How to write an essay about yourself

Although we know everything about ourselves still, this question arises how to write an essay about yourself in our mind; if so and you landed here, then this article will give you all the information on the topic of writing an essay about yourself.

If you know how to write an essay about yourself, it helps the student in a lot for their college application form or any scholarship, and it is important to question because, in this process of writing an essay about yourself, you have to analyze yourself. You need to see yourself as the third person sometimes.

How to start writing an essay about yourself? 

Ask and plan out the list of questions for how you will start telling your story. Start from an introduction like who are you, where you are from a little bit of your family background if possible, what is your interests, what are your talents & achievements. Write your introduction in an autobiographical manner.

Step by step guide for how to write an essay about yourself

  • List out all the questions starting from who are you. where are you from, where did you grow up, you can add your family details, what are your interest.
  • After the introduction tells about your interest. what do you like about your interest and don’t just tell like I am a fan of baseball describe why you like baseball. Give background like your father always took you to the ground. When you saw them playing baseball with a passion. The sport grabbed your attention & you loved playing it as well watching it.
  • Check a memorable story to tell everything about it how was the impact of that happening & learning you got from it. 
  • Now you can write about talent and achievement don’t worry if the achievement is not big but don’t write irrelevant talent like you can do a backflip or something like that.
  • Write an interesting situation of your life by addressing them specifically how that situation impacts your life if that situation can contradict with any arguments. May be to make that situation funny but don’t make yourself funny in sense of underestimating yourself much.
  • Write specific details. Narrow the topics don’t write a lot of general topics instead write a few interesting topics but with better quality.
  • Appreciate yourself in a way that it does look bad as you know “self-praise is no recommendation” do not say like i am a best and talented baseball player or something similar. Instead, you should use words like I was lucky enough to be selected on the team which won the last match in our area & got awarded as the man of the match for the same.
  • Be humble in your writing. You should show the positive light of yourself and also appreciate people who are responsible for your achievements like appreciate your family for support and coach if any of them are responsible for your achievements.

10 tips & tricks on how to write an essay about yourself:

  1. Starting with an incident will leave a long-lasting impression on the reader.
  2. Show goals through your writing. Always want the person with a passion for things one who loves to learn, who has a hunger for goal.
  3. Write what matters to yourself don’t worry about what matters to them.
  4. But do follow their format or any type of instruction and preference if they have.
  5. Give the reader a single theme or purpose like an autobiographical. Your essay need not cover a vast amount of topics that aren’t important. Don’t jump to different themes quickly and make some greater point.
  6. Use ideas like tell them what this application can’t tell them about yourself.
  7. Read some of the success stories not to write anything similar but just to understand writing.
  8. Show yourself completely means show your talent and achievements and don’t just overdo it.
  9. Talk about yourself in your essay as the first person. 
  10.  Show the complete personality at a glance through your writing & also try to invest in time in an attractive outlining of your essay.  

Do’s & Don’ts for how to write an essay about yourself:

  • Don’t use Sophisticated words there are a huge number of essays that they have to read.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone you are not this is a common mistake in order to impress people start sounding like the one which they do not.

Structure, format, & fonts for How to write an essay about yourself:

Writing an “essay about yourself” is important for you and it is the best way to show your best version to the reader. People put much stress on every aspect of writing that “essay about yourself” but here will give all the prospective. Once you are here don’t worry about the structure, format & font choice for the essay about yourself just read this and you are good to go.

Don’t use fancy fonts use readable simple fonts like Arial, times new roman with the font size of 12. Planing a structure is simple you should write the flow of the essay discussed above in step by step guide for “how to write an essay about yourself”.


Nobody can tell your story better than you so believe in yourself and start writing. Here we have discussed all the important aspects of the topic “How to write an essay about yourself”. If you are still having trouble writing an essay about yourself then contact us for the best service. We are available 24/7 for your help.

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