How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

“ A good dissertation is a done dissertation “ – Ancient Grad Student Proverb.

First of all, let’s clarify exactly what is a thesis statement or what is thesis statement definition only then you can understand how to write a good thesis statement

The thesis is a kind of essay that involves an individual’s research work, and it is written by the students who are pursuing their degrees in particular universities.

Whereas, the thesis statement is a brief statement that usually consists of a single statement. This statement outlines the main points of essay writing or research work, etc. It also supports your data with the help of clues and examples.

Take a thesis statement example

To make a sandwich of peanut butter, you should obtain all the ingredients, first find out a knife, and then cover the bread with the flavored ingredients. 

This example implies that the topic is a sandwich, and the instructions (how the sandwich can be made) will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs. 

Another example consists of a persuasive type thesis in which you can add your opinion and detail the opinion of why it is true. Example: The jelly sandwich is one of the best types of sandwiches because they can make easily and their taste is also good. This means you have mentioned your opinion ( the best types of sandwiches); similarly, you can write another persuasive thesis.

Types of Thesis statements

A thesis statement can be written according to the type of essay. Have a look on the below points

Argumentative thesis

In an argumentative thesis, the study should assume a firm role. Your purpose in the paper is to persuade your audience of this study based on proof and rational thinking. An argumentative thesis takes a strong position about what a person claims. 

Expository thesis

The subject of your paper is mentioned in an expository thesis statement which lists the main facets of your topic that will be explored in the paper.

Analytical thesis

Your research requires you to mention the particular element that you would reflect on in an article that includes interpreting a document, and state what insight it provides us into the nature or intent of the text.

Importance of the thesis statement in your essay:

  • To check your knowledge by refining them into a single statement or just in two.
  • To support and maintain your arguments.
  • To provide some hints to the reader about your arguments.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to write an excellent thesis statement so that you can become successful in drawing the attention of your reader.

There are some of the guidelines below to help you out with the question of how to write a good thesis statement. 

How to write a good thesis statement step by step guidance?

Good Thesis statement Steps
Good Thesis statement Steps

“Think big, start small. But most of all, start”.

Below we have mentioned a quick view on how to write a thesis statement step by step, which can help you out with your thesis statements. After that, we will discuss how to write examples for the thesis statement.

Select some suitable subject to discuss

The topic must be of interest as you have to write about it on your own. 

Research on the related topic from the updated sources

For this, you can use study material or academic data to explore the necessary sources which can help you out in your research work.

Write the main objective in the body paragraph

Your body paragraph must have the main idea which can support it with evidence.

Outlines can be created

If you have a lot of ideas regarding your topics, then you can outline them.

List out all the references

If you do not mention all the references that you have gone through, your data might be blamed for plagiarism.

Review all thesis before submitting

When you will complete your writing, then check all mistakes related to punctuation and grammar. 

When you select a topic, a situation comes to you, and that is known as ‘brainstorming’ which will help you out shape your ideas into your writing.

Now we will discuss how to write a thesis statement example if you are assigned with or without a topic, such as

How to write a good thesis statement example if you are assigned a topic?

You tend to reduce your assignment into a question. The first thing you have to do is refine your essay into a particular question.

For example, if your essay is about a report describing ‘the benefits of water harvesting system in a small town,” turns it into a question form as “ what are the benefits of using a water harvesting system in a small town?”

Once you will select the question for your essay, answer your question in one or two sentences such as “ The benefits of using a water harvesting system in a small town are ….”.

How to write a thesis statement example if you are not assigned a topic?

Even though your essay is not asking a particular question, still you have to answer your question. In this case, you have to find out what questions you would like to answer.

A good thesis statement include some characteristics:-

  • Take the focus of the reader to that point on which generally they do not agree.
  • Deal with the assignment’s nature, which is sufficiently treated.
  • Precise the one or two main ideas.
  • Declare the subject’s conclusion.

For example, the statement “ Since half of the students of American primary school consume eight times more sugar than the recommended limit. Therefore, the school requires to take over the beverages with a healthy snack.”    

