How to write a biography essay

Writing a biography requires a carefully carved out blueprint as you are telling the story of someone’s most prized person, their life. Therefore everything you write must be accurate as well as eye-catchy. Here in this article, we will provide you with a thorough

overview of “how to write a biography essay”.

What is a biography essay?

Writing a biography literally means writing about a person’s life. It focuses on true events and objective facts about a person. The key to the point for “how to write a biography essay” lies with the subject that you find exciting, plus it should have some long-lasting impact on the world.

What should the essay include?

The information included in a biography essay must be helpful. Firstly, consider the length of the essay as this will  determine” how to write a biography essay.” A biography essay will become more complicated if it gets longer. The more words you use, the more facts you should include. Though some key components must be present in every biography. These are as follows:

  • Birth and childhood details:

Provide the details of date, place of birth of the person you have chosen for a

biography essay as this will help the reader to know about the historical

background. For indicating the birth-date, use Arab numerals (with exponents).

For example, the 17th century and not the XVIII century. Mention the

month in full (e.g., 2nd February 1809 and not 02.02.1809). 

  • Adult life:

The majority part of  “of biography essay writing” focusses on the adult

life of the person whose biography you will write. Usually, it is the time when

significant events of life start to unfold. It’s good, to begin with, an Interesting or catchy introduction to continue the flow and remember that your next sentence should lead to the main message of your essay. 

Try to find more details about the man, his goals and achievements, his relationship, his kids, etc, and weave them into a story. Fill the body of your essay with

material that gives insight into your subject’s personality. For instance, in a

biography about Abraham Lincoln, you should add the traits or events which

are motivating. For instance:

  • Major accomplishments of Lincoln.
  • The time period of his presidency.
  • Good things about him and his presidency.
  • Hence in this way, you can cover his entire life events, accomplishments, goals, etc.
  • Death:

 If the person of your story is dead, cover the events that unfolded before and

after his/her death. For example:

  • Who was blamed for Lincoln’s death? (if that happened)
  • How was he attacked?
  • Funeral and burial of lincoln.
  • Who took his position later? 
  • That’s how you can add content to your biography and make it long as well as impressive for readers.


Steps of writing a biography essay

Now that you have acquainted with essential points of how to write a biography essay. Here are some steps or a structure to follow.

Let us have a look at these steps:

Select a subject:

Deciding on whose lives you will research depend on several factors. This is the most important step in biography essay writing. Two important questions arise in front of you:

  • ·Is the person’s life exciting and motivating enough to write a biography? Did they encourage others? Will their life connect with the people? Much of this will depend on how long the biography of the person matters to the public or your reader has.
  • ·Is the person famous enough or he is a lesser-known personality who should be brought to the limelight? Celebrities and legendary figures are universally viewed as exciting and will have a more fan following. If you choose someone unknown, it will be tougher for you have to convince people to read about this strange personality.
  • ·Look for the type and the availability of sources before choosing your subject. There must be enough material available to allow you to know the person you’re researching. Though much of the research could be carried out through the internet and other secondary sources, you still have to consult people, collect collection and probably make a trip to somewhere like a library for more reliable information.
Gaining permission

Once you have decided on your subject, it’s time to take permission. Though it’s not always a prerequisite, as plenty of unauthorized material about the famous personalities is available in the public domain. However, you have to make sure not to write anything that isn’t true, and that could be viewed as slander. In general, the permission process

Involves the following steps:
  • Identify the authorized person.
  • Identify the rights needed to publish the biography of the person you decided.
  • Fix a meeting with the person in authority and negotiate payment (if payment required).
  • Get the permission agreement to publish in writing.

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