How To Write a College Application Essay Fast

“College application essay: Your chance to get the ticket to your dream university.”

Along with your grades and extracurricular activities, the college committee also sees the authenticity of an applicant. Therefore, To help you learn how to write a college application essay. We have accumulated some strategies that will help you in writing your college application essay. Here we will give you the best advice for college application essay help.

Students need to understand the reader’s mindset to write an unforgettable, strong, and unique essay. Most of the time the admission officer has read so many essays they might not even notice. If your essay is not interesting.

So, I must say it’s tough to write something which is good enough to get noticed in a positive way. Impressive writing skills always grab the reader’s attention. Your college application essay should be reflecting on what values you are adding to the college.

We understand how important is this question of “how to write a college application essay” is for students. And it matters a lot for those who are trying to get admission in their dream universities.

An overview of college application essay-

The college application essay is talking about you, not your experiences. The committee reading your application wants to know the personality, passion, and objectives of your life. 

‘An excellent college application essay is your opportunity to share your story with the admission committee.’


What are the points admission officers look at in the essay? 

There are various parameters that are checked by the admission officer to select the interested candidate for the college. These are as follows-

  • They check your command in English essay writing
  • Your ability to give the direct answer to the question
  • How you can make the writing style comfortable for the reader
  • They will check the correct grammar 
  • How you develop the interest of the reader in the introductory paragraph
  • They will check that you have followed all the university guidelines
  • They will check the length of the essay

Additional points checked by admission officers-

The admission officer has the work of selecting the best. So do not get surprised if he/she wants to give seats to the most deserving applicants because that’s their work. 

There are also many things the officer looks for in an applicant. Some of those are listed below-

  • Who is the person described in the college application form?

The admission officer will try to understand your thoughts and your thought process by reading your application.

  • Will this applicant add any value to the college at an organizational level?

He/she will pinpoint all the skills you have & see your purposes. 

  • How well can the applicant write a college essay? 

 Here they will get a complete idea of your writing skills.

Biggest Challenges Students face during the College application essay writing-

Most students get stuck in finding the topic for the college essay. So please stick to the research only then you come up with some mind-blowing idea.

After this, another challenge is how to structure a college application essay.

After facing these challenges, you will start searching for the answer to the question of how to write a college application essay, Don’t Worry We are available for your college application essay help.

Important Points to Consider while writing an  Application Essay

1. Read the college instructions carefully

Starting an essay is very challenging. You may think it’s pointless to note that you need to read the regulations carefully, but it needs to be illustrated with all the enthusiasm and tension that characterizes this time of your life. 

It is essential to read all the instructions while writing your essay. If you avoid it, the admission officer may consider that you won’t follow the university guidelines. That makes a negative impact That is why it is necessary to follow the rules.

2. Start with a persuasive introduction.

Not everyone is good at writing. But you can be smart with it. Therefore being clever with your opening can give you benefit in your selection. The admissions officers will spend just a limited time reading your article, so you need to begin with a descriptive paragraph that will keep them interested.

3. Use Your Creativity

Universities are searching for credibility and thinking consistency, so don’t attempt to mould your essay into phrases or opinions that people have used countless times before, but focus it on your convictions.

4 Avoid Cliche

Bear in mind that your chosen institution has thousands of other students applying, and you need to differentiate yourself. Re-read the article, erase all the words that sound like a cliché, and strive to reach a more original perspective.

Useful tips on how to write a college application essay- 

Students searching for an answer to this question of “how to write a college application essay” must know these tips given by our experts. The following tips are as follows-

Be honest!

Your honesty plays an important role in this essay. You have to explain everything honestly in the essay. Writing an essay honestly does not mean that you don’t write it impressively. You have to write it engagingly without lying.

Keep logical flow

While brainstorming for the college application essay, you get so many ideas in your mind. It does not mean that you include all of them. It makes the reader confused. So, the flow of your essay has to be understandable and logical, so ensure to arrange your ideas in a way that will sound natural.

Avoid complication

The clarity of your essay gets affected if you include complex words in it. The admission officer doesn’t have much time to devote to your essay, so try to use simple language and make it more understandable.

Try to add a unique point.

Always try to add a unique point that gives a twist to your essay. If he has to prove eligible for university admission, he must add a wow-effect in the college application essay. By doing this, the chance of contributing more time by the admission officer on your essay gets increased. 

Try to add a little bit of humor.

Try to add a little bit of humor in your college application essay but don’t go overboard because everyone loves a little bit of humor. If you add a lot of humor to your essay, it makes your essay less effective.

Take care of grammar and language.

If you don’t take care of grammar and language properly, you cannot impress your admission officers even if you have good ideas. Moreover, proofreading and editing are unavoidable steps in the process of writing a good college application essay.

Prove them that you are eligible

The college committee wants the smart students to enter their college. For this, you have to use your thinking ability to prove to them that you are a smart one. But, make sure you are not pretending in your essay to convince the admission officers.

