How To Write a Good Essay

When you want your audience to agree with your opinion and to convince your audience on some matter, then it’s important for you to choose the right ways for writing your essay. Here we are talking about the writing techniques of an essay. So you must learn how to write a good essay. This writing guide will help you with learning to write an essay in the best way possible. 

Writing techniques means the way of writing any sort of content to help the audience in understanding the topics effectively. In this blog, you will get knowledge of essay writing and the way and format to write it in an effective way. 

Essay writing: 

Essay writing is a difficult task. But the students need to write essays because of its importance in the academics scoring. An essay is a part of writing, generally from the writer’s opinion. In essay writing, a writer explains his point of view on the given topic.

Types of essays: 

There are four major types of essays:

1. Narrative Essays (Telling a Story)

A narrative essay is like if you are telling a story or your point of view to the readers such as telling a story about a real-life experience. It is a challenge for most of the students to write a narrative essay. In it, the first person helps engage the readers to read the content written by him/her. “I” sentences give the audience a sense of being part of the story. So, you should keep this in mind while writing a narrative essay. This way you will give the audience a feeling of being a part of the story. 

2. Descriptive Essays (Painting a Picture)

In some way, we can say that it is also related to the narrative essay. In this, a writer tries to paint a picture of some scenario with the help of his words. With the help of this, the writer can describe a person, place, object, or even a memorable moment. The writer must try their level best to show all this with the help of their words. It appeals to the reader’s emotions. Which is our main motive or writing a Descriptive essay. 

3. Expository Essays ( Just the Facts)

It is an informative piece of writing. In an expository essay, the writer defines a topic with the help of facts, statistics, or examples. This essay depends on facts and not on someones’ personal feelings. Writers don’t mention their emotions, all they can specify in such essays are just facts only.

4. Persuasive Essays (Convince Me)

It is like an expository essay; the main objective is to convince the audience to accept the writer’s point of view. The writer includes facts, logic, examples, expert opinions, or sound reasoning. The writer should present all sides of the arguments.       

Establishments of a good essay: 

A decent paper depends on the following establishments: 

  • Content: This is the matter involved in the topic; it must be according to the requirement of the essay. The content must be engaging, attractive, and interesting.  
  • Arrangement: In this, the arguments are built utilizing examples from the starting to the end. 
  • Demonstration: This incorporates style, utilization of language, right sentences,& spellings and simplicity of reading. Utilizing basic words with perfect and flawless handwriting is an additional benefit. And will surely help the readers to understand what the writer is trying to say or express. 

How to write a good essay? Step by step guidance on good essay writing:

The good essay is that which makes an impact on the readers. The following are the steps that will help you in solving your question on how to write a good essay: 

1. Define the objective:

Extensively, the objective can be either to give an overview or an examination.

  • Convince:- Regardless of anything you feel like writing, your points must be around the topic. So that you can convince the audience with your point of view. 
  • Clarify:-You must be reasonably well-educated about the topic. Which means that you should have clarity about the topic. Only then you should start writing the essay. 

2. Arrange your thoughts:

  • Brainstorm:- Brainstorming the topic will help you to think deeply about it. You will come to know about the challenges related to the topic. You will know what to include in the essay or not.  
  • Outline:- Edit the important points. Put the most influential points at the beginning and the end of the essay. The weakest points must be mentioned in the middle. The flow of the essay must be logical and structured.   
  • Thesis Statement:- It includes the matter of what the essay will be about. The thesis statement includes the main ideas on the topic.   

The Thesis Statement has two parts:

  • The first part explains the topic.
  • The second part either involves the point of the essay or the lists of the ideas you will be discussing at the end.

3. Writing the essay:

Generally, an essay has three basic parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.
Every one of these parts has a particular objective. Through which the audience can get to know what exactly does the writer wants to say. 

Rules for writing a good and an impressive  essay:

Do you always get confused about how to write a good essay? If yes, then here are some tips for you to write a good essay.        

If you pick a correct technique for your essay, only then the audience will be able to understand you better. You may utilize various techniques to improve your essay, depending upon your work type. Here are a few tips to improve your essay writing:

  1. Clarify reasons: The clarifications can help individuals understand your perspective easily. 
  2. Repetition: This procedure will assist you with convincing the audience in believing something. State your opinion in various ways. So, that it can imprint a view in someones’ mind. 
  3. Be reliable: Support your content with proof and never jump from one subject to the next. Your entire essay must resemble a strong way that will lead the audience to your perspective.
  4. Make comparison: Don’t hesitate to utilize analogies, similarities, and metaphors; this may persuade the audience if you compare your opinion with something that the audience acknowledges. 
  5. Be a storyteller: A decent story can convince the audience regarding your point of view about the topic. This method is extraordinary, you can utilize it to convince your readers with a story.


An essay is a short piece of writing. You must have gotten clarification of your question on how to write a good essay from the blog. Follow the above tips and write a good essay. If you face difficulty in writing a good essay, then contact us for help. Our reliable essay writing service will surely help you in getting high grades.

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