Best 14 Tips on how to Survive High School

We have all heard this slogan: high school is one of somebody’s defining moments in life. The four years someone spends in high school is frightening as it sounds, but it powerfully impacts someone’s life in the future. We all know everyone has distinct experience in high school; students want to be lawyers, social workers, doctors, and others who don’t know exactly, but that’s okay! 

We all know that surviving high school is a big task for every student. They have to manage many tasks simultaneously, such as attending lectures, preparing for examinations, participating in extracurricular activities, etc. They have a hectic schedule, managing their image in the school, and having a healthy relationship with their classmates and professors. In this blog, we will discuss some tips to survive high school.

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Best tips on how to survive high school:

Here are some tips that help you in sustaining at high school easily:

1 Put your study on priority and take it seriously:

Let’s get this annoying word of advice at first when we discuss how to survive high school. We understand the whole concept of sustaining high school while keeping excellent grades seems to be an overwhelming challenge, yet it’s implementation is essential.

Yeah, you might well have to undergo unduly struggles regularly, but you do have to remember that for you to avoid high school clutches, you have to go through high school. When it comes to homework, exams, and tests, you have to do a study. Do your work. 

Please prepare. Find a ‘study mate’ and put in the hours for researching as your high school needs to survive.  Remember that while you study, you must know what you want to do with your life.

2 Build your self-confidence:

Finding out who you are in your teenage years is an extremely difficult task, and we are going through different phases to realize this. Many of us think back at high school and laugh at the “trending” hairdo that we always had to have or the uncomfortable pair of pants that we liked to wear wherever we were going.

Yet, knowing yourself is a vital part of that. You have to be less harsh and show more kindness to You. Instead of searching for validation from others, take a good long look inside yourself, and see your positive qualities. Genuine self-confidence comes from the inside, and you feel completely good about yourself, even if you first fake it a bit.

Some of us convert to our classmates, which we should never do to feel good about ourselves. But those of us who attempt to like themselves and recognize their abilities, leave high school with a far better sense of self.

3 Pay attention to Your Parents:

The heading above itself will cause a few of you to aim to avoid trying to read, yet hold on a minute! Please stick with us as we discuss that little secret with you, which may give you the help in how to survive high school. That ancient woman that you call ‘mummy’ really was where you were.

She has been moody, heartbroken, sad, depressed, and feeling like her everyday life is disappearing. It’s quite unfortunate that most of us in our adult years have become ‘friends’ with our parents when our childhood experience has been packed with overreactions of “you will not understand!” Please take a moment and remember the old direction of the fight that she was facing. Because of it, now who she is as a person.

Our mother and father may well not exactly know what we’re dealing with, but we assure they can advise you. On every small issue, you don’t have to follow their direction. You do need to figure things out on your own. You have to make errors and learn to grow from them. But when you’re in the middle of a constant battle, maybe you should spend time with your father or mother and just let out your emotions. They may surprise you with a sense of understanding that you can’t always get from your friends, apart from the benefit of a listening ear to express.

4 Wisely choose your Group of Friends:

Inherently we all want to be a member of the “famous” high school group, but is this so important? Will it make a significant difference hanging around with all the ‘cool kids’? Ask yourself whether you prefer to spend time with a bunch of people who are always up-to-date on all that’s going on or would prefer to spend time with someone who understands your humor and who you can open up to when you need to speak to?

Don’t misunderstand us; we’re not ‘knocking down’ the famous kids, we’re just showing out that you’re going to suffer a lot more pressure by entering this group as you’re going to have to continually adjust to the opinion and way of doing things of a group. Yeah, having parties to go to every single weekend can be fun, but do you want to live a life with the drama every day?

Why don’t you spend some time with people who are not able to pressure you to be other than yourself? Take a moment to reach those who don’t appear so ‘trendy,’ they may introduce you to too much stability and happiness in your teen years.

5 Keep in mind your ultimate goal:

Take a minute when you’re in the middle of one of those painful times when you feel there’s simply no direction to get beyond what you ‘re feeling at the moment. Stand aside, and think of what it is for your issue. If you’re facing a massive or a modest issue, like your dresses unexpectedly starting to feel too tight nowadays, retain one point in mind: you ‘re going to get over it.

You, as a student, always doubt in mind how to survive high school. But by facing such problems, you become strong. You have to remember your final goal of high school and put your focus on it. It is time that you are preparing for the outer world by completing high school effectively.

6 Start making ‘me’ time a priority:

Often it seems virtually impossible to get a decent night’s sleep, let alone have time to relax, including all the homework, extracurricular activities, tests, and exams as well as the social events you have to attend. Some of us at high school work extremely hard and strive to keep the all-around balance, but we have to keep the balance at both ends.

Yeah, you have due assignments, and your mother insists on tidying up your room when you realize that your unorganized mess is possibly a massive method you’ve been trying to perfect for months. We have many other things to deal with regularly, and you will try to take on more responsibilities as you get older, but you still have to find room for yourself.

