How to Write a Reflective Essay

You need to show your emotions and thoughts on certain phenomena or events in the reflective essay. Writing these types of essays helps in giving you a solid practice to sharpen your thinking skills and ability to express your opinions- either selected by you or given by your professor. 

Do you want to know “How to write a reflective essay”? In this article, we will give all the complete information for writing a reflective essay. 

The writing is creative work. Reflective essay writing is one of the most creative works which needs imagination. The reflective essay needs a deeper understanding of conveying the situation feeling into the reader’s mind.

What is a reflective essay:

In this category of writing, the writer describes a situation or experience than explain them in detail so that a reader can picture the situation in their minds. In a reflective essay writer describes an experience or incident, then analyzing the meaning of that and what can be learned from that. The incident happened in the past, and analyzing it in the present; this is what makes an essay reflective.

Here writer shares their opinions and emotions to draw a picture of their personality, history. They should include a clear description and summary of the experience so that the reader feels like they have also experienced it. They should also add an explanation of your reactions, thoughts, and feelings. 

Step by step guide for how to write a reflective essay:

  1. Start writing an outline for the whole essay from start to end which includes everything from an introduction to the conclusion.
  2. Choose a clear specific topic. It will be helpful if you choose a topic on which you have some real-life experience. If you can’t think of anything from your life that’s fine in many cases like if writing fiction etc.
  3. Do study the topic you are writing about. Spine the topic in your head you might come up with stunning ideas to write.
  4. Brainstorm the ideas and think about how you can leave a long-lasting impression on the reader’s mind.
  5. Pick reflective questions in order to answer. You will write the content from within your and from the reader’s perspective in order to know the answer. 
  6. Answer the question you have picked like how you felt after that, what change comes after that experience.
  7. Also, write about learning you get the form and bigger lesson that experience taught you.

Purpose of reflective essay: 

Understanding the purpose of the essay you are going to write will give you a better picture of what you are going to write. The basic purpose of writing a reflective essay is to help the writer learn from practical experience. It will help to make a connection between theory and practical life. This type of essay is used to teach the student about the deeper learning of topics also they can develop the skill to feel and experience the world better.


This essay asks the writer to summarise the given answer to a part of the literature in order to understand better. 

Tips and tricks on how to write a reflective essay: 

  • Choose the event from your own experience about which you like talking a lot so writing will get easy.
  • Write a strong opening introduction that gets the attention of the reader. So that reader can get engaged in the content
  • Support all the attention-getting content in the introduction by the background context and provide proper evidence for the content you put on your writing.
  • The conclusion should be effective and positive. Negative conclusions turn off the reader’s mood.
  • While the experience you must have some detailed sub-event and their importance for conveying the bigger opinion. They add the evidence to the story too. Dont add all the event but chose the most significant events.

Do’s and Don’ts for how to write a reflective essay writing.

  • Do write the information in a descriptive way for a reflective essay. 
  • Don’t exaggerate but explain properly.
  • Do follow the classical structure of the essay writing introduction then the main body and in last the conclusion.
  • Do write your transition from one paragraph to another paragraph in a logical manner. 
  • Don’t deviate from the topic. Write only relevant stuff or it should have some purpose. 
  • Never start writing before proper research.
  • Avoid repeating words and informal language. 

Common Mistakes while writing a reflective essay:

  • Don’t write too much personal stuff, keep in mind that it is not your autobiography.  You have to give your opinion on your past experience. 
  • Don’t ignore the structure of the essay. The reader might find that tough to identify the different transition in the part of the essay.
  • Never write too formal things in the content.
  • Check for proper instruction by asking your professor or instructor. 

Don’t ignore the guidance we mention above. We have mention Step by step guide for “how to write a reflective essay”. 

Top topics for writing a reflective essay:

We have listed top topics that people write about often:

  • About real-life experience.
  • Bathing in the rain.
  • Mountain trekking.
  • Visiting the historic battlefield.
  • Zoo visit.
  • The personal love story.
  • Fail story.
  • Fiction or non-fiction.
  • Any specific place you traveled.
  • Any of your life-changing happening all those happening which you experience from your consciousness.


The reflective essay writing is also about the understanding of what did you get from a certain experience. What lesson you get from the overall experience. The writer needs to bring the content together in order to conclude the essay. The writer can include things like why, how your attitude and behavior get affected by the experience of many more things that can exist. If you about to write a reflective essay, then the final suggestion is to write your own experience which will make it easy for you to demonstrate the situation. If you still facing any problem feel free to ask our help on how to write a reflective essay.

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