How to Write a Short Essay

Every task involves a skill to complete it. In the same way, writing is also an art. It is not a science, but it is like a mechanical application of rules. Many best writers and essayists of the world able to write the best essays because of their practice and skills. For example, Plato or  George W.F.       

If you are a college student, your professor will give you many writing assignments. If in the assignment a task involves the writing of a short essay, then some students have a question in their mind that how to write a short essay. This blog helps you in writing a short essay. Some students seem happy at first because they think that it is a simple task. They think that they give less time and that’s it. But the reality is short essay writing can be more complicated than long essays.

Learning how to write a short essay is essential because it will help to express your thoughts concisely. You must know how to write and talk shortly or directly, simultaneously on paper and orally. Because of it, you become a good communicator. It is an important skill in every profession.            

Short essay format:

The essential characteristic of a short essay is that students have to mention all their ideas or arguments into limited words. The word limit is between 200 and 500 words. It also depends on the topic and the professor’s requirements. First, you must select a good topic and find relevant sources. There must be two and five paragraphs in your essay. It is quite tough for students.        

How to write a short essay?

Either you were given the task of writing college papers, argumentative, descriptive or narrative essays of short dimensions; there are some points which you have to follow. Here are all the steps involved in writing a short essay: 


Exploring the relevant sources is one essential task. The essay is short, and it is good for you. You need only a few sources to write it. You can use both offline and online sources. Offline sources include journals or books, etc. And online means you can take information from the web. You must remember that every source must contribute something to your short essay.   


Do you have a question in your mind that how to write a short essay? To write a short essay, stay as focused as you can. Every sentence of your essay should be exact and on-topic. Before writing it, you must have a clear idea of what you are going to mention in it.   


After brainstorming outlining is the next step. You have gathered all the ideas; now, it’s time to write them down. Don’t lose direction once you begin writing. Each idea should be in your mind or write it down them separately. Also, prepare your counterargument. Go through all your points and decide what points you are going to cover in each paragraph. 


Once you have decided on all the points which you are going to enter your essay, after that, you start writing it. Now it won’t be hard. Your short essay must be brief and concise, cover all points quickly but effectively.


Editing is also an important part of your short essay writing. You must read what you wrote to ensure that it looks good and nothing is confusing in it. Writing process is the procedure of creation and while doing it, you must consider sentence structure or grammar of your essay. You can send it to grammar checkers. Although the essay is short, it will not take much time.   

Tips on how to write a short essay:

There are so many rules on how to create a great story for everyone and how to write a short essay for your educator. Here is the list of some tips for effective short essay:  

  • Select an interesting topic: You have to create an essay that is interesting and thoughtful. So that all your audience will enjoy it. If you are passionate about your topic, then you will get success because you will write it with interest. It will bring you better results. 
  • Knowledge about the target audience:  You must know about your target audience. Before you start writing it, you should identify your audience, who will be reading such essays. If your audience is your professor, then he has some knowledge about the topic. In another case, you must write it in a clear and simple language.     
  • Read: Before you start writing it, you must read the selected text from the sources you are using.
  • Avoid distractions: Don’t write the essay while watching tv shows. Put your focus on writing an essay entirely. This way, you will be able to complete it better if nothing will distract you. Your content must be specific and on point.
  • Don’t lose hope: Some think writing is a difficult task and completing it is simply impossible. Don’t take stress, take a break, and then start over again in a fresh way. Don’t give up; completing such difficult work is going to be the best reward.      
  •   Use online editing services: Students are sure that their short essay is perfect, but there are chances of some mistakes. There are online editing services are available where they re-read your essay. This is the reason it is better to trust your online grammar checker.    


The answer to your question of how to write a short essay is explained above. Follow the above steps and tips for writing it. By following the steps, you can write it in a better way. If you are facing problem in writing it, then you can contact online essay writing help. We at are available for your help. Our essay writer helps you in solving your short essay writing problem.

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