How To Write An Argumentative Essay Introduction

Writing a stunning introduction for your argumentative essay needs a lot of research because this is the first impression we put on the reader’s mind. 

We are here to give you all the information just follow our instructions for how to write an argumentative essay introduction. Getting people’s attention should be your goal if you want to know the answer to argumentative essay introduction writing. You should be looking for topics for which people want to know. In order to seek the topic which people want to know about is to search for a trending topic. study about different recent topics & study current affairs. To know “how to write an argumentative essay introduction” we have assembled all the information for providing you the quick answer to this problem.

Just read the detailed strategies discussed in the article and you are ready for writing your argumentative essay introduction.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Writing

Start with an interesting trailer for How to write an argumentative essay introduction

  • You can start with an interesting quote, anecdotes, statement, or your small stories.
  • You can write an introduction related to some trending topic but writing about a trending topic is time-consuming because you should not write baselessly anything you know on the topic.
  • Writing a start with a hook to get the reader interest is important. So writing a short introduction also needs your attention. Keep your language simple which is easy for others to read.
  • The reader wants to read a quick introduction in order to understand the full article (the reader just wants to know if the article or essay is worth reading). He will judge the article on the basis of your introduction and then read it completely as they say the first impression is the last impression.

Provide background to the statement you put in the trailer

  • Proper background information provides the reader with a better understanding of the issue discussed in the introduction.
  • Better depth information will give better resolution to the topic of discussion which will eventually justify the trailer or introduction of the essay.

For example:-

If you argue about democracy, then include information about the history of democracy relevancy with today’s time. 

Now Write Your Thesis

The thesis is the core of your argumentative essay — this is where you will write all the information related to the topic precisely. Here you will sum up all the points you are trying to make. The rest part of your argumentative essay helps to explain and give evidence in support of your thesis statement.

Some tips for how to write an argumentative essay introduction

The entire essay is important but the introduction part will decide how interesting your essay is gonna be to a reader.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Go directly to the instructor. Get all the instructions.
  • Give an idea of what they are about to read just like a  trailer of the film. Then people will be aware of the argument’s topic
  • Make the essay for the reader to identify different transitions in the essay. Make your essay identifiable.
  • Write about why people may disagree with the argument. Everyone will never agree with your argument all the time. So you should explain why your argument is sore for some people that way you can grab the attention of those people too.
  • Inform your reader what is about to come. Guide them about the information so the flow of information is maintained.
  • Write a sentence with the argument briefly making sense for the entire thesis statement.
  • See examples for an argumentative essay.

Understand the different types of Argumentative claims

Argumentative claims usually fall under these different types will find your topic falling under these categories.

  • Argument claims about facts & definition
  • Argument claims about cause & Effects
  • Claims about solution & policies
  • Argument claims about the value

Structure of an argumentative essay introduction

A typical structure of the Argumentative essay is given below. The writer needs to understand these structures. This understanding will give you more ideas. It is made of only four parts.


In an argumentative essay, a good introduction acts like a good opening in a trial. An attractive introduction is always a requirement for argumentative essay writing. This is the first impression of your argumentative essay. 

Key arguments:

The argument for essay writing should contradict or have to be a proper statement. 

Counterargument & rebuttal:

Maybe everyone is not agreed with the argument you provide or maybe there is a counter-argument for your statement. Address them directly.


The final words you want to put on the topic conclude the summary of the essay at the conclusion. 

The reason we are discussing the structure of argumentative essay introduction because the structure is also an important aspect like all other aspect related to an argumentative essay


A good argumentative essay introduction should not be elaborating on argument or providing analysis that should be in the body paragraph.

your introduction should provide the reader interesting topic to engage his mind in the argument rather than providing evidence to support the argument. We hope, you have the answer to “how to write an argumentative essay introduction” from this article. If you still don’t understand how to write an introduction for an argumentative essay then you can buy our essay writing service.

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