A Brief Guide of How to Write a Thesis Statement For a Research Paper

As you already know, In the research paper you have to explain the knowledge you’ve gained after examining your topic. Your research might be completed on the sources of articles, the internet, interviews, books, and your ideas. A thesis statement for a research paper is very important. 

It declares something important to the reader. The thesis statement gives the strength of summarizing the main idea of the research paper. 

An essay that lacks a strong thesis will be inadequate and often lacking in focus.

if you are facing difficulty while writing your thesis statement for a research paper. So this blog walks you through the whole process of research paper writing. You will get all the essential information regarding your thesis statement. 

A thesis statement is a road map for your research paper; in other words, it gives an idea to a reader what to expect from your research paper. 

Things to keep in mind while writing the thesis statement 

Students need to put half of their effort on writing the thesis statement. The statement needs to address the purpose of your thesis. Also, the statement that you choose could be addressed in a few topics. Pick some subjects that are interesting and eye-catching for your audience.

  • Don’t bury your thesis statement in the middle of the paragraph
  • Research on the topic. Make sure you have your information from authentic and reliable resources; it is also essential to update your resources from time to time.
  • Plan your thesis writing every time you get an idea to write it down on a rough notepad so that later you can select which is working for you and which is not working for you.
  • Supporting evidence from authentic resources is required for a thesis. It is best to write strong evidence in the initial part of the thesis.
  • Write your draft and self-analysis of your draft or thesis. Seek for any mistakes or improvements.

Self-analysis of your thesis

Self-analysis is a great idea, by this way you can have feedback to your self without anyone’s help, but if possible, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from anyone around you, and if not possible, then please follow the below instructions also ask yourself questions on the topic how to write a thesis statement for a research paper:

  • Does your thesis answer all the questions related to the topic?
  • Has your thesis taken a stand on the side that others might oppose or challenge?
  • Ask yourself, “how and why?” test?
  • Is your thesis statement enough for this research paper?
  • Whether your thesis address hot issues related present world or not? 
  • Do you clarify the reader how you will describe the meaning of the subject in the thesis? 
  • Does the thesis has good readability. Is it easy to read or tough to read?

Steps for the strong thesis statement writing

Every thesis topic can be taken as a question or a problem that needs a solid solution. The thesis statement is a way of describing a piece of evidence that can highlight the significance of the question. The only thing is that your thesis may consider as strong writing or as weak writing. For example, “the first world war can be interpreted as many different aspects.”

Determine what kind of topic you are writing

  • The thesis, which deals with the analytical topic, breaks down different statistical value and component into part then describe each statistical value and their effects.
  • An argumentative thesis claims about a topic. An argumentative thesis justifies its arguments with proper evidence. The main objective of the thesis is to convince the reader with its statement of the research paper.

Besides these points mentioned above you should under the difficulties of how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. Therefore, we will provide the do and don’t of writing the thesis statement in the upcoming paragraph.

Do’s and don’t of thesis statement for a research paper.

  • Your thesis must be specific. Yes, you can use a broader perspective of the topic but avoid statements that distract the focus of the reader.
  • A thesis should be told in the first paragraph of the thesis.
  • Focus on the subject, which may be considered as a disagreeable topic so that the reader can take an interest in reading the topic.
  • Do give an appropriate conclusion for the thesis statement. Also, all related background justifies why you are giving the statement.
  • Then with proper evidence, try to convince the reader about an issue before concluding the whole thesis.   

How to write a strong thesis statement from a weak statement

After knowing all the do and don’t on how to write a thesis statement for a research paper, we will discuss the question of how to write a strong thesis statement from a weak statement. 

  • A strong thesis statement can take a stand for itself. 
  • Your thesis statement must justify the argument of your research paper. 
  • A strong thesis statement is specific.
  • A strong thesis statement discusses the specific topic does not need to discuss unnecessary information that distracts the reader.

How to create a thesis statement

Almost all the assignments, no matter how complex, can be interpreted as a specific question whose answer may deal with plenty of topics.

Example if the topic is “climate change” which is a broad topic, so the writer needs to break down the topic into a specific question like is the writer is going to give a thesis about the “effect of climate change” or about the “reason of the climate change.”

It could be altered in many ways; there is no single way that completely depends on the writers’ choices.

There is only a single thing that has to be taken into consideration by the writer, and that is how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. 


A thesis statement must be specific. A compelling thesis for a research paper should show what the whole research will be exactly about and should inform the readers to identify the topic to be covered in the thesis.

It’s not like every topic research should be in the statement, but at least the reader will get a glimpse of the overall purpose of the research.

If you still have any difficulty on how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. Don’t hesitate to consult with your instructors or seniors.

But if you don’t have the time or you are not comfortable asking for help, feel free to use our Research paper writing service. We are available round the clock for your help.

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