects. AS discussed above, consistency helps you in achieving your goals.

Be positive:

Students have to accept that they will make things right after figuring out what went wrong. Additionally, they have to assume that they will still excel in graduate school. They’ve got to have faith in themselves. The war now lies in your head. Begin to picture yourself as being educationally successful.

Develop reading habits:

Those students who are getting bored after some time of doing a study must develop a reading habit. It can be your favorite novel, book, magazine or comic book, etc. By doing this, you will develop sitting habits and concentration.

Do self-analysis:

Taking some time to think. Talk about the mistakes that you made, the things that you should have done differently.

Use of resources properly:

Students will concentrate on learning the appropriate vocabulary or formulae during study time. If the student starts having trouble following a specific idea or formula, then the trick is to pause and get help. And there’s no shortage of online learning services.

Finding a new, particular explanation or solution to a question that helps you understand the concept effectively.

Ask for help:

When students in the classroom don’t understand any topics, you have to ask your professors for the questions during their working hours. Often, participate with your team-mates in group conversations and ask questions. You’re going to learn a lot from these.

Daily review of the notes:

At the end of each school day, adolescents benefit from a total of 10 minutes for each subject by reviewing their class notes. Daily analysis of class notes helps students remember more of the lesson throughout the day.

Utilize the summer vacations appropriately:

The summer is an excellent time for students to concentrate on any subject of difficulty by relearning the content and fill in their learning gaps. Manage your vacation accordingly that you can focus on your studies and enjoy it as well.

During the summer, retaking the tough classes will help students fill their learning gaps. The second time you take the same lesson in a better way because the student has some basic knowledge to use.

Preparation for exams: 

Students profit from preparing for exams and quizzes at least one week in advance of the exam each evening. The extra research and analysis time allows the brain to retain the concepts for the long term.

Study regularly:

You start doing a lot of research. Students know failure is not a choice when you are sent home without the degree for which students came here. You must study outside the timetable of the schedule when exams are near. Do your homework ahead of time, so you’re not getting under pressure.

All these tips will surely help you to overcome your causes of academic failure. Follow these and get results.

Motivation Alert!!!
Academic failure does not define you and your life……….

Academic failure is not only giving the exams again, but it is also a chance that you can do better than last time. It would be best if you took it as an opportunity to know about your mistakes and try to improve them to achieve your academic objectives.  

You must give your best shot irrespective of the previous result. So, it is a golden opportunity to fulfill your dream of scoring good grades. Keep in mind that it is the second chance to get the desired results.   

Buck up, motivate yourself, and get the desired result!

Final words:

From the above discussion, now you know very well about the causes of academic failure and how to overcome it. Students have a lot of burden of assignments writing, such as essay writing, research paper writing, etc. along with the preparation of exams.

So they are not able to put their full focus on the exam preparation. If you are also facing this problem, then you can take online assignment writing help or essay help from us.

Our team will help you in writing your assignments so that you can contribute your time in preparation for your exams.


1 What is the major reason behind failing grades?

Lack of encouragement.
The teaching method of the teacher is not good.
Waste time
Lack of understanding of the subject
An inappropriate environment of study

 2 What are the best ways of dealing with academic failure?

Follow these points to overcome academic failure-
First, be relaxed
Hard decisions help you in achieving your dream, so be disciplined.
Fulfill your other dreams as well, along with academics.
Always ready to learn new things.
Prioritize your academic success, but your happiness does not depend on it.

3 What is academic failure?

Academic failure happens when students’ ability to learn cannot meet the main objective of education so that they can attain a degree.

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