6 Strategies To Write An Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay is also a type of academic writing. It explains the writer’s opinion on a particular subject or topic, thoughts of different persons, a specific procedure to follow or an event that took place.

Rather than debating on the originality of the information or criticizing it, a writer normally explains it in a way that the reader can easily understand the information. A writer must present a point of view after doing proper research.

Many students wonder how to write an explanatory essay This blog helps you in writing an explanatory essay. Once a student understands the basics of how to write an explanatory essay, then he/she will be able to write a good explanatory essay.        

What is an Explanatory essay:

Before understanding how to write an explanatory essay you have to know the meaning of an explanatory essay. We have explained it below to provide you a good understanding.

You should not mention the biased point of view in an explanatory essay. By doing this, the audience absorbs all the information.      

In the explanatory essay, the writer describes his/her knowledge on a particular topic base on hard research in simple giving his/her point of view.

An explanatory essay is a kind of writing in which the writer presents his knowledge on a particular topic, situation or event through his writing skills.

It is not necessary that the writer only mentions those points on which he/she agrees. He must do some research.

An explanatory essay includes an explanation of a specific subject. In subjects like history or journalism, students can find facts and real situations, can explain unbiased points depends on facts and evidence.

How to write an explanatory essay?   

Follow these steps while writing an explanatory essay:

 explanatory essay steps
Steps you must follow while writing an explanatory essay

Stage1 – Select a topic that you understand well and you can explain smoothly:

An explanatory essay is difficult but it is a very basic task in essay writing. Through it, you can explain anything or any topic given in your assignment. Here are some examples below:

  • Explain to the audience why everyone must know at least two languages. 
  • Define why the keto diet is important.
  • Explain the procedure you follow when you buy a new car.
  • Mention an argument about which country will be the next world superpower.

Stage 2 – Be careful not to include the pattern of other types of essays:

It’s better not to write a persuasive essay or procedure paper. Attempt to remain consistent with the explanatory style, which will show to your teacher that you completely understand the idea. 

While you should show proof to provide support to your topic, your objective isn’t really to influence the audience yet to put a strong case. Also, your explanation of a procedure must include a less step by step explanation and all the more a discussion.

Step 3 – Collect evidence to support your essay:

 The way to prepare an explanatory essay is the best way to explain your fundamental thought. In some essays, these might be simply feelings, yet as long as your thinking is stable, your essay will be as well. 

To prepare a strong essay, you’ll need to get your data from reliable sources. In case you’re visiting a site you’re inexperienced with, check the About Us page to study what type of information they are publishing.

Monitor your sources and make sure to refer to them in your essay, as indicated by the style directed by your teacher.

Step 4 – Make a blueprint of your essay:

You will not submit the blueprint of your essay, so don’t take the stress of the pattern of the essays in it. It is just a little work that makes the actual writing easier. It is just like an engineer sketching before starting to create a car.   

  You can prepare it by making a simple list or using the ancient method of writing your ideas separately.

Step 5 – Write the body of your essay:

An essay must contain at least five sections: an introduction, three body passages, and an end. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean all articles should have five parts. It’s essentially a beginning stage.

Your task will specify the number of words and the number of paragraphs you need to include. Make sure to put stress on one theme in each paragraph, which you want to explain at that time. If you start to mention a new idea, then go to a new section.

Step 6 – End with your conclusion:

You must summarize your essay with strong points. Mention your thoughts, along with essential summary points in the final passage. But you do not end up there. 

Your introduction must be so effective that it creates a good impression on the audience. After that, your audience decides whether to read it or not. So the introduction and conclusion are both must be in a powerful language. 

An explanatory essay is not as typical as it sounds. You can choose whatever topic you want. You should choose that topic or subject you feel passionate about, only that you can do it justice.

Five rules of how to start an explanatory essay

  1. Do proper research.  
  2. Prepare a clear thesis.  
  3. Understand the meaning of an explanatory essay.  
  4. Choose a well-understandable topic.  
  5. Write a blueprint for your essay.  

These rules help you in writing an explanatory essay and solve your query on how to write an explanatory essay.


From the above explanation or discussion, now you get clarity on how to write an explanatory essay. Follow these steps and rules. All these steps or rules help you in writing an explanatory essay. If still, you are facing problems in writing an explanatory essay, then you can contact us for your help.

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