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For the college essay, you require to write a thesis statement which can quickly grab the attention of the readers. In the thesis statement, you have to support your claim of the thesis, and these must be written at the end of the initial or second paragraph of your writings. Your thesis can change according to the structure and pattern of your thesis work. 

Once you write a thesis of your research work, then you can adapt to the strong thesis. In this article, we will provide you all the information related to how to write a strong thesis. Follow the below-mentioned instructions and write a strong thesis that can influence the views of the readers.

General analyses:

A strong thesis must follow these things:

  1. Go outside the limits to announce the subject:- take you to stand in the continued conversation on a particular issue or offer an idea on something which can be relevant to your writings.
  2. Be specific: if you know about your topic, then be specific to your topic and avoid to add new ideas to the topic. 
  3. Give the answers to the question related to ‘what,’ ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the argument so that the reader can easily understand the theme of your thesis and idea behind your research work.

A strong thesis must implement to your content:

A lengthy thesis statement might be relocated from a paper to another without getting noticed by anyone. Therefore if you write the lengthy thesis statement, then the claims in the thesis statement must weigh your content. A strong thesis can reflect the idea of your thesis work; therefore, it must be more specific as well as focusing.

Practice the following things for how to write a strong thesis

Initiate with an active thesis

A working or active thesis is different from a final thesis. A running thesis will aid you to write down the arguments and gives the target of what you have to focus on your thesis writing without providing the details of the place. When you complete your writing draft, you will find out that you have mentioned the more complex and more engaging points than the original thesis could include. At this point, you can revise the thesis into a final draft, which is representing the argument of the thesis.

The initial step of how to write a strong thesis is that you have to stand out in the idea of writing the thesis or offer a point of view that is related to your thesis work. Sometimes, your essay assignment requires to answer the question which is relevant to an argument, and on the other time, you require to answer your thesis arguments. Therefore we can start with a straight forward thesis writing, and till the end, you will develop it as a complex thesis during the process of it.

There are following sample of running thesis:

  • The research on the use of stem cell’s potential must be investigated.
  • American politics have faith in the two-party system.
  • Jane Eyre is not ready to coordinate with the idea of feminism.

In each thesis statement, the writer has stood out of the position that is allowing them to initial their writings. These statements can be taken as the basic argument as they only answer the question ‘what.’ But the strong thesis requires the answer to ‘why’ as well. Therefore we need to justify the method of the thesis.

Do not ignore the sign that indicates your thesis as a weak thesis.

There are certain signs which are indicating that you have written a weak thesis statement. Therefore, do not ignore those signals and rewrite the statement that can reflect a strong point of view of your thesis. For this issue, you should know how to analyze your thesis; we have mentioned it below in the article on how to write a strong thesis.

A strong thesis represents not only:

  • An observation: (example: Jane Eyre is not ready to coordinate with the idea of feminism). This statement may be true, but this can be considered as the observation related to a book. It will not stand on the reason how feminism will be considered in the upcoming text.
  • A wide generalization: (example: politicians are working for the welfare of the human) As you have found out that a wide term will allow you more things to include in your thesis, but in the same way, these kinds of topics have more specific arguments which may contradict with the idea of the reader. This will help you to engage the reader with your writings.
  • A fact statement: ( example: The research on the use of stem cell’s potential must be investigated); the fact-based thesis statement can be easily answered by yourself if anyone might disagree with you. If everyone agrees with the fact statement, then it will be considered a less argumental topic.
  • An example list: (example: the news coverage system causes lacking the depth of the information, focus on detail issues, and results in data overload.) When your essay may include these kinds of issues, using a thesis list will not allow for deep analyses of the topic nor show the relation between the ideas. The listed item may be evidence points that you can use in writing without specifying the name of them.  

Do complex thesis 

A strong thesis requires a complex argument as it is required to show the complications or the contractions of the problems that are mentioned in your essay — the implication of your argument matters in your writings. Therefore, the complexity and complication of the argument can be investigated in various ways, which can help you to write a complex thesis from the regular or straightforward thesis.

a) Investigate counterarguments:

what are the reasonable arguments that can contradict your arguments, and how to consider those arguments to justify and strengthen your writings? If you want to write your argument to your writing, what would be the method to represent it? How is it useful for complicating your ideas?

b) Look at a different variety of your thesis’s angle:

There are various sides to your argument. Individual may argue on the same thing for various reasons, maybe agreed on a common issue but have different point of view about the solution, may consider the same issue as being because of different reasons, etc. if you able to find out as much as questions related to your topic, then it might help you to shape your thesis arguments in a way that it may fill a blank in the given conversation. 

c) Ask a question to yourself why a particular argument matters in your writing:

Ok, you suppose that your argument matters just because your tutor told you to write it down. But, try to find out a way to answer why should you care about this topic. What is essential about your topic, how and where? Who can be the stakeholder for your thesis argument? Is there anyone whose point of view is not considered in this thesis paper? If you are successful in finding the reasons for these questions, then it will mean that you understand the method of how to write a strong thesis.

d) Start writing with these thesis templates:

“By seeing at ______________, we are able to see _________________, which most [readers, politicians,scientists, etc.] don’t look; this is essential because ____________________.” 

This kind of thesis templates allow you to express your studied points, what you can write about the topic, and your announcement is important for this topic.

Try to answer these questions to know how to write a strong thesis. 

  • What is the topic of your thesis?
  • What is your position on the topic? 
  • Why do you trust in this topic? State your answer with ‘because’ clause.
  • Why would anyone disagree with the topic? Try to state this answer with the ‘although’ clause.

Now we can bring them together to generate a working thesis: ‘Although’ clause + position on the topic + ‘Because’ clause = Complete (running) thesis statement.



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