What A Master’s Degree Application Essay Demands from the Student?

When you decide to take admission in college after completing your high school study, you come to know that there are various needs that are important for a grad school essay. i.e personal statement and statement of purpose in this post we are going to discuss all these essential needs of a master’s degree application essay.  

When you apply for graduate school, you need to write an admission essay. It is a part of the application process. Every application essay prompt raises the question of a student’s professional future goals and previous life experiences. And how the program is essential to achieve his goals.

An application essay is the only chance for the student to show his writing skills. Before crafting your essay keep in mind that your essay made for each school and this is reviewed by the faculty committee. 

Admission Essay for Grad Students

If you are applying for grad school, you need to write an SOP and personal statement, also known as an application essay. Let’s talk about both and discuss how to write them.

There are two prime admission essays:

  • Personal Statement

A Personal Statement is a narrative essay that describes how your character and experiences have shaped you into a person who can actively and positively contribute to the department and academic development. It’s also accomplished by describing the psychological, educational, cultural, and economic challenges you’ve faced on the way to where you are now, as well as your future goals. It presents your uniqueness from others.

  • Statement of purpose

A Statement of Purpose, also known as a “Research Statement,” would ask you to explain your research priorities and professional ambitions, as well as how you aim to achieve them and why a particular curriculum is ideally fit for you. Within your main area, be clear about your specific interests. Have clarity on what kind of curriculum you want to pursue and how your research strategy will help you achieve your goals.

Firstly, we will discuss SOP-

How to write a Statement of purpose? 

Application and admission essay, sometimes also called SOP. An SOP reflects the students’ personalities that he represents in front of the admission committee. The statement of purpose gives you a chance of attracting the faculty by presenting your profile strongly within an essay.

Importance of Statement of Purpose 

An SOP is the most important element of a master’s degree application essay. It helps the Committee of Admissions to look at your history, like a description of your application as a whole. Needless to mention, certain facets of a candidate’s application are being reviewed before a decision is finalized. Although the educational record and other exam academic records and backlog certificates are basically factual in nature, an SOP is the application’s only genuinely subjective component. This is the only document that will show that you have something special and helps you stand out from the rest of the students.

Tips for writing an SOP 

When writing the SOP, you need to bear in mind that thousands of applicants for the same course will be reviewed by the admission committee. So not only must your SOP be clean and reliable, but it should also show the individuality of your profile. Here are only a few things the college examination committee normally checks for in the SOP of a student.

1. Avoid Grammatical Errors

Your writing skills are displayed in the SOP. The SOP will be free of all grammatical mistakes. The style should be fairly easy to comprehend and should have a reasonable vocabulary. Be sure you don’t use too many strong words because too much rich language often makes the sentence repetitive and it doesn’t express the meaning. ‘

2. Create a Flat Outline

Develop an outline to write an effective SOP. Jot down all the main ideas in this outline. The outline is the most effective way to write an amazing statement of purpose.  Make a list of the topics that you want to tackle and don’t build a hierarchical outline. If you get confused about the outline you can take help from the library books. The outline makes your SOP more organized and beautiful. It will attract the reader’s attention and give him a reason to read it.

3. Show your experience

Why and when will you add to the department and college/university as a whole, given your talent, previous experiences, and interest? Think of it as a bidirectional method. When you get an appointment, your job gets a kick-start and the department/college will gain rewards from your contributions and involvement.

4. Talk About Your uniqueness

Talk about the uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd? Highlight your special personality side/exclusive. Via your SOP the Admission committee will be able to recognize you as a person. Your priorities and ambitions will allow them to get to know you personally in your master’s degree application essay. 

How long should a statement of purpose be? 

Your SOP should be completed in 800-1000 words and not more than 1-2 pages. Still, the paper can differ in length according to university-specific specifications. Many colleges need a set length and sequence of SOPs which is limited to just 500 words, in other cases only 200 words.

Mistakes to avoid while writing your SOP for a master’s degree application essay? 

It is very easy to commit mistakes while writing an SOP. Here are some mistakes that students make while writing an SOP in a master’s degree application essay. 

Using Too many technical words and jargons: 

Jargon means technical terms. Ensure that plain terminology is used, keeping in mind that people working in the selection committee are not technologically sound as is the case in your business. Using too much jargon will confuse them and make them feel isolated, resulting in a lack of interest. 

