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Grammar is not just about preventing errors and knowing. Grammar gives strength to every language. It is essential to learn grammar to become a good writer and speaker. There is an argument that adequate grammar knowledge does not automatically make you a better writer, but it will help you make a more productive writer. In this blog, we come to learn about the importance of grammar in writing.

If you want to master grammar, You need to learn the most important elements of it. Those are given below

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Yes, it’s a fact that there is an importance of grammar in writing. Good knowledge of grammar helps you as a writer to know what makes a piece of writing effective because it catches both the reader’s understanding and attention.

It also helps you to learn how to turn words into understandable sentences and methods to transform these meaningful sentences into meaningful paragraphs that express your message successfully. 

Punctuation is an element of grammar. Used correctly, it will explain context while lack of use will, on the other hand, create confusion. Punctuation also serves as a reader’s signposting device showing where to pause and when to give stress.  

Overview of the concept of grammar

You must hear the word “glamour” and what do you think? Highly possibly, celebrities, their appearance on red carpets, celebrity photographers, media, and many more. Yet, weird as it might sound, glamour comes directly from a word that’s certainly less glamorous, which is grammar.

Grammar was also used during the Middle Ages to characterize learning. In general, including the practices that were popularly associated with the scholars. Scotland people pronounced grammar as “glam-our.”

The two variants of the word went their separate methods in the 19th century so that our learning of English grammar can be in a proper way.

Grammar can define in two specific ways:

  • Systematic learning of a language and its explanation.
  • A collection of norms and examples that are dealing with a language’s syntax and word-formation usually designed to help in the learning of the language.

“Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. The more we are aware of how it works, the more we can monitor the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language.

It can help foster precision, detect vagueness, and exploit the richness of expression available in English.”

David Crystal, “In Word and Deed,” TES Teacher, April 30, 2004

There are so many definitions of grammar by different authors. From the above description, it’s clear that there is an importance of grammar in both writing and reading.

Some of the common grammatical mistakes made by the writer or students

 grammatical mistakes made by students
grammatical mistakes made by students

 Students whose native language is not English appear to make the following errors:

  • Incorrect use of articles (A, An, The) 
  • Confusion in the use of ‘to’ as a preposition or as an infinitive.
  • Contraction errors (You and Your) 
  • No understanding between the subject and the verb 

Teachers and students need to make equal efforts to improve grammar. A well-written and concise thesis that impresses the readers is widely readily accepted than a badly conceived thesis.

Importance of grammar in writing

You will be learning some simple grammar as the first lesson when you start learning English. Grammar is a language’s structure and tone. Native English speakers can understand grammar, and they can use grammatically correct sentences. 

Grammar is also important for writing. When you know grammar, then you know how to use words and sensibly put them. The importance of grammar in writing are as follows:

1. Using proper grammar in writing to keep your reader engaged

You have to use appropriate and correct grammar if you want to keep your reader interested and engaged in your writing.

Using proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling allows us as writers to convey our thoughts in such a way that our reader finds it easy to read and understand.

If we hotchpotch our writing with vague words and careless mistakes, then it diminishes the enjoyment of the reader and can make them avoid reading.

Regardless of how convincing our subject matter is unless we follow up on the editing process to make it as accurate and straightforward as we can, we are shortchanging us, our method, and our readers.

2. Well written material is what separates you and builds your reputation

If we read anything that is written in a bad way, then you wonder why before they were released, this writer didn’t take the time to look at their work.

we come across a writer who is continuously writing irrelevant things, then I usually skip reading their pieces.

If I see someone whose writing is done with precision and is blemish-free, then that’s the writer I’m going to look for. Everyone enjoys reading research that does not have to pause while reading and mentally edit.  

You put your feelings and heart into the writing. You have to take it seriously. If you are not editorial qualified and have not learned it yet, then you can take help from others like your friends, proofreaders, etc.

3. Writers are the keepers of the language

You must hear about the phrase,” Rules are made to be broken.” But if your writing is going to be successful, then you need to know when to break the rules and when to obey them.

We sometimes start a sentence with “And.” And often, we also begin a sentence with “So.” These may not be right according to the “Elements of Style,” but they may be useful in continuing the prose flow. We should not overuse any of those constructs.

Occasionally violating the rules is one thing, but letting our writing get riddled with slangy and lazy words should not be allowed because there is a lot much importance of grammar in writing.

It is easy to pass such shortcuts to our formal writing in this age of text and Twitter and verbal slang. It diminishes your work skills and professional writing.

All the above three points now clear the importance of grammar in writing. After importance, now we discuss the benefits.

What benefits would you reap from learning grammar?

The benefits of learning grammar are as follows

Grammar strengthens the ability to listen and speak

Knowing grammar makes us communicate better. Therefore, there is also the importance of grammar in communication. Imagine, for example, that you have a job interview, where you need to give information about your previous work experience. You have to apply the Present Perfect tense rules. Since you are thinking about the experience.

You talk about yourself when you encounter a new person; you apply the present simple tense to talk about facts and daily habits. Meanwhile, the rules of grammar help you make your speech look clear and more stable.

English speakers prefer to use several silent sounds, short forms, and talking very quickly. Understanding grammar lets you listen to these silent sounds and short forms by guessing what the speaker means about the idea.

Grammar strengthens the ability to read and write

Knowing basic grammar is critical, so your language output can be evaluated and improved. Understanding the use of verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, sentences, or clauses lets you write English easier.

For example, you are required to understand the rules of sentence structure, to write a text. Further, writing needs a great deal of mental energy. Several English learners do their writing, which is very easy to understand. 

Understanding simple grammar is a valuable resource to grasp what readers are reading. It is called a literature handle. There are a lot of long sentences in news, stories, or poems.

Use grammar to describe which verb, subject, object, sentence, or adverbial clause is. The readers can understand what they are reading better by studying the grammar of the sentences and paragraphs.

How meaningful is grammar in the real world?

  • Although we discuss the importance of grammar in writing, grammar skills are beneficial in all facets of life, which starts from education to leadership quality and social life to opportunities for jobs. It is also particularly important at home, where children learn from their parents and relatives about their grammatical habits.  
  • Grammar skills to be an effective leader are essential. Communication skills are essential for efficiently providing guidance and assuring leadership capacity. Additionally, if further education is needed, college professors should expect grammatically correct papers from students.
  • Proper grammar is also important for both learning English as a second language and understanding a new language, as all languages use grammatical patterns or rules. Hearing proper, clear English is immensely useful, with the United States being a melting pot of nationalities and foreign-language speakers to inspire any immigrants to become fluent. It also helps with native English speakers understanding other languages.
  • Grammatical errors instantly expected strength necessary for persuasive papers to resume. Grammatical contradictions, in both cases, make powerful words less acute.
  • Although appropriate grammar in many areas of life is a valuable resource for success, it is not developing to create a void within the social environment. It is not an instrument for discrimination, but a method for opening doors for more clear understanding while correct grammar will give an advantage in an interview.

At last, just as rules are essential in daily circumstances, the rules of grammar are equally essential for clarification of meaning and purpose in everyday life.


From the above discussion, now you have clarity that not only there is the importance of grammar in writing but also in every sphere of life. Appropriate grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling are necessary if we are to gain our reader’s respect and establish ourselves as sober writers. Let’s just learn it right.

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