How to Research College Essay Topics That Stand Out

An unusual time comes in students’ college life. Students are becoming enthusiastic about doing significant tasks that will decide their future in college. Many college authorities end up discarding various students because they choose irrelevant essay topics. The topics are quite simple, including content that cannot impress the authorities who read these types of essays every day.  

The students should choose those college essay topics that stand out to them from others. Common understanding indicates that a college application essay should include the information through which the admission committee will learn more about you. Keep in mind; the essay should be understandable and show a reliable picture of you. So the students must be conscious while selecting the college essay topic.

Questions to ask yourself while selecting your college essay topics that stand out:

Choosing an essay topic is especially essential for your college application, but it is a tough task. Which story do you want to tell? Which points are you want to focus on? Which topic is better than from others? What type of college application do you want to choose? There are so many questions on which you want an answer. Here we mention some questions that you should ask yourself while determining college essay topics:

Question 1: What is my proudest achievement?

You have worked hard to come to a particular position, so what incident gives you a proud moment? Which challenge encourages you? It may be a big moment, like a smaller one like getting a good grade in a class or becoming the captain of your school cricket team. 

Why are you feeling proud at that moment? What energy did you place to accomplish your goals? College authorities want to know about your dedication and determination. So an essay on your proudest moment can do properly.

Question 2: What is the unique strength that helps you in the selection?

You can write strength in your essay, like in a resume. It will put a twist in your essay. What is your unique strength? What talent raises in your life? Others can read your essay with interest. Some people play the role of the devil, and some people play the role of motivator. But consider it a step further. Show how that strength helped you? When it plays an important role? It may be considered as college essay topics that stand out.

Question 3: What unusual hobby do you possess?

Admissions administrators are expected to read hundreds of application essays every day. They get tired reading about the same kind of stuff, such as working hard to pass an exam, making the sports team, and speak about a member of your family whom you respect. What are you doing that nobody else does?

You’ve taught yourself magic tricks to amuse yourself or a little sister, how long have you been working on perfecting the trick? Perhaps you’re playing cricket on the weekends? You’ve already designed a machine. You could make figures of clay, and sell them online. During your spare time, you might be researching Egyptology.

After all, you are not just academics and test scores. Colleges are keen to find out what makes you. Everything you do in your downtime is a part of your personality, and the essay is a perfect place to show you that side.

Question 4: Is this topic representing me on the best side?

Suppose you’ve settled on a subject already, or are narrowing it. Would you speak about one of the stories that put light on who you are? Sure, you may be able to concentrate on a mistake that you learned from, but make sure that it reveals the best side. Don’t choose topics or parts that are controversial or ill-advised. Think about it like this: is this a story you might tell your grandmother?

Question 5: Is the subject appealing?

If you get tired of formulating your essay, the audience also gets bored while reading it. For you and the audience, your essay should be engaging. The subject itself does not have to be about the most thrilling thing ever to be entertaining, but it should be told in a meaningful, compelling way.

You should ask the questions mentioned above to yourself before selecting the college essay topics that stand out.

Stellar college essay topics that stand out and inspire you:

We give you a list of examples of topics relevant to college essays in this section. Utilize these points to help you get commenced on your college essay and make sure you are on track with a specific and successful subject to come up with.

All the topics below for college application essays are classified. We have established six general types of prompts for college essays:

  • Why this college?
  • Transformation and personal Development
  • Passions, desire, and interest
  • Beating a Challenge
  • The variety and the Group
  • Resolving an issue

1 Why this college:

  • A great thing that happened to you when you were visiting the campus
  • A particular class you ‘d like to take or a professor you ‘re excited to work with
  • A piece of on-campus equipment or service you would like to use
  • Your plans to create a club at the college, maybe to increase awareness of a significant issue
  • Learning abroad or some special plan you can’t wait to complete it

2 Transformation and personal development:

  • An amazing teacher under whom you studied and how the impact they had on you
  • How do you love something like a single movie star or TV series to not enjoy it (or vice versa) at all?
  • One time someone told you something that made you know that you were wrong
  • The move you took to beat a bad habit or to improve sabotage habit

3 Passion, desire, and interest:

  • You read a book that gives confidence to your respect for writing and literature
  • A project or school assignment that introduced you to your chosen subject
  • A look into your everyday life and how your biggest passion or interest fits in
  • The future and (positive) effects that you imagine as a college graduate
  • A professor or guide who has inspired you to follow a particular interest you have

4 Beating a challenge:

  • The moment you lost a contest or game which was essential to you
  • How you treated the suffering or death of someone near you
  • A period you’ve done badly in a class you planned to do well
  • Why moving to a new school has influenced your social and self-esteem.
  • A serious illness you overcome

 5 The variety and the group:

  • Somebody you aspire to follow within your culture
  • You used to be ashamed about a family tradition but are now proud of it
  • Your experience speaking English when you are heading to the USA
  • You have led a project or volunteer initiative to support or develop the society

6 Resolving an issue:

  • A time you walked in to negotiate a dispute or fight within two people
  • An application or other device you produced to make people’s lives simpler in some way
  • A time you suggested a clarification that operated to a continuing problem at college, a part-time job, or an internship 
  • An important political or social issue that you would solve if you had the means

All the above topics are surely considered college essay topics that stand out, and for sure, you get admission to your preferred college.


Hopefully, you understand the points you should ask yourself before selecting the topic from the above discussion. The list of college essay topics that stand out must help you select the topic in which you have an interest. 

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