Best Ever Guide of How to Write a Proper essay

Many numbers of students have been confused regarding how to write a proper essay. They will be writing all essays through their school level, but there is always scope for development when it comes to writing a proper essay. Even though the basic principles of a proper essay have been clarified at the very beginning, most of the students have been seen to struggle with their essay writing. 

Many students have been stuck during high school examinations when it comes to the question of how to write a proper essay. This blog will help you out to understand essay writing in a proper way.

Definition of Proper essay:

An essay is a piece of writing that gives the reader an overview of your arguments. It must be synonymous with a story. The structure of an essay can be symmetrical as well as natural. Formal essay types are generally for academics and deal with serious topics. These kinds of essays are called a proper essay.

Parts of an Essay

Commonly there are three parts of an essay, and a simple essay is classified  into three parts:

  1. Introduction about the essay

2. Body of  essay

3. Conclusion of the essay

How to write a proper essay?

If you are assigned to write a proper essay;  there are some key points that you need to follow when you are writing. Here we are discussing some steps involved in writing a proper essay-:

1. Research:

Exploring the relevant sources is one of the basic tasks. So that your essay can be proper, and it can be understood to your readers too. You can use online sources to research your topic. Online means you can take information from the web. It would help if you remembered that every source must contribute something to your proper essay. 

2. Brainstorm:

Do you have a question in your mind about how to write a proper essay? To write a proper essay, stay as focused as you can. Every sentence of your essay should be exact and based on-topic. Before writing it, you must have a clear idea of what you are going to mention in it. 

3. Make a Compelling structure

After brainstorming structure is the next step. An essay structure makes your essay very easy to read and beautiful. Every essay has three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. You have gathered all the ideas; now, it’s time to write them down. Don’t lose direction once you begin writing your topic. Each idea should be in your mind or write it down separately. Go through all your points and decide what points you are going to cover in each paragraph. For example

(i). Essay Introduction

Create an Interest

The introduction is a very important part of an essay. It plays an essential role in making a successful essay. If the introduction of your essay is good, then it can easily attract the attention of your reader to read the essay with an interest. In this part of the essay, you must describe the basic information and unique things related to your topic’s subject. Most of the students find themselves confused about how to write a good, and attractive introduction for their essay. The main motive of the introduction is to tell your reader about your topic in brief. So that the reader has an idea related to your topic that you are going to discuss in detail in further paragraphs.

Hook your reader

Hook your reader in your essay. You can start with a question in your essay. Use descriptive words and create a picture in the mind of the reader.

Thesis Statement

It will be presented at the end of the paragraph of the essay. Make sure it presents the main idea behind the essay.

(ii). Body of essay

It is the second most important part of the essay. In the body of the essay, it requires that you describe all sufficient information related to the essay topic. It might be difficult to decide which information you should add in this part and the data which you need to eliminate. But you must try to describe your essay topic very clearly in the body of the essay. Don’t even try to use typical things and words in this part of the essay which can be difficult to understand by your readers. In this part, you have to tell your reader all the relevant information about the essay topic with the relevant evidence.

(iii). Conclusion of the essay-:

This is the last part of an essay. In this part, you should only include the key points that you think are necessary to highlight. In this part, you can also describe your own opinion on the topic of your essay and if the topic is related to some social problem then you can also tell about some solutions that you think are sufficient for them.

4. Write

Once you have decided on all the points which you are going to enter your essay, after that, you start writing it. Now it won’t be hard to write down the ideas on the paper. Your proper essay must be brief and concise, cover all points quickly but effectively.

5. Edit and proofreading

Editing is also an important part of your proper essay writing. You must read what you wrote to ensure that it looks good or not, and is there nothing that can be confusing in your writing. The writing process is the procedure of creation, and while doing it, you must consider the sentence structure of your essay. You can send it to grammar checking. Although the essay is proper, it will not take much time for editing. 

Things to keep in mind while writing a proper essay

1. Always choose the correct grammar.

2. Choose the right punctuation marks in your writing.

3. Make sure that you are using simple language so that every reader can easily grab your meaning.

4. Make sure to take sufficient time to complete the essay.

5. Always check that your spellings are correct. (when you are writing, or after writing.)

6. Try to use simple words and don’t try to use any typical or complicated word.

7. Don’t take any irrelevant points in your essay to increase the length of your essay.

8. Always allocate some time for thinking about the topic of your essay, to try to create new ideas and thoughts before writing.

9. Don’t try to just complete a page by writing anything.

10. If you are confused about any points so don’t take any tension, try to get expert help and first of all clear your mind about the topic then start writing.

11. Make sure that you can easily complete your essay in the given time. If you have a short time then try to highlight the relevant point in short paragraphs.

Tips on How to write a proper essay:

These are the following steps:

1 choose an interesting topic:

When you select a topic that must be interesting. Your essay must show the originality of your work. The topic must be relevant to your professional goals.  

2 Make your essay puts focuses on the main topic: 

Your introduction passage must unmistakably clarify so that the reader has an idea about your topic. The entire content of the essay must be related to the topic, finally, conclude the essay by summarizing the overall points of the main body paragraphs.

3 Prepare a sequence of your ideas: 

Your essay must be separated into consistently distinct segments, communicating your point of view. Your introduction displays the argument, and each passage contains evidence that can support your arguments. 

4 Edit your paper

Even though clearly, this last step is of the most significant in the essay writing process. After editing all other content, ensure your essay contains all necessary data.



The answer to your question of how to write a proper essay is explained above. Follow the above steps and tips for writing it. By following the steps, you can write it in a better way. If you are facing a problem in writing a proper essay, then you can take online essay writing help. We at are available for your help. Our essay writer helps you in solving your proper essay writings.

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