Poor Research: 

Writing anything about your chosen course will put a bad impression. If you’re thinking about mentioning your dreams of studying abroad without a target or a common destination. you’ve always wanted to enter without providing some valid reasons for choosing that destination. or giving reasons such as college facilities or the weather conditions in the world or even any recognizable people living in the place you’ve chosen, then the admission committee may find you naive. 

Writing Less or More than Expected: 

Word Count is a very critical consideration not noticed by most of us when studying. It’s important to remember that time is valuable. Those waiting out there to assess your profile have a finite period to do this job. In a given region, thousands of students enroll in the same college shortly before the deadline. 

Assessing such an overwhelming number of candidates based on their profiles takes both time and flexibility. Therefore, you will also consider sticking to the university’s word-limit. When not, the optimal word limit is somewhere from 800–1000 words for any given standardized SOP for a master’s degree application essay.

Now, talk about the personal statement. Hopefully, you understand the statement of purpose from the above discussion-

Points must mention in the personal statement

we explain the personal statement above, and here we mention the things you must mention in your personal statement-

  • Define why you want to take a specific course

From the start, you’ll be asked to be direct and specific. It would help if you wrote about which motivates you to take the university course you’ve selected.

Discuss how your passion in that area has grown, how your current studies have inspired you, and what you are doing to explore it. It is critical to express interest while being realistic to avoid deviating from the main purpose.

  • Provide a genuine reason why this course is right for you

You must mention proof that shows you are eligible for the course in this section. It’s also time to illustrate your research capability by showing the admission instructor that, in addition to meeting the evaluation requirements, you’ve done previous research on the course and are acquainted with the course’s responsibilities.

When it comes to a profession, it’s the same way. You use the same strategies.

  • Show your transferable abilities

The admission committee is happy to know about your transferable skills. Following skills include-

  1. Excellent management skills
  2. Perfect organizational skills
  3. Good listener and communication abilities
  4. Capability to work independently
  5. Appropriate time management abilities

  • Present your critical thinking ability 

University provides students the opportunity to make decisions independently. Presenting that you have a quality of quality thinking abilities is an additional point for you. You can mention how your previous subjects help in developing these skills.

  • Positive mindset

Try to create your personal statement introduction on a positive note. Please don’t do it in panic or anxiety. Start with your strength, be passionate regarding the course and present a positive vibe about yourself.

  • Mention your achievements through extracurricular activities

Mentioning your interest and participation in extracurricular activities increases your chances of selection. Writing a list won’t give you extra points, giving reflective opinions and critical views. So show your achievements outside the class that present you unique from others.

Is your personal statement impressed adequately?

At selected colleges or universities, Your essay puts an effect twenty-five percent on the admission decision. That is more than the grades, test grades, and extracurricular activities put a huge impact on the decision. You think is this true? Yes, because many students applying to renowned colleges consider both extracurricular and excellent academics. Your essays are an opportunity to stand out from others. 

That’s why your essays must be engaging and show you as someone who would help in improving the campus environment.

You make sure that someone else proofread your essay before submitting it to the admission committee. It is better you will give your essay to the person for proofreading who doesn’t know much about you. He or she will tell genuinely that your personality represents through your master’s degree application essay or not.


As you can see, above are some tips that may help you to write an SOP and personal statement that is used in the master’s degree application essay. These are the expert-defined tips and may help you to write your SOP just give proper time and attention and you will definitely get admission in your desired college. If you are still facing issues while writing your Admission essay so you can take our College Application Essay Help at cheap prices with quality services.


What tone should i prefer for my master’s degree application essay?

When writing your application essay, you can use a variety of tones, such as appealing, anecdotal, and enjoyable, as well as factual, straightforward, and brief. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: whatever sound you expect, don’t go too far. To determine which solution is best for your field, check the institution requirements you’re applying for.

Should students mention their educational history?

Please don’t lie, but if you have any negative experience that plays an important role in shaping your life, you must mention it in your essay. Don’t mention your educational history in detail. They just want to know what is your background of education in a concise manner.

What is the difference between a personal statement and a statement of purpose?

A personal statement is slightly different from a statement of purpose. A personal statement includes your past experiences, your history, whereas a statement of purpose includes your future goals. SOP is future-oriented.

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