You have to relax to deal with life and the pain that comes with being an adolescent. For relaxation, you can spend time with your family, watching your favorite web series for half an hour will give you the feeling of calm you require to maintain that strong and healthy balance.

7 Give respect to others:

When a new student comes to the school, all are talking about him or her. They are gossiping about him. We understand that the new student tries to adjust to the new environment. Harassment and trying to make fun of our fellow students start at a very early age, and then at some moment, all of us fall victim to it. 

Regardless of whether our eldest brother makes fun of us or our buddies are laughing at our selection of new jeans that our mother kept promising us was awesome; there is also no justification to move on this behavior. As a high school student, no one anticipates executing around to protect those who make fun of you. 

Every day you don’t have to go around smiling at all your classmates, but when it comes to choosing between being inhumane and maintaining it quite: choose to be quiet. Often give those around you some respect, because you never realize what they’re struggling through in their own lives. Be patient, Smile, and caring for others. You never know when someone might need to do the same for you. It is one of the best ways of how to survive high school by giving respect to others.

8 Maintain good communication with your teachers:

Let us experience it: in the middle of a mathematics lecture, nobody wants to ask any question because the teacher is already irritated. After all, the school bully has pulled some jokes again.  

If you do not feel confident asking questions in class, please take note of your specific problem, and after the lesson, you can speak to your teacher. You will be capable of getting a personalized response, and you will develop a good working relationship with your instructor. Please remember that in the stress of high school, you also need to grasp your work so that you can leave one day and reach adulthood afterlife by making it successful.

9 Be punctual:

It seems to be a simple task, but being on time is difficult for some students. Punctuality helps you in achieving your goals. It helps you in making a good impression on the professor. It not only helps you in surviving high school, but it helps you in your whole life.

10 Avoid procrastination:

That was the primary problem of many students in their academic career, and I regretted it every time I did it. Make it no habit in high school. When projects, essays, and big tests are due at a particular time of night, you don’t want to end up typing out furiously and putting a lot of stress on getting them in. So make a habit of doing the work timely; otherwise, procrastination becomes your most dangerous nightmare.

All the above tips help you in answering your doubt on how to survive high school. Follow it and sustain high school stress-free.

11 Don’t compare yourself with others

When you enter high school, you will have some goals you want to achieve without comparing yourself with others. Every person has their own pace to complete the tasks. Don’t compete with others over grades, hairstyle, or dress. All these even don’t matter after five years from now. The only person you compete with is yourself. Try to do better every time from the last time.

12 Eat a healthy diet

Maintaining your health is an important part of surviving high school. A healthy mind and body help you in thinking more clearly. You must enter a healthy diet in your schedule. We are not talking that you have to give up on your favorite meals like burgers but include fresh veggies, fruits, and milk in your diet. Drinking more water also helps in maintaining health. If you want to eat ice cream, you can. You can give it yourself as a reward after completing a task.

13 Take proper sleep

You have to make a schedule like that in which you include the proper time of sleep. We understand getting enough sleep is not possible for teens if they have pending assignments and a lot of homework to do. But taking 7 to 10 hours of sleep is important for your physical and mental health. It helps you in improving your concentration in class.

14 Be unique

Try to be yourself and have self-confidence! People will observe you but don’t worry about it. Just focus on your goal and path. Don’t be a part of the crowd; make your own identity. Originality helps you stand out uniquely from the crowd.

How do parents help a child in surviving high school?

Teenagers’ life seems very tough once they enter high school. It is like a social jungle for them because of the comparisons, pressure from peers, fulfill academic expectations, etc. Children don’t go to their parents for help, and the parents know it. They must come forward for the help of their child. Educating them on how to survive high school is important for their healthy development.

  • Teach them how to act smartly.
  • Understand them the rule of acceptance of themselves.
  • Teach them moral values and empathy.
  • Make sure teens understand that high school is the stepping stone for future studies.
  • Teens must know the difference between reality and perception

Tips to survive freshmen year

Tips for students on how to survive freshman year-

Here are a few tips from seniors that they hope they can know during their first year-

1 Be yourself

Be the same who you are. Don’t indulge in showing off. Moreover, if you find some activities that help you learn new and make you creative, you must go for that.

2 Don’t take the stress

Don’t take stress to become perfect. Try other opportunities and also learn from the mistakes. Don’t live in guilt of the past. 

3 Don’t get afraid of your senior

Don’t create fear in your mind regarding the seniors. Stay calm and always try to connect with various kinds of people. Some of your seniors will support you in your high school journey.

4 Become a volunteer

If you become a volunteer, it will help you develop skills like leadership, communication, time management, and team collaboration. 

5 Develop effective study habits

Developing effective study habits is important for your academic career success. Make sure you follow the routine daily with consistency.

