Essay vs Research Paper

Essay vs Research Paper: Know The Complete Difference in Detail

Students always get confused between an essay and a research paper. In our today’s blog, we will clear your all doubts about Essay Vs Research Paper. It will help you to understand an essay and research paper. Meanwhile, I’ll start by telling you the definitions.

Teachers nowadays seem to be determined to make students so busy with the Essays. As a result, Students can’t get any relaxation after class. They assign so much work related to essays or research assignments.

Many students do not become familiar with the difference between both. They thought both are the same as they both are academic writing. Sometimes it’s hard to explain the essay vs research paper. 

The students have confusion in their mind regarding both. In this blog, you will come to know the difference between both. After knowing the difference between essay vs research paper, you can effectively write it in a better way.

Overview of an Essay:

One of the most common types of writing is writing essays. In starting of the elementary school level and then at the middle school level, you come to know about the small essays, which are the starting point of creating the lengthy essay writing as you will go to the higher classes.

The essays are the shortest piece of writing, not more than 1000 words. The essays help teachers to know about the students writing, reading, analyzing skills. While writing an essay, students also develop the art of exposition or persuasion. 

Essays can be written in various shapes or forms, such as it can be like a story or can be as narrative. In the essay, students have to describe, create, and persuade. 

As a whole, essay writing needs creativity as compared to other formal writings.  

Types of essay:

Essays are one of the essential parts of the formal education systems. So, The students need to follow the format while writing an essay. It helps in developing writing skills in students.

At the time of their academics study, students give knowledge about the format of the five-paragraph essay. It includes the introduction, the body of three paragraphs along with the main thesis or conclusion.  

The ability of the students judge by the logic and factualness they add in their essay writing.

The types of essays are as follows:

Academic Essays:

It helps in measuring the intellectual abilities of students. Through this essay, the student’s capability of organizing their thoughts are revealed. 

Descriptive Essays:

The descriptive essay includes a description of a particular topic or something. It affects the physical, emotional, or intellectual sense of the audience.  

Narrative Essays:

It is like narrating a story to the audience. It includes flashback, flash forward, or climax in the essay.

Comparison Essays:

The comparison essay includes a comparison and contrast between two or more than two people or objects. 

Philosophical Essays:

In it, the writer defends a claim and also provide a reason for it. This is called a philosophical essay.

Overview of a research paper:

A research paper includes a piece of writing that is plagiarism-free or depth research of a particular topic. The research paper itself includes the word ‘research’ which means the repetitive search done in various directions to collect the main points or ideas of the topic.

The research papers may be quantitative or qualitative papers. The students have to do in-depth research on the question or topic. Also, add some reliable sources in the paper, which can be shown as the form of references. If you are researching the subject in which you have an interest, then try to make it informative.   

It can prepare in various kinds of citation formats like APA, MLA, or Chicago. The research paper requires consistent focus, in-depth research, or gives a detailed understanding of the subject. It includes the opinions and facts that are reliable. Sometimes a research paper is also known as a research project or term paper. 

The thesis statements must include in the research paper by the given topic. Most students write down the following types of the research paper are as follows:

Argumentative research paper:

In this type of research paper, the student selects a controversial topic. The writer develops the introduction and tells the audience about the subject. It also includes a thesis. 

Analytical Research Paper:

In this type of paper, students are required to mention criticism of the subject in the form of questions.

From the above discussion, Now you get the knowledge of essays and research papers. Now we will discuss essay vs research paper:

Essay Vs Research Paper
Comprehensive Difference Between Essay Vs Research Paper
Points of differencesEssayResearch paper
1 LengthAn essay is shorter, usually, it includes five paragraphs.A research paper is lengthy and it is up to eight pages.
2 OpinionMost of the types of essays include the personal opinion of the writer. The sources are generally used to support the writer’s perspective. It includes both writers as well as other scientist’s perceptions. 
3 In-depth researchIt does not need in-depth research on the topic.It needs in-depth research on the topic and search of various sources. 
4 ObjectiveThe main objective is to show writing skills and capability.The main objective is to write detailed knowledge of the subject by analyzing it.
5 FamiliarityIt needs familiarity with the main source on the subject, whether working on different types of essays or not.It always put the focus on the main source on the subject.  
6 ConsiderationIt considers the reader’s perception.It considers the logically organized matter involved in the paper.

Material, Types, Structure, Methodology

7 MaterialIt shows the writer’s opinion.It shows the facts or perspective in a particular form and in the end shows the writer’s conclusion. 
8 TypesAcademic essayDescriptive essay narrative essay comparison essay philosophical essayArgumentative research paper analytical research paper
9 StructureIt includes five parts: Introduction, main body(3 paragraphs), and a conclusion.It includes a title page, abstract (summary). Introduction, literature review, the main body (several sections as methodology, discussion, results), conclusion, acknowledgments, references.
10 MethodologyIt does not require a certain methodology.A certain methodology used in it.


From the above discussion, now you know about essay vs research papers. It will help you in writing both as you have clarity about both. If you are still facing any problem

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