How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is figuring out the method between two or more similar or different subjects with their similarities and dissimilarities. The nature of the content differs according to the essay requirement.

These comparisons and contrasts allow students to represent their thought processes innovatively by representing them with tables and Venn diagrams. Students express their feelings and thoughts regarding serious problems and topics with the help of compare and contrast essay and you also learn How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

What is a compare and contrast essay?

As the word contrast implies to disguise between two subjects, whereas word compare means to find out the closeness in the given subjects. The main motive of this type of essay is to look out how the selected topic is similar and dissimilar with each other.

It seems easy, but you have to check out all the information about both the topics. So, our expert suggests some of the steps to compare and contrast paragraphs with examples. And some of those steps are listed below: – 

“Small steps can lead to big changes.”

1. Select your subject according to your interest: 

The first thing you should keep in mind is that your subjects should be unlike but somehow in a similar range. For example, if you like to write about two unique ancient histories, then it must be of two different painters instead of a familiar painter or a musician. 

2. Deliberate similarities and dissimilarities:

When you select your topic, you need to formulate your ideas according to the pattern. You can choose two types of models from the Venn Diagram pattern and a Table like a pattern. Follow the instruction for rearranging the data in both pictorial diagrams and decide to compare and contrast essay topics with your accordance.

  • Table method: In this, you will have to make a list of similarities and dissimilarities, which will represent the outlines of your work. For example, as everyone knows that T-20 is the shortest format of the cricket matches, similarly ODI (one day international) is another format of the cricket. Both of them belong to the same sport but with different rules. Therefore, you can list out the similarities and differences between both of them in tabular form, but make sure that you know the appropriate compare and contrast definition. Two tables can be made one for similarities and other for dissimilarities by which you can write the intro for the essay as illustrating an example in a table below
  • Venn diagram method: Basically, a Venn diagram consists of two or more circles that are partially overlapping. The overlapping part shows the similarities or common qualities of the subjects, whereas the uncommon part (which is not overlapping) represents their own identities, which are dissimilar to each other. This one is easier to understand for the reader as it is a pictorial method.
Venn Diagram

3. Organize the architecture of essay:

Introduction Paragraph:

The beginning of your essay must be connecting the reader and motivate them to read the whole article. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the comparative subjects by which you can highlight the critical fact of it.

The introduction of the comparative topic must be described efficiently so that the reader has the idea of what is the main motivation of your article. For example, as the above-mentioned example is about the different formats of the cricket, you can represent it as a statement like “ What is the benefit of the short duration match instead of the full day matches?” “ Why do we need League like IPL in T-20 format but not in ODI or 50-50 matches?” and so on. The above illustration will imply that you are going to discuss all the in and out of these matches. This will create the interest of the reader and give the information regarding the match, which is not known to them too. 

Body Paragraph:

The body paragraph will represent the overall quality of arranging the data innovatively. So, you must understand the comparison and contrast examples point to point. Therefore, it becomes necessary to plan out the list of reality which is known to you about the subject and which has to research out for further data. Recheck your list and choose dissimilarities over the similarities as everyone knows similar things. This requires extra research work to which your data is connected.

In the above example, we have discussed the cricket matches, but there are certain things which are unknown to the common people. For example, in ODI matches, the game may vary because of the ball swing over the pitches in the morning especially. But during the afternoon, it becomes warm, and the ball fails to swing. Therefore, toss plays an important role in ODI matches. Similarly, in T-20 matches, this does not happen because T-20 matches are of short duration.

The above example shows that you know the differences in your essay topic. This is how you can grab the attention of the essay readers. You can write down as many as points that you have researched.

Conclusion Paragraph:

In this paragraph, you have to summarize your entire points by highlighting each one. The points you have introduced in the beginning paragraph must be strongly summarized in it. As the guidelines of compare and contrast essay introduction suggestions are to add the new idea or point at the beginning but adding a new idea or point at the end of the paragraph could be a bad idea.

4. Review your essay:

When you will complete your essay, check out all the spellings, grammatical errors, and sequences of the list, etc. Sometimes, we find out we are able to examine our mistakes, so it is better to show it to other people who did read it before. After their reading, you can correct your mistakes and can modify it according to their advice before the final submission of the essay.

Resources for compare and contrast essay writing: –

  • Books/ research book
  • Academic study material
  • Workbooks
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Research reports

Some guidelines on compare and contrast essay topics:-

  • Choose the field which you can write efficiently. The main motive of the essay is to give the information instead of simply writing the similarity and differences.
  • Award the same attention of both subjects rather than focusing on a single subject.
  • Give your time to correlate each subject with each other. The list of tables or Venn diagrams must be clarified from your point of view.
  • Your essay thesis must be convincing, which implies that on which point you are trying to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Utilize your resources for writing compare and contrast essays.

Follow our above-mentioned techniques on how to write a compare and contrast essay . These will help you figure out your plan for writing the essay. 

Some of the common topics for compare and contrast essay: – 

  • Men & women
  • Which is the best childhood or adulthood?
  • Yoga or gym
  • ASIAN Games or Commonwealth game: which is better?
  • Microwave or Oven
  • Comedy or drama
  • Beauty or brain
  • Comparison between science and commerce classes
  • Coffee or tea
  • IELTS or PTE

The above-mentioned guidelines on how to write a compare and contrast essay will help you out with essay writing But still, if you have any queries or you need any help regarding your topic, then you can take our services. Our expert’s team is available 24*7, and they will work out according to your requirements and as per the protocol of your institute.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

As the word contrast implies to disguise between two subjects, whereas word compare means to find out the closeness in the given subjects. The main motive of this type of essay is to look out how the selected topic is similar and dissimilar with each other.

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