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A research paper includes both a thesis and a dissertation. The students of the college who are pursuing higher degree programs are required to write it at the end of their degree program. This task is compulsory for all students. In reality, it isn’t very easy for students to do because of its length and complexity. Some students even know how to write a thesis introduction.

You must hear about the old quote, “the first impression is the last impression.” It holds facts when it comes to thesis introduction. After the title of the thesis, the introduction is the first thing the professor sees. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how to write a thesis introduction.  

What is a thesis?

A thesis presents what you believe and what you want to prove. This requires a lot of thorough research for telling facts in it. A thesis paper is a type of research paper. Students are required to write a thesis at the end of their degree program. It is an essential part of degree programs.   

Parts of the thesis:

The following are the parts of the thesis:

1 Introduction

2 Body paragraphs

3 Conclusion

If a thesis is lengthy and includes in-depth research, then these paragraphs are divided into subparts or sections. 

Thesis introduction:    

 As the name indicates, the introduction part explains the thesis topic briefly. It explains a clear picture of the thesis. It gives an idea to the audience what the thesis is all about. They come to know about all the matters included in it. As it is the first paragraph of the thesis, it can build or ruin the effectiveness of the paper. That is why it must be written carefully, clearly, and in a simple language. It must be relevant to the topic and does not contain unnecessary information. It means the thesis should be to the point.           

What kind of information must you involve in your thesis introduction?  

In the thesis introduction part, you must involve these kinds of information:

1 Set up your territory (state what the topic is about) 

2 Set up a specialty (show why there should be further research on your thesis subject) 

3 Present the current study (make assumptions; express the research questions)

How to write a good thesis introduction:

Many students have a question in their minds that how to write a thesis introduction or how to make an impressive starting of a thesis introduction. Some students get frightened while start writing the introduction part. Writing an introduction can indeed be a challenging task.    

An introduction is the most important part of the thesis. The success of the thesis depends on it. It decides it’s fate. An effective introduction will compel the audience to go through the entire thesis paper. You must make sure that you make it engaging or convincing enough to impress your audience or professors.   

If you want to learn how to write a thesis introduction, then you have to make a strategic plan. Before start writing, you must remember a few things.

Things to be remembered before start writing a thesis introduction:

1 Brainstorm: 

Think of possible topics and brainstorm different ideas in your mind.

2 Make a rough draft:

Organize your ideas and make a rough draft.

3 Choose the research paper:

Select the type of research paper that you write comfortably.

4 Pick the topic:

Choose the relevant topic according to your thoughts, types of paper, or subject.

5 Know about the audience:

You must know about the target audience for whom you are going to write. Keep in mind their interest.

6 Research:

Research your topic or read the other research papers related to your topic. 

7 Striking words:

An effective thesis introduction should include striking or strong words that explain your research properly.   


Step by step points help you to write a thesis introduction: 

1 Know the audience:

Before you start writing the thesis introduction, you must know that who is your audience. The first most important reader is your professor, who will analyze your work and give you grades according to it. You should also take consideration of your audience who are not know about it. Keeping them in mind will help you to write your thesis introduction simply or clearly. 

  2 Hold the audience and their attention:

The first sentence of the thesis is very vital. If you look back, you come to know that you have skipped so many first few sentences so that you can write those sentence which grabs the attention of the audience. The best method to start your thesis introduction is with a broad sentence that appeals to a wider audience. It also must be interesting. Write down the interesting points about your topic. See whether there are current events or some famous controversies related to your topic. Start with a broad sentence and then narrow down your topic or thesis statement.      

3 Mention related background:  

An effective introduction must mention related background information so that the audience will understand the thesis statement or arguments. It all depends on the topic. You must mention enough background information so that readers will go through the paper fully.   

4 Give the audience full knowledge of what the thesis is about:

If you want that your audience must know what the objective of the study is. You must include the following points:

  • Describe the aim of your research.
  • Explain the topic or scope of your research.
  • Describe the practical relevance of your research.
  • Describe the scientific reasons behind your research 

5 Present the key points:

The introduction to your thesis must present the key points, that is what is to come. It creates the interest of the reader with a better understanding of it. But you must take care that there must be some key points that are still left for the main part. While the main arguments of your thesis will mention in the body part. You can briefly explain the main supporting details in your thesis statement.         

From the above steps, now you get the knowledge on how to write a thesis introduction.

Practical tips on how to write a thesis introduction:

Follow these tips if you want your thesis introduction to be successful: 

1 Start the thesis introduction with an interesting sentence.

2 It makes the reader wants to keep reading.

3 Make an outline before writing the introduction.

4 Put pressure on the pints that people don’t know about your topic.

5 Proofread the introduction paragraph before moving on for writing. Check for any grammar-related errors.

It’s a wrap up:

From the above explanation, now you know about how to write a thesis introduction. Generally, a good thesis introduction gives the audience a reason to read your thesis completely. An excellent introduction must be made in a unique form, engaging, and interesting.  

If still, you are facing a problem in writing your thesis introduction, then you can take help from our experts as and when you are required. Our experts are all highly qualified and have years of experience in writing it. Don’t worry; we are available for your help 24*7 to give you the best thesis writing help.

“Thesis introduction must be brief, be concise, be engaging. Good luck.”

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