How to adjust in a new school: Tips that help you in it

Fear about adjusting to a new school? As we talk about how to survive in high school, what about adjusting to a new environment? 

All these questions come to students’ minds, so don’t worry! Here I will tell you about adjusting in high school with these tips-

1 Create healthy relations with staff, students, and teachers 

A healthy relationship with teachers and friends is very helpful in adjusting to the new environment of high school. You never know these connections will help you in your life at any moment.

2 Make friends who become your supporter

High school is a time where students develop their maturity level. Some understand early from others then it is not their drawback. Some make jokes about that person, but some know how to support others. 

Therefore, always make friends who support you, not push you down.

3 Be positive in difficult times

It is the tip that helps you maintain your physical and mental health. If you are facing difficult times, then stay positive and calm so that you can positively handle the situation. 

4 Try to become a part of a sports team or school club

By participating in a school club, school team, or extra co-curricular activities, you can find the people of your same state of mind. Indulging in these activities will give you a chance to make friendships for a lifetime. 

If you are interested in a particular game or activity like you have interest in baseball, you can search if your school is providing this sports facility or not.

The above strategies will help you in adjusting to high school.

What people have an opinion on social media platforms like Quora or Reddit about high school survival-

1 Don’t define yourself as per grades

Every student is under the stress of achieving good grades in high school so that they get admission to their dream college. But you have to understand that you are not your grades. 

Grades are important, but your overall growth is also important. For this, you can get involved in creative activities that help you stand out from the crowd. 

2 Think of what is your goal

At this point, many students don’t know what they want to do in their life. It is a process to find out what is best for you and your passion. If you indulge with your seniors, then they will encourage you to think about your future and goals.

3 Don’t indulge in drama

One of the most important tips on how to survive high school is that stay away from drama. Try to avoid it to the extent feasible. Also, make sure you don’t get involved in physical disputes. 

4 Coordinate with teachers if you need help in the study

 It is a helpful suggestion I found on the social media platform Quora. If you need help in any subject from your educator, then you can ask for it. This kind of help is helpful for you in your exam.

5 Enjoy every day 

Yes, you read it right. By focusing on your studies, you can enjoy your day with your friends. Don’t take tension because stress will not give you any result. Also, you can participate in extracurricular activities.

6 Try to make long term friendships

In high school, make sure you make friendships that sustain last long. Also, take care of the people you are engaging with at the time of high school. They must encourage you to do better.

Some strategies that will never work at the time of high school:

We all have undoubtedly faced certain failures in high school, like successes. Many of the following strategies which didn’t work in high school:

 1 Stop your obsessions from others!

It appears stupid, but most high school people want to make their names in school and follow famous students. You may worry about what they do and how you need to keep up with them. They may be involved in something distinct from your interests in some instances! It could be your biggest weakness to waste your time and resources in keeping track of your “opponents.” Concentrate on yourself and control what you can do.

2 Try not to indulge in the gossip:

It’s another dimension of high school that is unavoidable and could pull you into a process of hatred for other individuals and sharing knowledge that you shouldn’t even know. Yeah, gossip is a common part of everyone’s life (you always gossip about the classmates you don’t like to your mom, correct?).

You should n’t allow the gossip to absorb your time and destroy your social status and relationships. Statements do harm, as once said by a wise man, and only talk when you have to. It is true with some of the students that gossip has ruined their reputation; it’s still not too late to prevent and improve things for the better.

3 Do not interfere in the affairs of others, even though others are equal to a best friend:

If you are interested in the issues of others, this is the best way to lose friends. Never get in the middle of two guys, because you may lose one, if not both. The most excellent way to stay out of the businesses of others unless they ask for advice from you. This way, you can focus on yourself and put your concentration on your work. Most important, you will stay away from drama.

These points should be kept in mind if you want to know how to survive high school successfully.


From the above discussion, you will answer your question of how to survive high school. Follow all the tips mentioned above and keep away from the strategies that don’t work at high school. Sustaining high school prepares you for the outer world. 

Be true to yourself. Take a glance at who and what you are and stand up for what you believe. There is a life beyond the darkness, and have found yourself is the most rewarding of emotions. I wish you all would soon find yourselves, but memorize to appreciate the route that will take you there.

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Mostly asked questions-

1 How can I make my first year in high school better for myself?

Maintain management skills and healthy habits from a young age. Don’t be less active in your first year in high school because that will set the tone for the remains of your time there. Often, make sure you get enough sleep. Many students arrive exhausted, which has a negative effect on their schoolwork.

2 In high school, how can I make friends?

When you participate in events like sports, music, or theatre, you’ll always find that you spontaneously make friends.

3 How am I going to keep focused in high school?

Even the most committed students will be affected by the environment of the youngsters in high school. To stop the effect of it, you have to create a schedule of your daily work. On weekends, you can enjoy yourself by doing your favorite activities. Track your performance and keep improving for the best result.

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