How to Write An Argumentative Essay

If you don’t know how to write an argumentative essay & you want to know about the writing process, then you have landed in the right place. 

We have gathered all the information to give you a complete idea about the argumentative essay. To learn how to write an argumentative essay. You just have to follow these step by step guides to write an argumentative essay.

For both college and the school student, argumentative essay writing is a complex work as these require a lot of study and time to understand the statement of both sides.

If you are putting an argument in your essay it should be ethically right. You have to understand all the aspects of the topic and understand the contradiction of the statement you are putting in an essay.

Method for how to write an argumentative essay

Toulmin Argument Method 

A philosopher Stephen Toulmin has structured different types of arguments. In this structure, it includes most of the arguments so that one can easily fit his/her arguments in these categories. 

There are different types of argumentative topics that should be understood by the writers. Many writers use elements of the Toulmin method. There are six elements for analyzing, and, & for presenting arguments that are important according to the Toulmin method. This method can help both the reader and the writer.

You can consider these elements to ensure your audience will see validity in your claim:


A claim is a statement that writers would like to explain to their audience. It is, in other words, the main argument.


The ground is facts, data or evidence on which claims are based. 


The warrant is what tells the link of the ground to claim. It makes the audience understand how grounds are connected with the claims.


The backing provides the supporting additional statement to the claims.


The qualifier shows that a claim may not be accurate in all cases. Words like “many,” “some,” and “presumably,” help your audience understand that there are cases where your claim may not be correct.


The rebuttal is when the writer points to the opposing view the writer can use rebuttal too counter-argument which makes writers claim even stronger.

Outline of how to write an argumentative essay

The structure of Argumentative essays should be straightforward so that a reader can understand it easily. The purpose of an argumentative essay is simply outlining evidence, point of view, and reasoning. A good argumentative essay should follow this structure:


This is the first impression you can put on the reader’s mind. The first paragraph of your essay should be describing the topic, providing relevant background information to understand your argument, states your thesis, outlining the evidence you will present.

Thesis statement:

It is a section of your opening paragraph. It is a short, one-sentence summary of your claim.

Body paragraphs:

An argumentative essay includes three or more paragraphs that describe the causes of why you support your thesis. All paragraphs should cover separate pieces and ideas of evidence and include a topic sentence that clearly explains why the reader should agree with your position. This is where you will backup your Body paragraphs claims with statistics, examples, text citations, research, and studies. Giving facts and analyzing a topic from every aspect adds credibility and will help to get the reader’s trust.

Conclusion of the argumentative essay:

This is where you will conclude your thesis and review all of the arguments you have explained in your body paragraphs. Rather than adding new evidence and new facts, it’s better to write what you already wrote in your introduction and your body paragraph. In simple, a summary of the whole essay. 


Step by step explanation on how to write an argumentative essay

  • First, read all the instructions provided by the college or the instructor for the argumentative essay.
  • Choose an interesting argumentative topic may be one that is trending.
  • Start with a hook introduction if possible start with a question. Or with a statement for the question, you will have to give the answer later in the essay. And for the statement, you will have to give clarification in the essay later. 
  • Put some background on which context you are contradicting or making the statement. 
  • Clarify the point of view of the topic for argument provided in the topic. 
  • The reason for the argument by providing proper evidence to the statement.
  • To understand the topic, obviously, we need to know the definition of the topic.

Types of arguments claims:-

Value claims

These claims tend to persuade you to approve or disapprove you something.


  • Cricket is boring.
  • Smoking is unhealthy.
  • Cell phones are valuable and perhaps even necessary.
  • Internet addiction.

Policy claims

The policy claims intend to persuade you or your government to take some action to change the usual behavior to solve the problem. While trying to find policy claims seek for words like “ought”, “should” and “must”. 


  • Smoking should be prohibited in all public places.
  • Teen kids must be sent to the educational institutes.

Factual argumentative claim

These statements will provide you facts static and to persuade your opinion about something. They will convince you that something existed or will exist or about what caused something to exist.


  • People believed the earth is flat.
  • Alcoholism is a genetic disorder.

While trying to find factual claims, terms will not help much, but you could look for time-related terms like “in the past”, “in the future”, leads to,” improves”, or “is caused by”.


Whether you are writing an essay to get the attention of a top publication, the key to an excellent argumentative essay is to know when to structure your point of view perfectly correctly. While writing the argumentative essay write to summarize the information made in the body of the essay and conclude it through the concrete solution. It should give the reader an idea of the complete brief of your essay.

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