Now the thesis, as mentioned above statement is answering the question, “ What should be the steps which can be taken to reduce the consumption of sugar by students, and which authority can take the initial step for it?” Initially,

when you write the essay, you do not have any particular questions in your mind, but when you will involve in the topic. Then you have a lot of ideas that reflect your vision; there is just one thing to keep in mind that you should know how to write a good thesis statement.

The characteristics of a good thesis statement:

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”- Benjamin Franklin.

Whenever you are writing a thesis, you have to consider the format as well as some other aspects too, such as the length and position of the thesis in your essay and how convincing your argument is.

Let’s discuss some features on how to write a good thesis statement in detail:-

  • Length of the thesis statement:- It depends on the data that you have mentioned; therefore, it can be short or long. Generally, it has two clauses, first is of opinion and the other one is of reason. Your objective should be to mention a single sentence of two lines or contain 30 to 45 words only.
  • Position of the thesis statement:- It should always be a part of your essay’s starting. As it is the line or statement which implies what your article is going to explain. Some professors would have their individual preferences for the thesis statement’s position. But the golden rule is to introduce the thesis statement at the beginning within the last three sentences.
  • Strength of thesis statement:- In a persuasive thesis, your argument should be strong. This means that it should not be obvious, and it should be something on which everyone agrees.

What should be added to the thesis statement?

Important Things considered before writing the thesis statement
Important Things considered before writing the thesis statement

1. A good statement takes a stand of argument:- 

Just keep in mind that your statement must represent the conclusion of your topic and you must know how to write a good thesis statement. If you are writing a thesis statement example for research papers, then it must be a strong statement.

Like if you are writing an essay or paper on the fitness of students, then you must select a prominent weight- loss product to access. 

Two statements will represent the strength of your thesis statement:-

“ There are a few positives and negative features of using green tea for weight loss.”

This is an example of a weak statement as it is not able to convey any information strongly about your thesis. Also, the words positive and negative features are not definite Instead of it, you can write it as:-

“ As green tea contains substances which aid you to reduce fat, but it poses some mild to serious health hazards too.”

As it specifics about the subject, this statement considers being strong.

2. The thesis statement must justify your point of discussion:-

  If you want to write about the family’s relationship, then you can write either of the statement given below:-

“ In America, few families are extended families.”

This is not representing the point to the reader; therefore, they might stop reading the article whereas if you write it as:-

“Nowadays, a group of American people is treating consanguineal marriages a threat to nuclear families, but the other group believes that consanguineous marriages aid to tie kinship in extended families.”

The above statement represents a controversial topic which is showing your contradict experience related to the statement. This statement will be successful in grabbing the attention of the reader. And they will take the interest to read the rest of the article to find out how you strengthen your point of view.

3. The main objective should be expressed in your thesis statement:- 

If you add more than a single idea in your thesis, then it might be confusing for the reader about the particular subject. For example:

“ Now, companies require to achieve the marketing ability of cyberspace, and Web pages can support advertising as well as customer support too.”

This can be taken as a weak statement as it is not able to provide the information that is about marketing on the Web pages or the internet. Therefore, there is a need for revision on the statement, and then it can be written as;-

“ Since the internet has excellent potential related to marketing, companies can utilize these potentials by using web pages which offer advertising as well as customer support.”

This can be treated as a strong statement that formulates two ideas into a single sentence. And this is another method of how to write a good thesis statement.

4. The Thesis statement must be specific:- 

The statement must represent exact information about your topic, which aids you in managing your matter. Like if you are writing a topic of eight to ten pages on malnutrition. You might write:

“ Malnutrition can cause some serious health hazards.”

this can be considered a weak statement because of two reasons. First, which country malnutrition rate you are going to discuss. The second is you are not able to identify any particular hazard. So there is a need to revise your thesis statement.

“Central African Republic has the highest malnutrition rate as it has suffered from conflict, instabilities and ethnic violence since 2012”.

This is considered as a strong statement as the subject specifies more clearly by highlighting the causes of malnutrition. 

This blog was all about how to write a good thesis statement and how to write a thesis statement step by step which is mentioned the steps and some thesis statement examples. This will help you out with your thesis statements even though you find any difficulty related to your thesis statement.

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