How To Write An Admission Essay For MBA

Are you getting nervous while writing an admission essay for MBA? Don’t be afraid! Many candidates are wondering how to move their best step forward in an essay on admission to a business school. 

Similar to various other graduate school programs, it has become more challenging to apply for an MBA program, allowing applicants to be innovative while attempting to differentiate themselves from others. But what do you do if the overview, grades, and GMAT scores are very close to everyone? What are you doing great when your rankings are not as high as those of the other applicants?  

Writing an impressive personal statement and getting constructive reviews is the best thing you can do. In this post, we’ll discuss the above. That means staying tuned and understanding our guide if you need help in drafting your MBA essay! With the following steps and tips, you will learn how to compose a convincing personal statement that will eventually make MBA admissions officers say, “Yes, of course, we need this applicant!” ”

What do you understand by an MBA essay?

An MBA essay is usually utilized interchangeably with either an admission essay for MBA or an application essay for MBA. This form of essay is presented as part of the MBA admissions procedure and is typically used to support other application elements such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, resumes, and standardized test scores.

Why do students need to write an MBA essay?

In each round of the admissions procedure, admissions committees classify through several applications. Fortunately, there are so many MBA colleges where you can apply. Still, the overwhelming majority of applicant candidates turned away, and those who selected based on the admission essay. It is particularly genuine as top MBA programs receive thousands of essays from applicants every academy year.

Numerous candidates applying for business school are qualified MBA applicants — they have the qualifications, work experience, and the test scores required to contribute or to excel in an MBA program. To identify candidates and decide who is the right candidate for the program and who is not, admissions committees need anything beyond a GPA or test scores. That is where the essay on the MBA comes in. Your MBA admission essay shows the admissions committee who you are and helps distinguish you from other candidates. 

How to write an admission essay for MBA:

In this blog, we will discuss what the admission committee sees in the admission essay. Here are five steps of writing a good MBA admission essay:

1 Begin early and get to know the essentials of essay writing:

MBA admission essay writing is supposed to be a progressive and continuous procedure. If you can provide yourself enough time to improve and provide a fine-tune to your essay, it will help you in writing an impressive essay. So, starting early is always a good approach.

Furnish yourself adequate time to look inward. Write your thoughts down while they appear up. Staying within the accurate frame of mind and selecting a time when attention, creativity, and concentration are at their top will enable you to produce the full output. Brainstorming on particular sections of your profile can assist you to carry out facts that you had not previously thought.

Avoid emotional language that is not trying to develop the storyline. Avoid scientific and technical jargon. Once you have your specific ideas on paper, it is time you give them some structure. Prepare a blueprint.

The next move is to regulate and manage the flow. Be true. Your story must support by facts, which we believe you can show with evidence, if necessary. Doing so helps you during interviews as it places you in a relaxed position.

Allow your story to reveal your passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for being a member of the program. Ensure your essays are in accordance with your curriculum vitae and guidelines, not just a repetition. You should be able to make a connection with your essays and complete the picture.

2 Understand the requirement of admission essay for MBA:

Admission essays for the business school might need only one extended essay or several shorter ones. Every business school has its collection of essays, so read those essays thoroughly to know about requirements. Let every single essay be innovative and unusual. Provide ample perspective to answer the primary problem of an essay.

Rather than simply mentioning the qualifications, be more transparent and get in the details. Start digging further to find out whether you have exhibited uncommon characteristics, shown leadership or motivational qualities on various occasions or challenging circumstances.

Demonstrate your extracurricular activity, whether it includes performing some hobbies or sports, volunteering for a non-profit organization, or any position in which you have performed a leadership role or been responsible for coordinating some event. Read general essay questions your target MBA programs have put.  

3 Analyze and justify your compatibility with the program:

Are you thinking, what does ‘Being the correct fit for an MBA program’ mean?

After spending a lot of money on doing an MBA, if you find that the college is not the right one, then you waste your time and money on an MBA. It will not help you in achieving your MBA goals.

That is why you must do all the research you need in advance. Please read the feedback of people, what they have to state about the business school. Also, get in touch with alumni at school to learn what the school has to contribute.  

For example, on its official page, Harvard Business School mentions that they watch for the following features in the right applicant – leadership habits appetite, analytical aptitude, and active community citizenship. If you’re thinking of applying to Harvard, you need to highlight different life experiences and instances where you’ve displayed those qualities.

 It fits both approaches. While you are satisfied that the college is the ideal one for you, your essays must reveal that you are the perfect applicant they are watching for.

For each person, the ‘right fit’ college will be varied based on different factors, including career profile, academic profile, career profile, extracurricular participation, or GMAT ranking. Not everybody can have the opportunity to take admission to Harvard or Stanford. Be realistic and appeal to the greatest probable business schools where you can have a fair chance to join!

 4 Consider the word limit of the essay:

Do you take the essay word count seriously? 

If not, then from now take it seriously. When the college provides you the specific word limit for the admission essay for MBA, you are supposed to follow it. A minor deviation can be appropriate, but as far as possible, seek to stick to it. A difference of ±5 to 10 percent is suitable for certain business schools. We would still say, however, do not exceed it. While on the other hand, also don’t under-use it.  

Evade repeating information already stated in your CV or references. Let make your essays as brief as possible. Grammar editing and eliminating excessive usage can help to reduce the essay ‘s length.

5 Review and edit your MBA admission essay:

It isn’t easy to find the mistakes even after reading your essay so many times. Reviewing your work from the second pair of eyes will help you gain fresh prospects and find missing elements or gaps in your plot.

