How To Write An Essay For MBA Application Like A Pro

An MBA essay is a strong way for you to highlight your worth to the business school. An MBA essay adds 15% weightage in your admission application. The essay in MBA applications offers you an opportunity to highlight certain things you can not reveal in your CV. In this post, we are going to tell you how you can write an essay for an MBA application. 

For most competent students, the difference between accepting and receiving a compelling personal statement right away. Solid numbers can help with your application. But they do not give assurances of acceptance. Strong numbers will never structure for weak personal or negative recommendations. An integral part of the process is also graduate school equipment. The questions in these essays require self-determination and a great deal of thought. 

Best guidelines to Write an Essay for MBA Application to get Hired

1 Be Original(Tell the real History of yours and what Motivates you to Choose MBA)

Being original means you are going to tell your real story or a story. You’ve made that you think you’re ready to listen to the MBA Admissions Committee. If you think the story you created will be heard by the MBA Admissions Committee, then give it a try. The MBA college is looking for students who are suspicious of themselves, students who know their weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, you will have to talk about the issue. That you have thought about and done in real life as well. And the admissions committee can tell whether what you are saying is correct or not. Like

If singing music has been a big part of your life, then you should take everything in the music itself. You can change your art into a passion which can become your career later.

2 Tell About your Work Experience In a Unique Way 

While writing your essay for MBA application show your unique story to them. A unique story, generally, means a singular one also. And by unique we mean talking about something only you’ll mention — so it shouldn’t sound like what the other applicant talking about.

for instance, Wharton is pretty uninterested in run-of-the-mill private equity stories, particularly. When many candidates that have private equity as their goal frequently don’t know what it’s. (Need to raise/understand the various sorts of PE? inspect this text .)

Instead, dig deep to seek out that professional and private experience that you simply know nobody else is talking about in their MBA application. A successful applicant to instead explained why infrastructure investment banking was his goal. As an engineer who was responsible for massive infrastructure projects, he had seen all too well what percentage of great projects couldn’t get the financing they needed to be built. His response was to urge an MBA to assist finance things like bridges and tunnels. Needless to mention, this wasn’t a story many business schools had heard, which explains why his application was so well received.


It is easy to mention that each one business schools are alike but in fact, they will be much different, and your applications must reflect this. So it’s not enough to mention that you simply want to travel to graduate school, rather you want to explain why graduate school, and even more importantly, why that specific school. 

for instance, inside the classroom, some schools may teach exclusively using the case method (most famously Harvard graduate school, University of Virginia, Ivey Business School), while others could also be only lectures — though, in fact, the overwhelming majority use some kind of combination. 

Similarly, outside the classroom, many faculties are considerably focused on experiential learning, which suggests spending time doing real-world projects for all kinds of companies. MIT Sloan’s Action Learning Labs, for instance, provides such opportunities during a wide selection of disciplines including entrepreneurship, healthcare, sustainability, et al.

To understand how Haas is different from Fuqua and Yale SOM from Booth, you’ve got to attach with the faculties, including visiting, attending local events, webinars, chatting with current and former students, etc. That way, when you do your MBA Personal Statement, MBA programs see the precise reasons why you would like to travel to their school, and the way you’ll slot in.


With the above ideas, you hopefully have gotten a far better sense of what makes for a successful essay for MBA application. One thing that we’ve yet to incorporate but is extremely important in crafting a successful MBA essay is time.

Most successful graduate school application essays take time to write down well, be it the MBA Personal Statement or that 250-character short answer. an honest essay is written, rewritten, and rewritten again, getting critiqued and honed along the way. this is often generally not something which will be hurried.

While everyone works differently, some faster and a few slower, my very own instincts on this say that it takes about six weeks to produce a high-quality first essay. Each additional essay takes less time, as you build off all the opposite essays you’ve got completed. If you’ll complete an essay in a week or less, good for you, but I’m somewhat skeptical of its quality.

Remember, admissions committee members are reading many essays, and that they don’t have the time or the patience to go through last-minute essays that are generally overly long, repetitive, and don’t quite answer the question.

Remember the saying: “If I had had longer, I might have written you a shorter letter.” Now you’ve got the time to write down that concise, elegant, and to-the-point essay — an essay that will just get you into your dream school.

Start writing an essay for MBA application by following the above points. Now you can write an impressive essay- just go for it!

5 Proofreading: 

Spelling errors make a bad image, which creates an inferior impression by adding the incorrect college name into your essay. Sadly it’s happening. Find a colleague who can give a second look at your essay. You’ve read it twelve times and may require a look into it in a fresh way. Spelling checking and grammar checking are an excellent start, but checking several times helps you to get somewhere!

Final words:

As you can see if you want to take admission to any MBA College you need a well-written essay for MBA application along with documents. The above blog explanation helps you in writing a successful application essay. Follow the above tips to write it. We also posted other blogs related to business management. But you still have fear of writing dont worry, you can hire our writing experts. who give you the best MBA essay writing services before the deadline.

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