A Short Guide Of How To Write A Research Paper Outline

If You are in college, you will have to write a research paper before you graduate. Writing a research paper can be difficult if you have never written it before. But it is essential for your grades. 

It is not only essential for academic performance only, but these kinds of assignments teach how to analyze facts, evidence searching, or study different points of view. These abilities are important in today’s education environment. Understanding how to write a research paper outline is the initial step of making the final research paper. 

Are you Curious about how to write a research paper outline?

Don’t panic as you are not the only one who doesn’t know how to write it. Firstly, understand the meaning of a research paper outline. Normally, it is an organization of a text logically by including paragraphs, its parts, or subparagraphs. Here are some steps or tips for writing a research paper outline. These steps will help you in writing it. It includes the matter which you collect after doing the proper research. 

The reason behind writing an outline of a research paper is that you will not miss some important thoughts and points that you want to add in the research paper.   

What do you mean by the research paper outline?

An outline is a blueprint of your research paper. It will help you in creating the complete paper. You can efficiently write the research paper with the help of the outline. The research paper outline includes an introduction, the body, and the conclusion: the more detailed outline you made, the effective for high-quality research paper.  

Why do we write a research paper outline?

Many students are avoiding the task of writing a research paper outline because they are unaware of how it can help improve paper quality.

The details below illustrate the significance of developing a blueprint of a research paper:

It helps you to express your ideas in an organized way

The main aim of any writing up should be to make it simple for the audience to understand the content. If your audience doesn’t get the idea or message you’re trying to communicate, you’ll never excel in writing in a brilliant research paper. If you start using a blank page to write your paper, it can get frustrating for you. Still, if you have an outline prepare in advance, it will be simple for you to write down your ideas in an organized manner.

Make a clear picture of your thoughts

By writing a research paper outline, you can think of new ideas and do brainstorm. You have a clear picture in your mind that what you want to tell your audience.

Sit down for preparing a plan for your research paper; you will be able to develop arguments of the particular subject. Also, you can add supporting points in the paper.   

Add suitable content to the research paper

A research paper outline will help you think about the subject and find out enough information or content that covers various aspects. You would then be able to write a more detailed research paper writing, containing useful data rather than just general knowledge.

Reduce the pressure of writing

When you don’t have a plan at hand, writing a research paper may become stressful. Without a sketch, you have to memorize every detail, and then start the writing process. If you don’t get the right idea of how to write a research paper outline, it can be frustrating. An outline helps you understand how each of your thoughts is interconnected and how to present them.


Some students waste their time thinking about what idea they will include in their research paper. Instead, you can create the outline first so that the writing process becomes easy. Once the outline is made, you will get a map of writing a research paper. When you have clarity in your mind that what you will include in each paragraph and number of paragraphs, it will take less time to complete it. You can save a lot of time in writing a research paper.   

Now you know why the research paper outline is important and why we create it. After that, you should know how to write a research paper outline.

How to write a research paper outline?

How To Write A Research Paper Outline

The below outline is a basic structure for many academic papers.

Whatever length the paper needs to be, the structure of providing an introduction, body, and conclusion will always apply. Write about what’s usual in every segment of the paper. 

A) How to write a research paper introduction?

The introduction should contain any of the following elements, depending on the type of paper:· 

  • Begin with an attention grabber: a short story, illustration, statistical, or historical context that introduces the paper topic. 
  • Provide an overview of any issues related to the subject.
  • Explain the main terms that need to be understand related to the topic.
  •  Quote or paraphrase sources disclosing the controversial nature of the topic (argumentation papers only)
  • Highlight background details on the topic needed to explain the direction of the paper 
  • Write an antithesis section, presenting the primary opposing views (argumentation paper only)

B) How to write a research paper Body Paragraph?

  • Clearly explain the key points of the paper as outlined in the thesis
  • Include strong examples, descriptions, and explanations to support each of the main points 
  • When an argumentative paper presents any counterarguments and refutes those claims, 
  • provide definite proof from sources— paraphrases, summaries and quotes supporting the main points

C) How to write a research paper conclusion?

  • Restate your introductory thesis in different terms 
  • Briefly summarize each main point contained in the paper’s body (avoid going over 2 phrases for each paragraph)
  • Offer a statement of the implications of not accepting the position (argumentation paper only)
  •  End with a clear clincher paragraph: an acceptable, substantive final sentence that links the whole point of the paper together (could relate to the attention grabber)

To know how to write a research paper outline, you can also search for online samples. Read the samples online and understand the topic.

Additional tips on how to write a research paper outline:

  • prepare a thesis statement.
  • Create a list of essential points.
  •  Also, make a list of ideas that support every part of your argument.
  • You can write more paragraphs by dividing ideas.
  • Continue writing until you prepare an exact outline for the research paper. 

It’s a wrap:

Devoting more time in writing the research paper outline is not possible. The above information provides you useful information on how to write a research paper outline. This information helps you in writing a research paper in a better way. 

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