20 Reasons Is Homework Good or Bad For Students

Teachers assign Homework to students because they believe that it is good for them. Besides, it is one of the things that students despise the most. In addition, Homework is a series of school assignments that teachers offer to their students in order to prepare them for the topic better. However, many students and even teachers think that Homework is useless and just causes problems. In this blog, we will look at 20 different reasons why is Homework good or bad for students.

Well, before knowing the good and bad reasons for homework, it is important to know what homework is and why it is needed.

What is Homework?

Homework is a set of tasks assigned by a teacher to students to complete outside the classroom. This is done on weekends and outside of school, during holidays.

However, homework is a way for teachers to check if students have learned something in class.

Moreover, it is usually a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside of the school. Homework teaches responsibility and helps students to remember what they learn in the classroom.

Furthermore, this blog about is homework good or bad.

Why is Homework needed for students?

Homework is necessary for students because it teaches them to become more responsible, self-sufficient, and independent.

Besides, it is an essential part of school because it allows the teachers to reinforce the classroom lessons. Additionally, it also helps students remember what they learn during the day.

So what’s the purpose of homework? Well, it’s there to help you learn. Homework can help you improve on areas you struggle in and further test your knowledge. Only through learning can you improve.

Does Homework help students learn more in school?

According to the MetLife Foundation national homework survey, three out of five parents believe their children have the proper amount of homework. One talked too much, while the other said too little. That study is a few years old, but I doubt anything has changed.

Why is Homework good or bad?

Sometimes homework is bad because it hurts more than it helps. However, too much homework can lead to cheating and copying.

On the other hand, sometimes homework is good because it can increase your grades. It also helps to prepare you for the test.

Well, here are some reasons is homework good or bad.

Good reasons: Is Homework Good or Bad?

Promotes the discipline of practice

Well, repeating the same problems, again and again, can be very complex and boring, but it also reinforces the practice of discipline. However, to obtain good at a skill, repetition is a must. You obtain good with every repetition.

Completing homework every night, especially with a hard subject or topic, makes it much easier to grasp concepts. This is the reason that homework is good for the students.

Homework teaches time management skills

Students by doing homework will understand and learn time management skills. This is also a good reason for students.

Furthermore, homework will learn to prioritize activities and divide different tasks based on the time.

Along with homework, students will also learn to complete their schoolwork within the time limit by learning to give importance to time. This is a good reason for homework.

Encourages self-learning

Homework is a self-learning task. Once the students successfully work on the homework task, they can remember the work done in class.

Once students complete the home tasks on their own, they feel enlightened, which sparks independence.

Moreover, homework also boosts continuous learning as students can revise their syllabus independently.

Besides, it allows students to develop their problem-solving abilities and essential thinking skills.

Creates a communication network

Indeed, homework creates a connection between the teacher, the students, and the parents.

In other words, it is a bridge that opens lines of communication between the teacher, the students, and the parents.

Furthermore, With homework, everyone gets to know each other in a better way. Along with this, it helps the teachers understand their students’ needs in a better way.

Homework helps teachers evaluate a student’s learning

Homework teaches students how to set priorities. Additionally, it also helps teachers determine how well their students understand the lessons.

In other words, homework teaches students how to problem-solve. The teacher can change their teaching strategies based on the responses they receive from their students.

Allows for more learning time

Homework permits more time to complete the learning process.

In addition, it gives you the time to practice the skills you are learning in class. If you don’t have time to do your homework, try scheduling time in your calendar to allow you to do it.

Homework improved academic outcomes

Homework has been shown in studies to boost student accomplishment in terms of improved grades, exam outcomes, and the chance of attending college. The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) discovered that more homework resulted in higher GPAs.

It has also been shown that students who complete their homework regularly do better on test examinations than those who do not do any homework.

Reduce screen Time

Screen time is one of the most pressing problems for parents and teachers in the twenty-first century. Children spend about 5 to 7 hours every day in front of devices.

