What is the Importance of Planning in essay Writing?

Planning is considered one of the most important things for achieving any goal. It does not matter that in whatever field you are working and what an important task you are going to perform. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the Importance of Planning in essay Writing

Planning is very important to achieve goals in every field or every task. Even planning is also very important for students for getting success in all their academic homework, and tasks. 

No matter if you are going to do your homework, academic assignment, or essay writing. Planning for everything is very important for students. Commonly, most people ask the same question of the importance of planning in essay writing.

In fact, essay writing is one of the assignments that directly affect students’ academic scores. So it becomes important for students to write an essay successfully.

Here to write a successful effective and winning essay writing before the deadlines, students must have to do some time to plan for essay writing.

What is planning in essay writing?

In simple words planning in essay writing is a process of sorting out what you should include or what not include in your essay writing. Hence it is the pre-planning of essay writing. 

A well organized and planned essay indicates many essential things such as you have your organized thoughts for the essay; even it makes everything clear and logical.

Actually, a well-planned and well-structured essay writing allows the audience to understand the author’s thoughts and opinions quickly.

It’s considerable here that planning is most important for writing a successful essay, here you can understand the importance of planning in essay writing.

The step-by-step process of planning in essay writing-:

As we already discussed that for writing a successful, attractive, and informative essay before the deadlines. The students are required to take some time for planning of essay writing, before starting essay writing.

Here are some steps of the pre-planning process in essay writing; these steps of planning also show the importance of planning in essay writing-:

1. Understand the Question-:

Most of the teachers always complain that their students don’t answer the question of their essays. Commonly, all teachers give to student essay writing on a specific topic. Sometimes essay writing based on any question or problem.

Here students are required to answer that question through their essay writing.

So, whenever you are going to write an essay. You must make sure that you do not have any doubt about the topic or question of your essay.

If you have any problem or confusion, then you can take the help of your teachers or any seniors.

Only after understanding the question, you should start the essay writing.

2. Keep in mind the instructions and deadlines-:

Commonly, every teacher, when giving an essay writing to their students, they also give them some instructions or deadlines regarding essay writing. So when you are planning your essay writing.

You should always keep in mind the deadlines of essay writing and the instructions that the teacher gives for essay writing. You must make a plan for essay writing according to the deadlines and instruction of your teachers.

In simple words, you must have to check the time left in submitting the date of your essay writing in school and college, first. Then you have to do the planning according to the time you have to complete your essay writing.

3. Brainstorm for Ideas

In this stage, you should have to brainstorm all your thoughts and ideas about the essay writing topic. You should have to get knowledge about everything that you need to write the essay successfully.

For doing so, first of all, you have to find out what you know about the topic and what you need to know. 

In simple words here you have to find the answers of 4 questions-:

  • What do you know about the topic?
  • What do you require to know about the topic?
  • Do you have any ideas about the conclusion?
  • Do you have proper research sources on the topic?

4. Make a Plan-:

Now you should have to do perfect and effective planning for your essay writing. If you can do successful planning with great strategy, then nothing can stop you from writing a successful or impressive essay.

 As planning provides you a coherent argument of the essay. Planning also allows you to make a logical structure and critical points for your arguments before starting essay writing.

If you are doing well in planning, then it also helps you to choose the right words to express your ideas. Planning is one of the best ways to lessen your fear of essay writing also.

The importance of planning in essay writing-:

Most of the students seem confused when it comes to planning an essay writing. They ask the same question about why planning is important for essay writing.

Here we are going to discuss the key benefits of planning in essay writing. These points are the importance of planning in essay writing-:

1. A little planning goes a long way-:

If you want to write an impressive, informative, and good essay, then you should have to give maximum time to planning before you start writing.

Planning includes- brainstorming for gathering ideas, organizing your thoughts in a logical and coherent structure, and building coordination between all information you get from different sources.

Then change them in such a way so they are as clear as the reader can understand it clearly. 

As well as if you can do proper planning, then it will directly shine through in the result that you achieve as successful and effective writing.

Hence a little plan is very helpful for you, as it makes it much easier for you to take a long and typical path of essay writing.

 2. Planning gives a good structure to your essay-:

The planning is very important for giving an essay the best structure. During the planning of your essay, you organize all your thoughts and ideas, then analyze them.

Defining Idea:

Then you think about the evidence that you have to support your argumentative statements or main ideas.

If any student is working for the planning of the essay, then he starts working from building main ideas and finding supporting evidence. 

Hence you are writing an essay after perfect planning. Then your planning can easily give your essay a very clear and good structure.

Even the examiner can easily grab your thoughts and ideas that you present in your essay.


It is a brief recap of the paper. A summary gives a brief overview of the paper to the writers. So they can’t get confused about what is happening in the essay.

3. Planning helps to create the main arguments

When you do any work with excellent planning, then the chances of its success become more. Thus if a student writes an essay after well research and planning in essay writing, the chance of an impressive essay increases.

Actually, at the time of research or planning, they not only find unique and reliable information about the topic, but they also get many significant and compelling arguments.

Hence students can use this argument in their writing that can support its essay topic. Therefore planning in essay writing is also helpful for students for developing new or original arguments.

4. Planning makes essay writing very easy-:

If students are writing an essay with proper planning, then they can quickly and easily write effective and successful essay writing.

Because by planning, you collect relevant and reliable information about the topic of the essay.

Hence when you already have everything that is sufficient to write anything, then you can easily do perfect writing.

But if you are writing an essay without proper planning and research. Then you have to collect information and do writing at the same time.

Therefore it becomes most difficult for you to perform two things at the same time.

The planning is important to complete the essay before the deadline-:

If we do proper planning for essay writing. Then we make a plan from the selection of essay topic to the submission of the essay writing.

We make a plan according to the instruction of our teacher and the deadlines that the teacher gives us to submit those essay writing.

Hence if we write an essay with proper planning, then we can quickly complete our essay assignment before the deadlines.


We have mentioned everything that you need to know about planning in essay writing. We have mentioned: what is planning in essay writing, the step of planning in essay writing, along with the importance of planning in essay writing.

We hope that our blog will become very useful for you and will clear all your doubts about the topic.

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