How to write a Comparative Essay

Do you want to know how to write a comparative essay? Nowadays In many educational institutes, comparative essay assignments task is assigned to students as assignments. No need to panic form comparative essay writing. It is not much difficult as compared to some typical types of essays. 

Yes, before starting, you should understand how to write a comparative essay, what is a comparative essay & the purpose of a comparative essay writing. Just read our essay before writing a comparative essay, and you will be able to write a perfect comparative essay.

What is a Comparative essay:

The answer to how to write a comparative essay starts with the definition of a comparative essay. A comparative essay is simply comparing two or more things in detail. In a comparative essay, you have any topics, approach or material to compare. Basically, you will have to compare between any two or more subjects and you may consider similarities or differences. The writer has to give a comparison and resolution to the essay topic.

Overall the comparison between two or more subjects in an essay is named as a comparative essay. 

What is the purpose of the comparative essay:

  • As the name suggests a “Comparative essay” comparison between two subjects for their similarities or differences.
  • The main purpose is to Analyze different subjects. Basically, to elaborate similarities and differences of the subjects. 
  • The comparative essay provides a clarification of the topic to the readers.
  • Sometimes the purpose of such an essay is to prove or analyze between two things their advantages drawbacks. 
  • A comparative essay can give you a neutral viewpoint between two subjects and topics.
  • Also, the comparative essay points to a neutral conclusion so that the reader can have neutral knowledge on two different topics.

Step by step guide on how to write a comparative essay:

  • Before starting, read the instructions provided to you for the comparative essay writing.
  • The first step is to choose topics for a comparison essay.
  • The second step is to clear two different specific topics between which you have to compare. Make sure you understand each topic clearly. 
  • A comparative essay needs once you select two or more subjects like different Government types, A Different approach, different perspectives, or two different sports teams or comparison on anything.
  • And this topic, which you have selected, will have similarities and differences.
  • Make the list of differences and similarities. Once you recognize similarities and differences, then you should look in the essay for whether it is pointing to a conclusive statement about the advantages and the disadvantages of the subjects.
  • Evaluate the list of differences and similarities with a proper argument.
  • Tell the reader on which basis you are comparing. Provide a proper statement on “which grounds you are comparing both the subjects”. 
  • Then write a conclusion for both the topic explain their advantages and drawbacks over one another.

These steps will help you if this question of “how to write a comparative essay” comes to your mind.

Structure of how to write a comparative essay.

Seek for the right structure for your essay. A structure includes an introduction, body, & conclusion. Structure for the body of the comparison essay needs attention like if you write well-structured differences based on advantages, disadvantages with the proper information, then the essay will look good and the information will be easily identifiable to the readers.

Best strategies on how to write a comparative essay:


  • You can begin with one interesting fact related to the subject which the readers can engage with. 
  • You can start with a question which you should answer in the essay later.
  • Instead of using “In my essay, I’ll be talking about this and that”, you can use more effective sentences that are directly questioning like what is the main difference between the two topics, what is the purpose of these two subjects, and much more.


  • Give some historical background to the subjects it will help the reader to understand.
  • You can provide an idea to the reader about what you are going to write in the introduction section.
  • Tell the reader how you intend to compare the subject or on which basis.
  • Use a well-known organization for the reference of facts. Give renowned names of personal who are the experts of the subject.
  • There are many different types of Approach to compare two subjects:
  • Block comparison:- Block approach for a comparison essay is that when a writer talks about a point in one block of information or paragraph, then all points are written within a neat paragraph.
  • Point-by-point comparison:- In compare essay, the point to point approach is the idea to form the composition of comparison example in case of two-elements of topic A and B that are the main subject of comparison. In comparison essay, the structure is needed, like the introduction, and the body of the essay should be according to the points.
  • Top topics for comparison essay selecting an interesting topic and a fascinating subject is essential. And when you are instructed to do so, then that should be your top priority. Some of the topics are given below
    • Compare two comedies and tragedies of William Shakespeare.
    • Write an essay between communist and democratic government.
    • Compare life in between two different cities.
    • Comparison of the same city between two different time frames. 
    • Comparison between civilization.

These are the best strategies for writing a comparative essay.


For writing a comparative essay writer needs to focus on an interesting start, and the conclusion so readers can connect both. The conclusion should tell the overall information in the essay & combine the entire message of the essay in brief.

Comparing subjects and judging different aspects of subjects for the relation between subjects in terms of similarity or differences.

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