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Students are giving synthesis essay writing work with the aim of a critical and analytical understanding of the subject. If you don’t have the knowledge of ‘How to write a synthesis essay,’ then in this situation, you require external assistance. 

Our writers have a huge knowledge of writing an essay, and in this post, they gave the step by step guide to write a synthesis essay. Read these essays to observe how to write a synthesis essay for your college assignment.

Synthesis essay definition: 

A synthesis essay is a written work that provides a point of view about the main idea, topic, and theme. The ability to write synthesis essays depends entirely on your capability to eliminate the relationship between the sources and create the new one. The source may be different Books, journals and paper, etc. That is called the Synthesis Essay. 

Types of Synthesis Essay:

There are Three kinds of synthesis essay. They can be described below:

Types of Synthesis Essay
Types of Synthesis Essay

1. Exploratory Synthesis Essays –

The exploratory synthesis essay focuses on helping the readers to understand the topic. It divides the parts of a topic in front of the audience, for a detailed, concise, and systematically fashionable. In most cases, an exploratory synthesis essay is to present the facts reasonably while maintaining fairness.

2. Argument Synthesis Essays –

One of the main features of such a synthesis essay is that it has a strong thesis statement as per the author’s perspective. In this synthesis essay, the information is used to support the thesis, which is systematically gathered and organized. Often, the thesis of an argument synthesis paper is debatable because it is resonating the arguments with reasonable ones. Status papers or white business papers are an example of logic synthesis papers. Mostly, students face reasoning synthesis essays in AP tests.

3. Review synthesis –

A review synthesis can occur before an argument synthesis. Review essays are to discuss the literature available in a given subject. This includes an important analysis of evidence from various sources on the given subject. When writing social sciences, business, psychology, and medicine as well as nursing research papers, term papers, research proposals, or Capstone projects, you will face review synthesis more often.

Purpose Of Synthesis Essay:

The purpose of writing a synthesis essay is to assess your ability to create and defend an approach using source material. Also, the purpose of a synthesis essay depends upon the types of essays. You have many types of essays, which describe more questions and topics. These are the following purpose: 

  • Your understanding of the key issues presented in the Synthesis essay.
  • Your understanding of small issues in sources.
  • Important reading, analytical, and evaluation skills.
  • Your ability to develop an argument.

Therefore it becomes mandatory to know how to write a synthesis essay.

Structure for synthesis essay:

When you decide the topic on which you want to write a synthesis essay, then there is a need to structure out the synthesis essay. Keep in mind that a well-structured essay paper will help you to gain a good score. If you write a synthesis essay and it did not format well, then there are chances of deducting the score. Therefore it is a blog, and we will discuss the structure on how to write a synthesis essay. By this method, you can write a 5-6 paragraph essay, but there is a possibility that your main body paragraphs may consist of more than 3 paragraphs. Therefore try to connect each paragraph, so let’s check the three paragraphs used to write a synthesis essay, that are:

  • Introduction paragraph: It has the thesis statement of your synthesis essay, and it should be written in one to two sentences.
  • Body paragraph: It varies to 4-5 paragraphs, you need to remember that all the paragraph must be synchronized with each other so that your topic idea should be clear to your readers.
  • Conclusion paragraph: It is of the single paragraph where you have to conclude your topic and try to avoid adding the new idea. 

Let’s discuss the things that you have to take into consideration while writing these three paragraphs:

Introduction Paragraph:

It is the most difficult part of writing as one spends too much time brainstorming about the topic. But you have to remember that you have to write what your readers want to read, this can be determined by taking yourself as a reader. Think about what you want to read if you are a reader, then start writing the topic. Now, write a thesis statement that will convey information about the topic of your writing. So that the reader can take an interest in reading the whole essay. Focus on writing the thesis statement as it is the main heading of your essay. 

Body Paragraph:

In this section, you can write the main ideas of your synthesis essay. Try to write all the relevant information in this paragraph with supportive evidence so that you have a strong point of view about the topic. Sometimes, it varies up to 3-4 paragraphs, so you need not get worried about this as a synthesis essay can be written in more than 2 paragraphs. Write one idea in a paragraph and try to explain it with the required information so that the reader can easily understand what you are trying to say. Then write the next idea by connecting it with the initial one. Proceed with this approach and complete the body paragraph.

Conclusion Paragraph:

There are a lot of students who face difficulty while writing the conclusion paragraph as they do not know how to wind up their topic ideas in a single paragraph. There is a method that can be used for writing the conclusion paragraph, and that is to restate the thesis statement and then conclude all the main ideas that you have mentioned in your synthesis essay’s body paragraphs. Finally, end up your synthesis essay with a powerful statement at the end, which will help you to win the attention of the audience.

These are the points that you have to remember while writing a synthesis essay, as this the basic layout structure of how to write a synthesis essay.


These are the steps on how to write a synthesis essay, which is suggested by our experts. Follow all the methods to write your essay, and if you find any kind of difficulty in writing the synthesis essay, then you can contact our experts. We have more than 1000+ professional writers who are available to help you out on how to write a synthesis essay. They can provide you the writing before the deadlines and at a reasonable price. So avail our essay help services once and get life experiences.

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