Absolute 7 Tips of How to write a Descriptive Essay

Several students do not know that there are various kinds of essays written in different formats. Students of most parts are not able to order the essay writings; therefore, they start seeking out assistance in their locality who can write their assignments. But if you are interested in learning how to write a descriptive essay, this blog is helpful for you.

We will tell you all the details about this type of essay with its structure, as well as necessary details so that you can write this kind of essay quickly and efficiently. Before you learn how to write a descriptive essay, let’s talk about what is a descriptive essay?

What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay, as the name implies, is a form of essay that explains something in details such as an object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc.

Students use sensory information to enable readers to use touch, taste, smell, hearing, and vision to understand the subject of the essay. That is called the descriptive essay.

Important Points to ‘How to write a Descriptive essay’:-

Writing a descriptive essay could be your first-time experience; therefore, you might find some hurdles while writing this type of essay. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the points that you have to keep in mind while writing a descriptive essay.

So that you can write down the information that you want to convey to your readers without losing the follow of your writing. Here are seven points that you have to take into consideration while writing a descriptive essay: 

1. Understand the Reader: 

The most important point of writing descriptive essays is that you have to write something that can engage your readers. The tone of the essay can vary as per the type of the reader,

such as if you are writing for the students, then the information that you are representing in your essay must be of simple words that students can easily understand. For other readers, the tone can be a little bit formal. If it is scholarly writing, the essay must be formal.

2. Choose the topic: 

Having a good knowledge of the text will help you to choose the right title for your essay. First, choose some topics of your interest and then study some more topics related to your selected topics. Ask yourself questions about issues and see if you can answer them or not.

This will provide clear knowledge of how strongly you know about the subject. The more you know about a problem, the simpler it will be to write about a topic. Do some research online so that you can bridge the knowledge gap in your writing, this will be more engaging for your readers. 

3. Create a draft: 

The next step in writing descriptive essays is to outline your essay. This process provides a flexible structure for your writings in which you have to represent your views. This structure should be clear so that the correct picture can be moved to the readers’ mind. For example, if you are writing a descriptive essay about an event, it should be fixed in the order.

For essays about a person or place, you can transition from a normal subject to a special subject. Always use transition words to make your essay more logical and to add different ideas. Students are generally asked to write five-paragraph descriptive essays, while the number of students has more choices for the structure of the paragraph.

4. Write the essay: 

This is the stage in which you write in a particular topic with the appropriate outline. A descriptive essay should have a good introduction that attracts the attention of the readers and which explains the main idea of the essay. Then comes to the main body of your topics and then complete the descriptive essay.

If necessary, you can divide your details into different sections. The conclusion should be accurate and up to the mark and should be written with attractive words because this is the last thing your reader will read in your essay.

5. Review the essay: 

A review should be done after the subject comes out of the paper. Please take a short rest so that the details and the characters in it are removed from your mind. Go to a redesigned essay so that you can see the essay from the reader’s point of view. Ask some of the questions to yourself, such as, is it easy to understand the language of the essay?

Do you need to rewrite any paragraph in the description as it is not clear? Does any paragraph appear to be misleading compared to the description? These are some of the things you should consider during the review phase. You can read the essay clearly to get a clear picture.

6. Editing stage: 

This is the stage where you can change the details as per the requirement. If you are a student, you can do it yourself — correct any grammar, spelling, or punctuation marks if there is a need for re-editing. If you use different words in the essay, remember to provide a proper introduction during the editing phase.

At this stage, you can change the style of writing if you want. Please read the last items once before submitting them for writing. You can also check for final plagiarism to ensure that there is no duplication of any sentence.

7. Final submission: 

At this stage, you can submit your writing to the assigned authority, such as if you are a student, then there is a possibility that your tutor might be assigned you with the task of writing a descriptive essay. Therefore, you have to submit your writings to your tutors.

But if you are writing a descriptive essay for the general audience, then you have to publish it to some newspaper or in something else. For this, you have to submit your essay to the publisher so that it gets to publish. Therefore, you have to submit your essay writing to the required authority.


The conclusion on how to write a descriptive essay is that you can add whatever you want to tell your readers. This blog can be useful so that you will never fail in writing the Descriptive essay.

You should explicitly apply the answer to the keyword of the question and reinforce the points you create in the main body. Above all, there should be nothing new in it – it’s only a restriction of your argument. 

I hope you liked our post. If you are facing trouble with your essay and looking for some for essay writing, come to our website and get the best descriptive essay writing help by the experts at low prices.

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