By following the above steps, you can write an impressive admission essay for MBA.

Useful tips for writing an MBA admission essay:

Here are some tips to follow:

1 Take some time before writing:

If writing does not come easily to you, you must leave plenty of time to prepare your essay properly. Maintaining a record where you catch all the brief thoughts you’ve got during the day can prove to be very useful. Always prefer writing in bullet points rather than beginning with full sentences.

In doing so, you will finally have sufficient content for each essay to start writing the first draft. Preparing for the application’s component will take up to 10 weeks, so you must be prepared to rewrite your essay many times while trying to perfect it. Don’t try for fast finishing.

2 Mention your journey ( be personal):

Most candidates would like their MBA essays to concentrate exclusively on their professional experiences and ambitions, but you should not be hesitant to get personal in your admission essay. You do not have to tell your entire life story. You should show your personality and give the admissions committee an idea of your personal history and experiences, especially in response to questions that ask about your growth over time.

3 Represent, don’t simply tell:

MBA admissions committees require you to show that you have the qualities required to excel in business schools, such as leadership and honesty skills.

Your admission essay for MBA can be a perfect place to show such qualities. Remember to demonstrate, though, not to say. Saying “I have good leadership skills” does not tell a committee much about your qualities. A reader should be able to tell you, by a story about, say, meeting a difficult deadline or overcoming an obstacle, that you have the qualities of a strong leader without having to say so explicitly.

4 Determine your objectives:

There are two essential reasons for specifically defining short- and long-term career objectives in the admission essays. First, it shows the committee that you are a committed person with a career orientation. Secondly, it reveals your willingness to perform professional research to find out how exactly an MBA degree will benefit you in your career.

Therefore, you require a lot of analysis before you formulate your career ambitions for an MBA essay.

5 Be aware of yourself:

Your essay’s job is not to draw a superhuman being who cannot do anything wrong. No matter how much you try to influence the committee, make assured not only does your MBA essay define your strengths, but it also reflects on your weaknesses.

For example, when you’re thinking about your personal development, you might discuss how you’ve managed to resolve a trait that is not as good in business — for example, nervousness.

6 Write it concisely:

In most instances, the admission essay for MBA will give a maximum word count for writing. Never exceed the prescribed word count under any circumstances. The essay isn’t the approach to figure out who can write more words; it’s a means for you to explain your thoughts convincingly and briefly. For the same reason, to please the committee, you should not use too much emotional language. Furthermore, before submitting your essay, read again, and delete any material that is not entirely important to your plot.

7 Mention examples:

Each MBA admission committee will search your essay for unique features and experiences which are important to them. Nonetheless, clearly saying, “I have excellent communication skills,” is not enough to convince the committee. Using examples from your experience, present a few occasions when your communication skills helped the organization accomplish its goals or otherwise benefit the community.

8 Take break:

Getting all of the above completed, let each essay sit down for a while. Take a short break, then arrive again refreshed, and look at it again.

Make sure your essay illustrates your branding effectively and is tilted in such a manner as to attract the particularized admission board.

The above tips help you in writing an impressive admission essay for MBA. Simply follow it and hope for the best!

Discover the Do’s and Don’ts of admission essay:

The DO’s:

  • Try to check grammar and spelling
  • answer the question
  • Write multiple essay drafts
  • Share tales of real working life
  • Make sure that the reasons and overall fit for the program explained correctly.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t applaud about school (they know it’s good)
  • Should not repeat things on your CV
  • DO NoT criticize any institution or individuals
  • Don’t complain about the challenges of life or blame others

Common types of admission essay assigning to students who are applying for an MBA:

1 Essay on goals:

It is the one essay you would hope to see in MBA applications from most colleges. The aim of this essay is to know your plans and motivations for coming to the business school afterward. The question comes up in all sorts of word limits and variants.  

2 Essay on self-reflection:

It is a wide category, including many different forms of admission essay for MBA. For instance, some institutions ask you to introduce yourself to your teammates. Explaining a question like that would take self-examination.

3 Essay on the contribution of students:

Activities run by the students are at the forefront of the culture of most colleges. Therefore, an engaged student body is crucial for the success of programs or student life.

For MBA applications, the participation essay is a perfect way for the college to determine what applicants could bring to the college.

4 Essay on leadership:

Typically you have an opportunity in this form of MBA essay to share a positive tale from your history to convey your prospective potential to the admissions committee.

5 Essay representation through video:

Video essays represented a fairly new invention. These essays have a significant difference in that you can either apply your response in a considered manner, retake and, or record your video. These essays will show your presence at the executive and your capability to think on your feet. It may provide an opportunity for the admissions committee to evaluate softer aspects of your application, such as communication skills, body language, and mental presence.

Some common topics on admission essay for MBA:

  • Why are you selecting this business school?
  • What are your objectives for your career?
  • Are your goals for the short and the long term?
  • What are you going to do with this degree?
  • How is a degree going to help you meet your targets?
  • Why is it that you want an MBA?
  • What matters most to you, and why?
  • Tell your weaknesses and strengths.
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • What is your biggest disappointment?

Wrap up:

From the above discussion, now you know how to write an admission essay for MBA. Follow the above steps and tips for writing an essay. Getting admission to a good MBA college is a dream of every student who wants to pursue an MBA.

To fulfill the dream, they have to write an admission essay and impress the admission committee. They have to prove that they are the best candidate among the crowd. I hope this blog helps you in an MBA essay writing

Give your best in writing an essay and hope for the best!

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