Show your personality

Most colleges want students who will contribute to the community. Also, they want students to fit in the new environment of the college. So, present the best traits of your personality that help them in considering you eligible.

A little controversy is acceptable.

The amazing way to make your essay unique is to present that you stand for a notable cause. Being a little bit controversial is fair, but if you do not hurt anyone. Ensure that you present your point with appropriate arguments and facts.

Add impressive conclusion

Your complete success depends on your impressive introduction and conclusion. It is the only thing that makes you stand out in the crowd.

All these tips suggested by our experts surely help you in impressing the admission board. 

What is the appropriate structure of a college application essay?

It includes the three main part-

1 Starting: The introduction

You can start your essay with an interesting hook. It creates your first impression, and through the introduction admission, officers decide to continue to read. 

Sometimes you can add a challenging point to it. Also, if you are facing a problem in creating it, then write the whole essay and try to create it.

2 Heart of the essay: The body paragraphs

It must include an explanation of your activities, experiences, and examples that support your thesis statement.

  • Make sure you explain only one aspect in one body paragraph, and all of your points must be interrelated.

You can include three body paragraphs but firstly, read the word limit requirements carefully. After that, you are able to decide on the body paragraphs.

3 Ending: Conclude your essay

The conclusion is the end of the essay and must not include any new points. The essay conclusion must consist of the following points-

  • An ending that encourages a call to action
  • One of insightful thought
  • Plans of your future
  • Connect the essay with your growth and development as a student

Format to Write a College Admission essay

There’s always a proper way and format of writing something whether it is an essay, applications, assignments, etc. So, to write a good college application essay you should follow some steps which are listed below: –

  • The narrative structure should be used in your college application essay to tell the reader your story. which is unique for everyone. Also, the narrative structure helps in gaining the engagement of the reader.
  • Put all the brainstorming content in the upper part of the college application essay. So to gain the attention and to impress the reader because the “first impression is the last impression”.
  • There are many types of formats in which you can write your college application essay: 
  1. Narrative structure:- Use this structure when discussing the challenges of your life.
  2. Mortgage structure:- Use this when discussing other multiple parts of your life story.
  3. Do review your essay on what and how you want to pursue your career and have an overlook of your essay.
  4. The narrative structure does catch attention but before writing first decide a structure that works best for you. 

If you are still here means that you still have some doubts regarding how to write a college application essay, what format should be used and the flow of your essay, etc. We will give the answer of all these things and clear all the doubts that commonly occur in student’s minds.

Students searching for an answer to this question of “how to write a college application essay” must know these tricks and strategies which are given below: 

How to Decide the font & margin etc.

So, once it comes to writing a college application essay. The students rush into everything. They always forget to take care of small things like the font and margin. But all these things matter a lot.

The best way and format to write is to use simple fonts like Arial, times new roman. Don’t write using fancy fonts and always make the font size 12 or use the font specified in the college admission instruction.

College essay tips from admission counselors To make a Better Essay

  1. The college application form can be sent through mail draft paper or online application mostly.
  2. Many colleges prefer to receive online applications. If that is the case then you should apply online, This will make the process easier for both colleges and students. Send via mail only when there is no option.
  3. If you use the computer to write, then don’t forget to use writing assistant tools. Like Grammarly. These tools can find your word or grammar mistakes and can help you with the best content for your essay. 
  4. If you do not like to write it on the computer then while using hands be careful about Grammar, Spellings, and Punctuation.
  5. Choose an attractive topic. Ask this question to yourself if the admission officer will notice the topic after reading hundreds of essays or not.
  6. Never ever mention the scores of standardized tests on the college application essay.
  7. No need to tell the complete story of your life. Just give a glimpse and that’s it. That will work.
  8. Tell them more about you, like your interests. Like if you love to play sports then write about it. 
  9. No need to think of selling yourself or getting into college. Simply be yourself and write genuine things about yourself.
  10. Tell them why you want to attend college or how the scholarship will help you achieve your goals.

How to handle Low grade during the writing college application essay?

The best way of handling low grades for your college application directly address those matters. Tell them what was the problem at that time. If you can justify it in the essay then that would be the greatest thing.  

Also, Write about how you overcome the situation, how will you overcome the situation now, if that happens again. But never show the negative side because that affects the chances of you getting admission to the university, just tell the situation.

Show how positive you are about it now. Basically what you did about it and what you have learned from it.


College application writing is a process in which every student needs to express their skills on a piece of paper. The student better starts with an impressive introduction, a piece of background information about the family and his/her belongings.

Then the student needs to discuss the achievements and interests and how the college scholarship can help him/her. And that’s it. You are done with writing the college application essay. We hope you will get the answer to your question of how to write a college application essay from the above discussion.

Now, we wish you the best of luck. You are ready to write an astonishing college application essay. If you are still facing the problem and don’t understand how to write a college application essay you can get help from us the, we provide the best college essay writing help.

Get in touch with us anytime you like. We are available for you to 24*7.

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