Fun Indoor Games to Play During quarantine that Boost Thinking skills of students

Go gentle on you. Countries were pushed into a situation when businesses and schools shut down, and the government requests everyone to stay at home to avoid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Workplaces are providing work from home. Limitation of “Social Distance” means that entire families spend a lot of time together. Children learned to follow school schedules, but their everyday schedule is unexpectedly interrupted. 

This time, everyone will be lethargic. That is why parents want their children to be active in this quarantine period. Here in this blog, we mention some fun indoor games to play during the quarantine period that boost the thinking skills of students.

Fun and exciting indoor games to play during quarantine:

Students want to do engaging activities during this period. Of course, they will prefer a regular menu of activities, all of which are super fun to do. It needs some support and some coaching. Once the students learn these activities, they increase their spans of awareness and begin to discover a way of keeping themselves busy. They all want to be proactive. So we have listed some indoor games or activities that students can play or do during the coronavirus crisis time while staying at home with their family.

1 Treasure hunt

Children are very excited about finding hidden objects, particularly when there’s a challenge that creates competition. So write down a few clues and hide them in stuff for your kids, and ask them to search for them, making a final reward for it. It is one of the best indoor games that will improve their motor skills.

2 Paper pencil games

 Games with paper pencils can be fun and educational. Remember the names, place, animals, thing game which is popular among the 90’s kids. Ok, there are many other games, including hangman, X and O, word-building, and dots and squares. Such games also allow students to increase their analytical and strategic thought.

3 Books reading:

There are many animated character books available for all the age groups of students. So let kids opt for whatever book they want the most to promote reading. Often, pick a few from yourself as this will help them to gain some useful knowledge. It helps them keep busy and grabbing knowledge about new things.  

4 Ludo:

For every Indian family, this game is still a hot favorite. Winning the game is every player’s primary motto, whether individually or as a team, with four players in total. So Ludo can be ranked among the best children’s indoor games for many years.

5 Educational games:

Children really enjoy technology. As experts say, “Providing controlled use is more a good idea than banning it.” If your kids are allowed a laptop or tablet during work hours, instructional laptop games at a regular time give you a bit of learning and some fun. Such games keep kids dreaming and prevents dullness. It helps in improving the concentration of students.

6 Pictionary: 

Everyone loves Pictionary. Whether imaginative or not, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Pictionary. Members of the family will take turns to draw and let others guess what the drawing is. To make the game more fun, you can include various categories like movies, songs, stuff, or TV shows.

7 Jigsaw Puzzle Game:

If we talk about indoor games that improve the skills of students, then jigsaw puzzles are the first think about putting the pieces together and attempting to complete by looking at their pattern strengthens the student’s critical thinking skills.

Jigsaw puzzles are preferred most among the training games because they require detecting the parts that trigger incorrect construction and putting the right pieces together with accurate observation and experience. You all well know that analytical thinking is needed to try to reach the whole out of the various shapes and characteristics of the pieces.

8 Scrabble:

Scrabble is enjoyable word-building games where you can earn points based on your word or word count. They help to develop the vocabulary of the students, and the rivalry is enough to keep them engaged when learning alongside new words.

9 Carrom: 

It is one of the popular indoor games. It is the game of stroke from your finger. Rotate it and the fun of watching the striker hit the other strikes on the board and dropping them in the net bag; any more strikes you are the winner, just it depends on the fingers movement.

10 Jenga game:

It is one of those indoor games for kids can be fun for adults too. The name of the game is Jenga. It is played out with 54 blocks of wood. Firstly, from such blocks, a tower is made, then one block is removed.

The removed block put on top of the tower without the tower collapsing. The player which causes the fall of the Jenga Tower loses the game. It is one of the games of training which requires strategic preparation. It also helps students improving their focus. 

11 Hide & Seek: 

What else can be fun than hiding, and revealing yourself by den means you’re out, so hide as much as you can, and the winner is the one found the last. It is one of the oldest indoor games. Children’s physical activity also involve in this game.

 12 Video games:

Put the old video game cassettes into good use as you can teach the children about the favorite games of the 90s like Mario and Contra. If you don’t have those games on you, online video games are still open.

While FIFA, Madden, Candy Crush, Restaurant Saga and other games of this nature are child-friendly, multiplayer games such as PUBG, Modern Warfare, GTA and Call of Duty can be excellent choices for adults.

13 Puzzle:

The puzzles are among the most popular brain-boosting games. It bases mostly on trying to fit separate parts together to get the whole picture. Some puzzles consist of 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 pieces, and more. You can easily find the right size puzzle for the age and abilities of your child like other brain training for children.

14 Charades:

Charades, just like Pictionary, is a kind of game that will never grow old. You enjoyed it as a child, and you’ll love it for sure when you’re an adult with kids and even grandkids. The great thing about this game is you can play this anywhere, and you don’t have to use any cards, boards, or materials anymore.

You should write down words in a piece of paper from different categories, and let the participants guess. That can be a team game or an individual game as well.

Final words:

Juggling with children during your job is a challenging but achievable activity. Hundreds of remote employees consider this is happening effectively every day. You can make a temporary routine for your child until the schools and colleges open.

From the above blog, you get an idea of interesting indoor games that make your child engaging. With a little planning, lots of discussions, and a flexible strategy, you’ll be able to handle your COVID-19 challenge better with the kids at home.

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