An Absolute Guide on How To Write An Essay In English

Have you ever struggled to write an essay in English? We sure do. Even if the topic sounds interesting, and you know what to write about in theory, but the words don’t fall together with the manner you want them? We know how it feels. Many students want to know how to write an essay in English.

Luckily there are numerous ways to turn essay assignments into an enjoyable way to spend time. Professionals at EssayShark have shared some of their tips to help you become a better essay writer than you ever thought possible.  

Why is writing an essay in English is so hard?

Below are some reasons:

  • You like to scroll across Facebook.
  • You are attempting to write something that your professor or teacher wants.
  • Instead of writing something good, you try to get an A.
  • You want to do as little as possible of the task.
  • Don’t have fluency in the English language.

The main reason we write an essay in English is so difficult because we concentrate more on certain external rewards such as receiving a passing grade or approval from our teachers. We don’t focus on learning. The main issue is that it makes writing much less fun when you focus on external approval and makes it pretty difficult.

Essay tips: How to write an essay in English

You’ll be writing lots of essays in high school and college. English courses need students to write numerous essays, which can be a daunting challenge for some students. But we’re here to tell you a good essay is an easy task to write. Like everything else in life, if you want to improve as a writer, you need to practice and be sure to obey the directions. Here are some tips on how to write an essay in English. It helps you to get going.

 1 Time management:

When you have one or two hours left, you can’t start writing your assignment. It is a total failure recipe. You must provide enough time for study, write a copy, write a final version, proofread and edit, and present it. If you manage your time well, you will manage to do all these things.

Begin writing your essays early, and obtain as much data as you can. Doing so will help you write an essay that satisfies all the criteria because you’re going to have time. In case you have insufficient time to write your essay, you can take online guidance from professionals.

2 Read the work of others:

You cannot develop as a writer if you don’t read the work of other people. Reading other people’s work can help you see different solutions to the same subject. They’ll help you understand how people’s ideas and claims grow. You cannot develop alone. You need other individuals to help you learn and appreciate the writing dynamics. 

If you read other people’s work, you learn particular minor issues such as essay structure, quotation, and referencing. There’ll always be people in any sector or occupation who know better than you. If you fear to ask for support, you’ll stay in the place for a long time. So, get out of your comfort zone and read the works of others.

3 Improve your vocabulary:

You can’t be a good writer unless you have a rich vocabulary. It would help if you delved deep and read more extra to help improve and expand your vocabulary collection. You’ll be able to explain yourself well with a rich vocabulary and make it simpler for your audience. 

To communicate successfully and correctly, you must read and try to learn from others. Reading the dictionaries, you do not learn new vocabulary. Okay, you can, but that’s the longer schedule. Take the time to understand what others write and learn how to use those words. You’ll learn and evolve, as long as you choose to work. Vocabulary is the point that helps you in knowing how to write an essay in English.

4 Develop an outline promptly you select a subject:

 If you’re wondering how to start an essay, then here’s your answer. If you have your own topic to come with, consider your time, and choose a simple subject. The next move after your subject has been selected is to plan an outline. An outline is a map of your feelings. Without doing some research, you can’t elaborate on an outline. So, take your time and the subject you have chosen to study. Note the points you find, as well as the claims that you create along the way. It is a critical procedure and one you need to pay careful attention to as it forms your essay’s backbone.  

5 Please be careful of grammar, punctuation, and voice tone:

Despite how good a writer is, if your essay has grammar errors, punctuation errors, and wrong voice tone, you fail. Take your time and practice your writing before you think about this killer subject. Note you’re writing to make people read and then understand what you’re trying to talk about. 

So ensure that your grammar is up to date.  An essay is the view, or account, of a writer. Often, there’s going to be an argument in the essay, and that’s what you share with your audience. And, if you’re wrong with your grammar, you’ll fail.

6 Begin with the body paragraph and then write the introduction:

The question of how to write an essay in English will pose many challenges for many people. It is mainly because people use different strategies to reach the same destination. Some people start with the introduction when writing an essay, others begin with the body, and others end with the conclusion.

In the last, each of these categories presents it for scoring. There are no true or valid ways to write an essay. Starting with the body will also allow you to understand better what you are going to include in your introduction. Many would ask what the object of an outline is then if we start with the body. Okay, starting with a sketch helps you paint a clear picture.

7 Edit your essay with a native English speaker:

Join a fluent English buddy (or at least more fluent than yourselves). This friend would be able to edit your essay and look out any recurring errors.

When they notice mistakes that you sometimes make, when you write subsequent essays, you will be able to watch the mistake closely. This buddy will also point out any spelling and grammatical mistakes you may have skipped.

All the above tips help you in writing an essay in English effectively. 


Now you know how to write an essay in English by reading the above blog. Hopefully, you’ll find one or two tips you think will help you improve your ability to write essays. Try using all those strategies in your writing routine. Best of luck!

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