How to write a title in an essay

“The title is one of the most important things. It is the first thing that people read” – Robert Munsch.

The title of the world-famous books can be an excellent example of how to write a title in an essay as the book’s title has a brief description of the book. But titling the work of literature is a separate skill. This blog will help you to focus on how to create a  title to attract the attention of the reader with the correct approach to the topic.

How to initiate

The necessary foundation of an essay is lying upon the title page as a title is a short description of your idea, which you want to share with your reader. If you write a short title, it will be considered incomplete, and it will fail in grabbing the attention of the reader. Whereas the lengthy title is not able to hold the concentration of the reader, and it results in spoiling the vibe of the writer. Therefore, the title should be of medium length, and it must be as simple and straight.  

How to select a proper title, and what is the importance of it for an essay?

A title can engage the reader with your essay writing or let them go to another essay. A dull headline can not able to catch the attention; therefore, your title must be engaging for your mentors and the reader so that they keep on reading the rest of the essay. The mentor will not score it without understanding it completely. Therefore a catchy title is essential to bring the interest of the reader as the title is the first thing that is noticed by everyone.

Naming the topic of the research paper is different from naming simple essays. As the essay are the academic assignments which are focused on attracting the reader and impressing them with the ideas. Whereas, the research papers support the particular claims and the solution of the existing issues.

Therefore, there is a necessity to know how to write a title in an essay. Brainstorming is what that comes at initial. After seeing your essay title, the reader must understand what an underlying story or the idea that you want to tell them is. The title is a summary of the main subject of the essay.

Before start working on your idea, here are some features that a good title must-have. These are:

  • Attention grabber.
  • Coherent.
  • Credible. 
  • Accurate.
  • Not in the passive voice ( as much as possible).
  • Concise.

How to write a title in an essay: Student’s guide

There are specific methods to be taken in the account to write a perfect title. The following techniques will help you to stay on track and avoid common mistakes that may be generated during the title’s writing.

First, write the whole essay.

Never start your essay with a title writing. If you do so, it must be based upon the rest of the text of your essay. Writing an essay before selecting the heading can give a clear idea about what can make sense to your essay about the essay. Review and go through a finished topic several times to decide on the title of the essay.

In your plan, creating the title should be the last priority. Make a strategy for arranging the essay outline, conduct research on your topic, or writing the paper by yourself. Finally, select the title of the topic.  

Finalize the style of your paper

What is the topic of your essay? What kind of style do you want to adopt, and is it for academic purposes? If the question of your writing is, “Do people who are committing horrifying crimes should be punished with the death penalty or not?” Then your title should not be comical. It must be straight forward as well as to the point. 

If the subject of your writing is “ why do children like watching funny dogs videos?” then feel free to write a comic headline. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the rhythm of the essay and write down the title accordingly. 

The rhythm of your writing can be of the following ways:

  • Comical.
  • Horrifying.
  • Serious.
  • Strict.
  • Persuasive.
  • Friendly.
  • Warm.
  • Informative, etc.

Keep it brief and straightforward.

The main motive of the title is to name the article that you are writing. There is no requirement to tell the whole story of the article in the starting or provide any irrelative details. Just write down the title into the few words! Use all the relevant words which are useful to represent the title of your essay. Avoid using elegant words. Take 3-4 main keyword words, sum up together, and do not waste too much time on it. Avoid using idioms and abbreviations.

Include a little bit of research work

When you are working on writing the title, research some related quotes to the central idea of the essay. Write down some words in the search toolbar of Google and complete it by writing the phrase quotes at the end of the articles. The google comes up with several web pages, and you have a list of quotes that can be used for your writing. Just keep in mind that you should know the methods of how to write a title in an essay

Final tips for writing the title

  • Always try to use “W family” words such as “What,” “Where,” “Who,” etc. If you use these kinds of words, there is a higher possibility of getting noticed.
  • Try to use a stunning picture and not related to the chosen topic.
  • Sometimes, using a lie can be beneficial to attract the attention of the reader.
  • Review your attractive title to avoid silly mistakes.

Bad vs Good Essay’s titles

The best essay titles sum up within a few words by taking the whole essay into account. To generate a good title, the writer must decide the style of the essay and the structure of the essay. We have given an example below to differentiate the bad vs good title of the essay writing by which you can get an idea on how to write a title in an essay.

Wrong title: How TV sets changed our world.

Good title: The Electronic Gadget: A Communal History of the using Television technology.

Some examples of the essay’s title according to essay types:

For Argumentative Essay

  • The importance of the family relationship.
  • Reasons why silence is better than the arguments.
  • Politics: A corrupted world.
  • Techniques to influence people.
  • The modern era of technological machines.
  • Ownership of guns must be legal to guard our lives.
  • Qualities of a leader and a follower.
  • Virtual Dating: A modern way to play with the emotions of others.

For Persuasive Essay

  • A fiction of love and allergy: Reasons to avoid smelling the flowers in the spring season.
  • Never judge a person by its tattoos.
  • Video Games: A new learning process at schools.
  • Recruiting a smoker candidate: advantages or disadvantages.
  • How sorrow and happiness link together.
  • Atheist: most adequate religious.
  • It is time to talk about feminism.
  • An idealist has the right to stay in the United States.

Some noticeable essay titles

  • A night adventure.
  • Five main parts of Darwin’s evolution theory.
  • Howl: A communication language of wolves.
  • The meaning of games in the modern era.
  • Plagiarism – The initial crime for academics.
  • Assisted death: permitted or not.
  • Is committing suicide a solution to the problems.
  • Purpose of sex education in schools.

 For English Essay

  • Do not question the desires.
  • The most unfortunate incident of life.
  • Nature’s sound: A technique for better sleep.
  • What is the real age of personal communication media?
  • The day when I realize the value of the time.
  • Friendship: A tale of soulmates.
  • The impact of Bi-sexual and homosexual people in the modern age.
  • Why vampires have pale skin?


This blog gives an idea of how to write a title in an essay. To sum up this blog, a writer should keep in mind that there are four general rules to write down a valid title, that is:

  • You must have the awareness about the topic on which you are writing.
  • The title must be eye-catching so that it can be noticed by each individual.
  • Your essay’s title must reflect the rhythm of the essay.
  • Use the keyword in your title headline so that the reader can get an idea about your essay.

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