A Complete Guide of Writing a Scholarship Essay Format and Structure

With a scholarship essay Help. A student gets the chance to present himself. To show his personality and why he deserves to win.

There are a few students. Who doesn’t know how to write a scholarship essay and what should be the Scholarship Essay Format? In this post, we are going to discuss how to write a scholarship essay.

If you want to get a scholarship then you have to write at least one essay. But now you are curious about several questions like

  • How your scholarship essay should be formatted. 
  • Are you supposed to include a title?
  • The Essay should be single-spaced or double-spaced? 
  • Are you supposed to include the prompt? 
  • What is the standard format of a scholarship essay?

If you are at BuyCollegEssay you don’t need to worry about your essays. There are some changes you are applying for an explicit type of scholarship essay. So we are here to help you how to craft a Scholarship Essay Format.

The scholarship essay is very important because this essay helps you win or lose the opportunity to get a scholarship. So let’s start with the basics of your essay.

How To Start a Scholarship Essay?

A scholarship essay is a chance for a student to prove why he deserves to win. This essay shows a student’s personality and what they are proud of in life. 

Therefore you’ll need to tell your life’s journey or showing your personal experience of an accomplishment, a hobby, an interest, show them in a well structured and descriptive way. 

Before starting your essay, create an outline for your essay. It can be an old school. And make sure this is properly crafted or not. When you are well confident with the formatting start writing. 

Is this required a Title? 

Your title depends on the process of essay submission. Technically every essay requires a title. Your title defines the subject and grabs the attention of the reader. And there is no value in any essay without a title.

There is also some special scholarship essay writing instructions. If you are submitting your essay in pdf or Word format it is optional to include a title.   

If it is required to write a title here are some suggestions. 

  • Your title is the first thing that is seen by your teachers or other readers. So, First, complete your essay then write a title that defines your essay perfectly. This sounds odd but there are many famous writers who follow this strategy. 
  • Write a brief title cause long headings can be confusing 
  • Write a Catchy one- Check the headlines of your essay then decide the title cause your title reflects the ideas of your essay. 
  • Remember to follow your hook with the thesis statement.

What Should be the Structure of your Scholarship essay?

format of Scholarship essay

All types of essays follow a basic structure with three or five paragraphs. Scholarship essays don’t follow any specific structure. Although, a good structure depends on the partiality of the essay. However, there is one common way to structure your essay. 


Add two paragraphs in your introduction part. A prompt related opening sentence and the introductory paragraph. 

Write an attention-grabbing opening in the introduction paragraph. Be sure that is related to your essay prompt. Introduce the important point that you’ll discuss in further writing. You can also check how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay.

Body Paragraph: 

A body paragraph is the biggest part of an essay. Your body paragraph should have three subparagraphs. Expand your each and main idea in it. This is where your topic will be explained that you have chosen. You get the chance to explain and present your argument. You can split the paragraph on the basis of your ideas. Share your real-life examples that relate to personal statements.

All body paragraphs share your details and in the scholarship essay, you have to present your hobbies and inspiration, interests. And how scholarship helps you to achieve your goals. What makes you attend college. 

Write down your supporting ideas. Elaborate your points in a good manner. instead of an average student. The thesis statement must be included in the introduction of the body paragraph. In the body, you will explain why you need or deserve the scholarship.


It contains only one paragraph. Conclude the main idea of your essay briefly in this paragraph. Review your main ideas and restate your thesis. Summarize your arguments. Don’t bring up new ideas in the conclusion. 

How your scholarship essay should be formatted?

While writing your scholarship essay format. If you are writing for a document to upload then follow a standard format because the scholarship essay doesn’t have any explicit format.

That implies using 1-inch page margins, 12-point font size double-spaced (or 1.5 spaced), and a “standard” font like Times New Roman in classic (default) black. Don’t try to change the font and color here.

You require the content of your essay to be what attains, rather than your unusual formatting. A good format improves the readability of an essay so don’t make any mistake during the Formatting. 

The Essay should be single-spaced or double-spaced?

Spacing improves the readability of the essays. The important thing is if you do not split your essay in space it looks ugly and congested to the readers. Make use of 1.5 spacing or double space your essay going to be a good idea. 

Most Importantly, never leave your essay as a block of text. Separate every paragraph will line spacing as mentioned above. 

Final Words:

Now you are ready to write a rocking scholarship essay format. This post involves the scholarship essay format and structure. Follow all the given ideas. Make sure to read your essay two times after completing it.

So you can find the mistake and improve the writing.   If you are still facing difficulty while writing your essays so you can hire our experts. We provide Essay writing help, college essay writing help many more.

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