Pro Tips for finishing an Essay Fast

How do you finish an essay fast?

There will consistently be times when you’re required to make an essay awkwardly fast. In this blog, we will cover all your doubts about finishing an essay during tight deadlines.

Writing an essay is not rocket science and it’s not even child play. Essays play a vital role in schools and colleges because they help the students to improve their thinking ability.

It also helps the teachers with the evaluations. In Today’s blog, we give some tips to finish an essay quickly. But first, we talk about four basic types of essays. 

  • Narrative Essays 
  • Descriptive Essays
  • Expository Essays
  • Persuasive Essays

Every essay has its defined purpose and three major parts introduction, body, and Conclusion. So we begin with the tips for finishing your essay fast.

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Tips for Finishing an Essay Fast

It could be challenging to finish an essay fast because writing 3000 to 5000 words in a short period is very stressful. A student has to perform various tasks to get a fantastic essay. But here are some tactics that every student needs to follow to finish an essay fast

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Tips for Finishing an Essay Fast

0) Start Writing Early

Don’t procrastinate in any work. This is the essential aspect of every writing. If you start early, you can save enough time for you to proofread your essay. Reducing last-minute stress is among the most significant reasons to begin writing your school essay early. Writing a winning school essay is vital, but starting early is just one of those sure-fire tactics to decrease the stress and enhance your essay writing ability.

1) Stay away from your phone

Nowadays every student has a smartphone which is the biggest source of learning. But students kill a lot of time behind social media that cause a distraction for students following this they may learn less.

While writing your essay once you are distracted from your topic it will take more than 15 minutes to focus again so this is a bad idea to use a phone while writing. Therefore put your phone away when you are writing an essay that helps you finishing an essay very easily.

2) Use an outline to write faster

Creating an outline is the most important and typical task in an essay. An outline draws the idea in the writer’s mind to finish the essay fast. An essay outlines an arrangement of your writing.

A well-written outline grabs the attention of the reader. An outline structures your essay and sorts out the primary concerns into sections so it would be simpler for you to prepare an essay fast. 

What should be the points to add to the outline

  • Place your thesis statement at the end of the beginning paragraph
  • Place the main features that support your thesis and highlight them with Roman Numerals (I, II, III, etc.)

3) Set a timer to finishing an essay fast

Setting a timer is a good habit to finish any work and you can follow this for your essay writing as well.

A timer helps you to manage your work accordingly and stops you from procrastinating.

You will face difficulty in the beginning but after some time it’s gonna be fun. After following this process you can focus on your work very easily and it also saves you from wasting time. 

4) Create a writing Environment

Whenever you are doing something it is essential to create an environment whether it is a game or your homework. No doubt if you start writing make sure you have all the important things with you.

Like erasers for pen and pencil, pencil sharpeners, pencil extenders, inkwells, blotter paper, and water bottles.

Must check your surroundings whether you are comfortable with your seating or not. The place you are seating in is quiet or noisy because at a noisy place you are easily distracted.

Or Set up your workspace by opening the books you’ll have to use on pertinent pages, or putting Post-It notes in them to stamp where important data is.

This implies you won’t need to continue burning through valuable time chasing through books to discover the data each time you have to allude to it.

5) Take a short break if required

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to write. So divide your work and take a small break during the whole writing process.

You can also go for a walk or take a nap that will refresh your mind and can come up with new writing ideas. 

6) Take the advice of an expert

When you are about to finish your essay it is important to take the help of an expert. This could be anyone like your elder brother, cousin, friend, and teacher.

He/She will give you the ideas to include and exclude. So taking advice from them will be good for finishing an essay fast. 

7) Spent less time on Research

Research plays a vital role in your essay. If you don’t research properly your essay will never be liked by your readers.

Therefore, when you start research to make sure to take only necessary and key concepts instead of wasting time on garbage. So be brief and concise in your Research.

8) Make sure to write an attractive introduction

If your starting is not good then the reader does not take a single second to leave your essay.

Therefore When you start writing try to mention the main idea at the starting of the introduction. That creates the interest of the user to read more.

Try to convince the reader of your essay is worth reading. Give your thesis at the end of the introduction.


In the above blog, we discussed the tips for finishing an essay. Where you come to know about the reasons that lead to failure to complete your essay on-time. The above things are common in every student’s life.

So if you follow the above steps you will Write an Essay in a Hurry and before the deadlines and it may also help you to Improve your Last Minute Essay Writing.

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