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In this blog, you will learn how to write a Comparison essay. So, let’s get started.

Generally, professors assign numerous essay writing to their students during their higher studies in college. A comparison essay is one of the most important types of essays that most professors assign to their students during their academic career at college-level studies. 

The main purpose of assigning these tasks during college-level studies is to check students’ comparison ability. In such a situation, students wonder about How To Write A Comparison Essay. It does not matter if you have been assigned to write a comparison essay in college or you need to write a comparison report for your work. This blog will provide you with the best guide to writing an impressive comparison essay.

Overview Of Comparison Essay?

The name itself shows that a comparison essay should analyze two different objects, theories, or events and determine the similarities and differences. The main purpose of writing a comparison essay is to clear the reader’s doubts regarding the two objects by showing how the studied criteria were the same and diverged. Undoubtedly, many beginner students seem confused about How To Write A Comparison Essay. 

If you are a marketing student, your teacher may assign you to evaluate two comparable products and create a plan to demonstrate their benefits and features. Remember that the critical component of your essay is that you need to ensure that your findings or results are supported with practical or realistic data. If you feel the one object of your essay is better than the other one, you should put some examples to prove it. 

Importance Of Comparison Essays

Undoubtedly we can say that a comparison essay is a vital form of document. While making a final decision or choosing a particular side in an argument, you will have to know as much as possible about both sides. And a comprehensive comparison essay on the specific subjects can show you differences and similarities between the two objects, subjects or events.  Since the main purpose of the comparison essay is to provide all the elastic and authentic information about the two subjects in detail. 

For example, a comparison essay should address the differences and similarities between any type of following pairs:-

  • The Big Bang and creationism
  • The Marxism and Christianity
  • The Democratic Party and the Republican Party
  • The Reformist and the Revolutionary perspectives on social change

Once you successfully develop a comparison essay on any of the pairs from these pairs. Then it will become helpful for you not only in understanding every item under comparison, but you can also get that state of mind of which one side you should choose.

Step-By-Step Guidance On How To Write A Comparison Essay

Usually, like any other good essay, a comparison essay also requires a clear or well-designed organizational structure that can provide all your key points in your essay. If you are also confused about successfully writing a comparison essay, you came to the right place. Here we have mentioned the best guide on How To Write A Comparison Essay within short deadlines:-

Start With Brainstorming By Using Venn Diagram

If you want to write an impressive comparison essay within short deadlines, you must do a high-level analysis of the two components of your essay. In simple words, you should start brainstorming before writing your essay. Without any doubt, we can say that the Venn diagram is a great visual tool for students for brainstorming comparison topics. Here is one example of a Venn diagram that compares humans against gorillas.

 In simple words, a Venn diagram is considered a set of overlapping circles: Where one circle presents the characteristics of one subject, and the second circle presents the characteristics of the second subject, along with this the overlapping section between the two circles contains characteristics shared by these both subjects similarly.

Create a Thesis Statement

Once you are clear about the differences and similarities between the two subjects, you can easily understand the relationship between the subjects. In this second step, you should develop a thesis statement for your topic sentences. It is noteworthy that your thesis statement should act as a route map for your essay.

Make an Outline

Now you should take some time with your collected information or data, as this is time to create an outline for your comparison essay. Usually, a comparison essay outline follows some basic essay format: introduction, body, and Conclusion. You should always make sure to remain devoted to the outline of your comparison essay as you create. In simple words, you should write your entire essay as you decided in your outline.

Start Writing the Introduction Paragraph

After that, you should start writing your essay with the introduction paragraph. If you write a good introduction, it will set the tone for your entire comparison essay. If you want to write an impressive introduction, you should start the introductory paragraph with a hook-like bold statement or rhetorical question. After writing the hook, you should introduce the subjects. Ensure that the thesis statement will come at the end of your introduction.

Write the First Body Paragraph

Start writing the main first body paragraph of your comparison essay. It would become helpful if you started with the topic sentence that will explain the comparison between both subjects of the comparison essay. Suppose your subjects are two different political parties, then you can start by extensively describing both political parties one by one. It will become more useful if you explain the similarities and differences between both parties.

Repeat the Process for the Next Paragraphs

Usually, comparison essays take their topics through numerous points of comparison. So you should write a minimum of three body paragraphs so that it will tackle both the subjects of your essay from numerous angles. It will make your paper effective if you link all the body paragraphs with transition words.

Write the Conclusion

The Conclusion plays the most important role in a comparison essay. If you want to write an impressive comparison essay, you should add an impressive conclusion.  In Conclusion, you must prove your thesis statement about how both two subjects of your essay are different or alike. Always remember, don’t even try to introduce a new argument in your conclusion paragraph. Here your main focus is to conclude the topic with an effective or realistic point of view.


Once you complete your comparison essay, you should always take sufficient time to proofread your paper. You should ensure that both subjects will get a similar space in the essay during proofreading. You should also check that you use a clear and effective point of view in how both subjects are similar and different. And there is no grammatical or spelling mistake in your paper.

Additional Tips For Writing An Effective Comparison Essay

We have already discussed the best guide on writing a comparison essay. Now we are at the end of this guide. We hope you will know to get a better idea of “how to write a comparison essay” successfully. Here we have mentioned some additional tips for writing an impressive comparison essay:-

  • Firstly you should make sure that you have selected suitable items for writing a comparison essay.
  • To write an impressive comparison essay, you should choose effective comparison parameters.
  • While writing a comparison essay, you should use different realistic tools and models effectively. For example, you can use the Venn diagram tool for brainstorming both subjects of your comparison essay.
  • Make a perfect outline for your comparison essay and write the entire essay accordingly. It would help if you also choose the right approach for writing your paper.
  • While you are writing your comparison essay at any stage, if you need any help, you can ask your teacher, friends, or seniors. So don’t hesitate to contact others to get help from them whenever you need it.

Comparison Essay vs. Argumentative Essay

The majority of the students seem confused about Comparison Essays and Argumentative Essays. Sometimes lots of students think that these both are similar. Here we have mentioned a table comparing the comparative essay to the argumentative essay:-

Basis of comparing Comparison EssayArgumentative Essay
ObjectiveThe main objective of the comparison essay is to highlight all the similarities and differences between two different objects.The main purpose of the argumentative essay is to make a clear case for a position on a given topic.
LanguageIn the comparison essay, the language commonly used is third-person, Objective, appeals to logic and evidence.In the argumentative essay, the language commonly used in first-person or third-person, Objective, appeals to reason and evidence, some subjective anecdotes are allowed.
Example of a claim“The Republicans and the Democrats disagree on a lot, but they also have some underlying similarities.”“The Republican Party is a threat to the long-term stability and well-being of America, so everyone must vote Democrat.”

Final Words

We have already provided you with the best guide to writing a comparison essay. Thus, we hope you will now understand how to write a comparison essay. And our blog will also clear all your doubts regarding it. 

Still, if you are confused about “how to write a comparison essay” and if you are looking for Essay Writing Help online, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We have a group of experienced essay writers who offer the best essay help to students worldwide.

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