A Quick Guide About Social Media Essay Writing and How to Write it

Since the beginning of the era of the internet, various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and so on. Although their objectives may vary, they have one common point that is connecting people worldwide collectively. Social media has a tremendous influence on how people communicate, including students. That is why social media essay writing gets popularity.

An essay on social media is one of the most present types of essay writing. Nowadays, students and young people are all into establishing new contacts and making their networks. Students generally get in touch with other people. They can also study online by attending online classes, communicating with their peers, and searching the topic on google, which they don’t understand.

Social media essay types:

Essays on social media are complex to explain. Some people consider social media effects positive, while others consider it as negative. While choosing your topic, you must also prefer the essay type you want to write. It will narrow down your topic choice and effectively help you in choosing it. The particular type also discovers your writing style. Here are the types of social media essays:

1 Persuasive social media essay:

As the name suggests, it is in a persuasive tone. These types of essays present a defined opinion on the topic of an essay. Try to influence the audience to adopt and accept a similar viewpoint on the matter.

2 Speech regarding social media:

Such essays are typically brief and concise and generally concentrate on a particular discussion subject. It may be difficult to locate appropriate speech subjects, and as an outcome, these certain kinds of essays are best saved for special occasions.

3 Personal reflection social media essay:

These essays on social media are focused on the personal observations and perspectives of the writer on the chosen subject. This sort of article needs little to no research.

4 Argumentative social media essay:

Unlike convincing and personal thinking essays, powerful, well-researched argumentation distinguishes argumentative essays in social media. Explanation, interpretation, and reliable references back up the opinions.

Beginning an essay on social media:

Why is it essential to select a good topic? Selecting a topic may be problematic for you to grow. It will leave you frustrated and stuck. Hence, we suggest you choose a topic that involves relevant issues which put an effect on society. These essays have those topics that research content is readily available and grasp the concentration of your target audience.

How to write a social media essay like a pro:

It would help if you had a clear framework before writing an essay on social media, much like any other form of essay. You are only a step away from writing a good social media essay, with the right framework. Regardless of the kind of social media article you ‘d like to focus on, you should adopt the description listed below, and you’d be perfect.

An introduction:

A perfect introduction to the social network essay would be one that will attract the readers and get them involved in reading the rest of the writing-up. You require to use keywords and buzz phrases relevant to your article’s subject while writing the introduction portion.

 Body passage:

You should then divide the ideas or suggestions into 3 or 4 paragraphs, following the introduction section. You should bear in mind the kind of essay you ‘re focusing on here because that will decide the style of writing. E.g., if this is a convincing article, you want the evidence that illustrates your writing style. Let’s take the subject “social media harmful impact.” It is a convincing style of essay, and you want to back up your essay with evidence regarding your arguments (from a reliable source).

Ensure the consistency of the body sections, too. You have to keep a rhythm that holds the readers focused toward the end of the writing up.

The end (conclusion):

It is very significant, and you have to be very productive at this point. Your conclusion still very much relies on the kind of essay you ‘re writing. You like a conclusion that will strengthen the arguments. Consider, for instance, an argumentative essay with the subject, “Will social media do more damage than good?” The summary could sound like: “… with all I’ve discussed, we can all understand that social networking is doing more good than damage” or “But the harmful impacts of social media cannot be ignored, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.” The paragraph of the conclusion is also the section where you can persuade the audience to take relevant action or believe the facts you mention in the essay.

 By following this structure, you can write this essay effectively.

Factors to keep in mind while writing an essay on social media:

While writing a social media essay, the writer of an essay must keep various important factors in mind:

  • Target readers
  • Use Social networking site
  • To cite reliable study and evidence
  • Position: either against, in favor, or fair description of all viewpoints.

Social media essay topics examples:

Below is a shortlist of some of the most popular essay subjects on social media that you should suggest focusing on:

  • Would tutors believe social media is the biggest threat to students?
  • Should educational organizations prohibit the use of social media?
  • Addiction to social media and its impact on the growth of adolescents.
  • How to stop the exploitation of social media in colleges.
  • Why do company activities get influenced by social networks?
  • Are social networks blocking the acceptance of essential knowledge from society?
  • The beneficial influence of social networking and their role in the growth of society.
  • The effect social media has on schooling.
  • Do we forget the human touch: the harmful effect on personal interactions of social media?
  •  Online platforms are an excellent environment for developing communication skills.
  • Why Preserving privacy on social networks is critical.
  • Online networking has enabled bullying to propagate in classrooms.
  • How to utilize social networks to promote global peace?
  • Why would the Government control social networks?
  • Marketing on social networks.
  • Should social media hide or reveal the true face of a person?


Many students get confused regarding social media essay writing. The above explanation helps you in writing an essay. If you’re still finding it hard to make an innovative social media article, you can take professional guidance from our writers. If you don’t have time for writing a plagiarism-free article, you can always seek the assistance of experienced writers for a well-written essay. You will have the job finished in no time. So get the best Essay Writing help at cheap prices

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