When children do homework, they spend less time on screen. So similarly, homework reduces screen time.

Homework Helps Motivated Students To Get Ahead

Students do not always desire homework. However, it is among the best ways to improve your performance in the classroom. Additionally, it helps you to stay on top of things.

If you have a teacher who assigns homework regularly, you will learn a lot more.

Gives parents and children time together

When a parent helps their kid with homework, they have an opportunity to bond.

Indeed, working together to finish the work may benefit the parent-child bond. Parents might also feel good about helping their kids in becoming more educated.

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Bad reasons: Is Homework Good or Bad?

Homework cause unnecessary stress

With its heavy workload and tough responsibilities, homework makes students worried and stressed. Unnecessary stress demotivates students. Homework may even be given during term breaks or the summer vacation in some cases.

Some children experience extreme stress as a result of this, resulting in concerns such as sleep deprivation.

It interferes with Playtime

Play-based learning is some of the most effective learning that can take place. When children go home from school, the time they spend playing before nightfall is significant to their development.

Homework might keep kids from playing. Instead, students are forced to repeat assignments on standardised homework papers.

Eats up Free Time

Children may use their free time to not only relax but also explore the world. Students spend hours finishing assignments, which takes away vital time spent with family, attending extracurricular activities, and catching up with friends. During that period, children can learn to ride a bike, read novels, participate in social activities, attend family functions, etc.

Promotes a Sedentary Lifestyle

Students are given more homework; it takes a long time to finish them. When students are assigned more homework, they have less time for extracurricular activities, which impacts their social development. Sedentism is harmful and can lead to health issues such as obesity.

Homework causes health problems

The bad reason for homework causes health problems.

Health issues are a direct result of homework-related stress. Students who have extra homework frequently have health issues. Headaches, loss of sleep, tiredness, stomachaches, and other symptoms. While these health issues may appear minor at first, they might lead to chronic diseases in the long term.

Encourage cheating

When children study unsupervised, they have the ability to cheat without consequences.

They may, for example, copy their sibling’s schoolwork or look up answers on the internet.

However, some parents may encourage their children to cheat or do their homework. In many situations, homework provides no use for the child and may even teach them harmful and immoral practices.

Homework interferes with extracurricular activities

After school and college, many students & children wish to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, hobbies, community service, etc.

Indeed, if too much homework is given to students & children, their parents may not be able to do extracurricular activities. Thus, too much homework is bad for students.

Homework consumes free time

According to the experts, excessive homework indicates that students are unable to achieve their developmental needs or grow other essential life skills simultaneously.

In other words, students are more likely to discontinue extracurricular activities and spend less time with friends and family.

It is often poor-quality work

Teachers frequently give homework that is unimportant and has a precise aim.

A good teacher understands that a lesson must have a beginning, middle, and end. Formative assessment, or assessing students as they learn, is also generally included.

But homework doesn’t have the structure of a good lesson.

It adds to an already full-time job

Students already have full-time jobs since they spend more than 6 hours every day in class. Students frequently have extracurricular activities that are just as significant as their standard classes, such as athletics, music, or painting.

Thus, these are good and bad reasons that clearly is homework good or bad.


We hope you enjoyed our article about is homework good or bad. We know that you can make the most of your homework time with this knowledge.

Homework is a controversial topic that can make many parents and students question its value. However, many teachers feel that homework is good for students. The main reason for assigning homework is to practice what is taught in class.

It can also help students learn about time management skills, which can be very useful for growing up. On the other hand, others feel it can be detrimental. Because it causes stress, anxiety, consuming free time, and more. Several reasons are used to defend the use of homework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why having no homework is good?

By giving students less homework, you will likely discover that they like studying better, getting more sleep, enjoying more outside activities, being less overworked, and spending more time with family.

Does no homework improve grades?

Unlike much-published research, a regression study of homework time and final class grade revealed no significant difference in grades between students who completed homework and those who did not.

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