Key Points to Add-In your MBA Application Essay

Writing your MBA application essay is perhaps the most difficult thing when it comes to applying for an MBA.

A key aspect of your application, it offers you a unique opportunity to share your accomplishments and offer valuable details about your goals and the overall fit for the program to the admissions board.

In this post, we are going to discuss some ideas that may help you to write an attractive MBA application essay. 

How To Start an essay for MBA entrance?

When you start writing an MBA essay this question starts buzzing in every student’s mind. An interesting introductory paragraph going to be good. That helps the readers to understand your essay. It allows readers to learn about your essay and invites them to continue reading.

Craft a perfect MBA essay outline to draw the attention of the admission Committee

An essay outline is a plan to structurize your ideas. it is impossible to write an application essay or any essay without the outline.

MBA essay Outline
MBA essay Outline

What should I write in my MBA application essay?

An MBA Application is the only way for you to show your personality to the admission committee. It is important for you to bring some passion to your essay writing. Show your specific reasons for why you fit for the admission.

If you are struggling with your MBA application essay so read this post till the end and you will get the idea to write an amazing MBA application Essay.

Choosing an MBA Essay Topic

You will be assigned a topic in most situations, or told to address a particular question. However, there are some schools where you can pick a topic or choose from a shortlist of the topics you have received. 

When you are given the chance to select your topic for an MBA essay, you can make deliberate decisions that demonstrate the best traits.

It could include an essay demonstrating your leadership skill, an essay demonstrating your capacity to conquer challenges, or an essay specifically outlining your career ambitions.

Some of the best topics are: 

  • Why go to this school for business?
  • What are your expectations for your career?
  • Which are the short- and long-term goals?
  • What is a degree going to help you meet your targets?
  • How is it that you like an MBA?
  • What matters most to you, and why?
  • What are your shortcomings and strengths?
  • What’s the most important achievement?
  • What is your greatest regret?
  • How, in the past, did you fail?

What to add in the Introduction prompt: 

An introduction is the main part of an essay. It should try to explain it to the readers why you are writing this essay so make sure to write an attractive introduction.

In the business school admissions applicants are required to introduce themselves to members of the admissions committee. In the last few years, Harvard Business School has used the same prompt. 

Career Goals Prompt: 

These prompts ask applicants to clarify their career goals and why they think that an MBA is needed to achieve those goals.

Therefore with the help of an MBA essay, you can explain to the admissions consultants how this MBA admission is important for you and how you can achieve your goals with an MBA degree.

School Selection Motivation Prompts

Such questions require candidates to explain why they choose to go to the prestigious business school, along with the advantages that the school and classmates will receive if they receive an entry.

Experts believe that this subject is of utmost importance to admissions officers and needs to be included in most essays in some way — and particularly in introduction essays.

Discuss Achievements:

This prompts the applicant to ask for consideration of inflection points throughout the profession.

The questions aim to discover what has led to their successes, how they have emerged from defeats, and what candidates have gained from them.

Answering the Essay Question: 

Believe it or not, most applicants fail to answer this question. A question can be up about professional accomplishments, and the applicant must respond with an essay about a spelling bee that he won in third grade! I see it all the time (and so do the officials for admissions). 

That’s what makes headings so important. I use them to confine authors to the subject at hand.

By restricting the writer to a direct answer to a question I have a better chance of keeping him on the subject. Many authors depart from the subject after only a few sentences without the structure.

Being Original

Keep away from the clichés and construct content original. We want to learn the real “you,” so be frank and think deeply about what special experience you can bring to the program.

When you have the opportunity to select your own subject for an MBA thesis, you can make strategic choices to highlight your best qualities.

These can include an essay demonstrating your leadership skill, an essay demonstrating your skill to conquer challenges, or an essay explicitly describing your career goals.

Show how you really stand out

Related professional experience and good encouragement may not be compelling enough alone for the best possible application essay.

Admissions directors also say they’re searching for candidates with their own profiles, interests, and ambitions that really stand out. 


This blog is all about the Mba Application essay that is describing by the experts for the students who are struggling with MBA applications. Besides, you can learn how you can make an attractive business school application and how the application process works In business schools.

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