How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

Nowadays, students are overstressed with a lot of writing tasks, and they have to write so many tasks simultaneously. Essay writing is one of the important tasks for academics studies. You are assigned to write a 5 paragraph essay by your tutor. If you do not know how to writes a 5 paragraph essay, then this blog is helpful. It has all the necessary details of how to write a 5 paragraph essay. Before proceeding to the details of writing a 5 paragraph essay, let’s check what the 5 paragraph essay is? 

What is the 5 paragraph essay?

The 5 paragraph essay is one of the formats of an essay. It consists of five paragraphs, which have an introduction paragraph, a Three-body paragraph, and the last one conclusion paragraph. That is known as a 5 paragraph essay.

The five-paragraph essay can be the only starting point for students who are hoping to demonstrate their views in academic essay writing. There are several other methods and forms of writing that can be used by the students to reveal their vocabulary in essay writings.  Although five-paragraph essays have golden rules when you are writing for regulated trials, experimentation with expression must be supported in primary school to enhance the ability of the students to use the English language.

How to write a 5 Paragraph Essay ‘Structure’

These are the following points which guide you on how to write a 5 paragraph essay structure:

Essay Introduction

In the introduction, you need to write about your subject, starting from a full scale with general words and describing the main idea that ends with your thesis statement. You can start with a sentence here that attracts your reader’s attention. In the thesis, you briefly explain the main topic of your text and show your thoughts – it’s like a story that announces the whole theme of your work. The introduction should not be too long; it usually contains about three sentences without much explanation.

In the thesis statement, you should write clear evidence which is supporting your 5 paragraphs essay, and you also need to proofread it to check whether your thesis statement conveys information about your topic or not. 

Three-Body Paragraphs

In these paragraphs of your essay, you need to show ideas, facts, or evidence that support your thesis and give some examples of these ideas. It would be good to get ideas from various sources.

Give some interesting and fascinating details and examples that can explain your thoughts well and clarify them. The amount of your arguments is usually from three to five.

In the first paragraph of such an essay, you have to explain the most powerful idea, and in the second, you show the weakest argument. You can highlight strong evidence to clarify your views in the last entity paragraph.

Conclusion Of Essay

In conclusion, you normally recover your main idea but write it in a different manner with other words and try to add some information that can maintain all the cases which you have written to reinforce your thoughts successfully.

Here it would help if you thought about the ideas that you want to leave in your readers’ minds. You can briefly repeat your support arguments.

Another important fact is that, in conclusion, you should start with a specific sentence and end with a general sentence – this is the opposite of an introduction. Try to avoid quotes in this part of your work. Don’t forget that the conclusion should be the core of your text.


How to write a 5 paragraph essay with our help:

Since 5 paragraph essays are a normal part of receiving an education and many students receive such tasks both in school and college, it is necessary to have a strong understanding of how to write a 5 paragraph essay with the well-structured format of the work.

In this blog, we gave general information about 5 essay paragraph writing that can help you during your work. If you don’t give enough time to write or can’t prepare an essay for any other reason, our team can help you.

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Steps of  writing a Five-Paragraph Essay:

Usually, students practice the following steps to write a unique essay. These are the following steps:

  1. First of all, do in-depth research and discuss your topic with your friends, tutors, and to another person so that you can gather as much information that requires in your essay writing.
  2. You can decide on three strong evidence that can be used to justify your opinion.
  3. Write down your initial body paragraphs, start with restoring the thesis statement, and pay attention to your initial helpful evidence, which you need to write in your essay paragraphs.
  4. Write two paragraphs of the body, concentrating on the other part of the evidence. Again, link your thesis and the body paragraph’s data.
  5. Finish the second paragraph using an intermediate sentence that initiates the paragraphs to the third paragraph.
  6. Start your closing paragraph by restoring the thesis statement. Try to involve the three points that you have utilized to prove your research in your essay’s body paragraph.


The conclusion is that you need to add whatever your essay needed to be explained. For this, you have to supply relevant information with the relevant evidence and start with a strong thesis statement that can attract the attention of the readers. We hope you liked our post on how to write a 5 paragraph essay. If you are facing trouble with your 5 paragraph essay or you do not have enough time to write your essay writing, then you can take our experts’ help. As they have in-depth knowledge of how to write a 5 paragraph essay, therefore they can provide you high-quality data at low prices and within the deadlines. 

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