Tips to improve your reading Skills from 100 WPM to 250 WPM

Many reports indicate that the average speed of reading of most peoples is 100 to 150 words per minute. It does not matter that you are a student, a writer, a public speaker, or any other field that directly or indirectly related to readings. Sufficient and excellent reading skills required for you.

The skills of reading not only mean reading with speed, but it also includes reading correctly or efficiently.  Many peoples ask the same question about how can I improve my reading skills.

If you also want to increase your powers of reading. Then you came to the right place. Here we are providing you with the best tips to improve your reading from 100 wpm to 250 wpm.

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What is ”reading skills”?

The reading skills include the process in which one can rapidly absorb and rapidly recognize sentences or phrases on any page all at once read, instead of identifying each word. With the excellent reading skill, one can easily read writing with furious speed, and also grab the actual meaning of complete writing at once read.

It does not matter whether you are reading a report, a website of work, social sites, magazines, emails, and books of studies. The number of words or information that we have to read and learn is growing day-by-day.

We are taking too much stress or pressure, on how to catch through that vast amounts of the words. Hence peoples are seeking expert guidance on how they can improve their reading.

The average speed of reading among many peoples is 100 to 150 wpm. Some peoples have the rate of reading 200 wpm, but we can’t say that it’s their reading .

Because reading skills include reading a page with speedy as well as efficiently to get the proper knowledge of what the writer wants to describe in writing.

The best tips and tricks to improve your  Reading skills-:

Here we are going to discuss the key points that can easily help you to improve your reading skills from 100 wpm to 250 wpm-:

1. Try to analyze and improve reading ability-:

If you want to improve your reading skills. Then you should have to analyze your present reading ability time-to-time. For checking or analyzing your ability, you can take any easy writing from a book or online source.

Read it daily also record the time, that how much time you take on the first day for reading it thoroughly.  Then follow the same pattern day by day but try to make it sure that every next day you definitely take less time to complete it.

2. Know what you want from the text-:

You must have to make sure that what you want from the text which you are going to reading. If you are reading any book or paper for your academic or other relevant work, then you have to read the average writing speed and point-to-point so that you can understand and learn the writing easily and quickly.

But if you are reading an article or newspaper for general reading, then you can read it fastly across the page. And accordingly, you can develop your reading ability through different methods.

3. Practice, practice, and practice-: 

It does not matter in whatever field you are working. Practise is one of the sources by which you can become perfect in any field and work of life. There is a famous quote regarding the practice that practice makes a man perfect.

Hence if you want to improve your reading, then practice is one of the essential tips for you form improving your reading ability. The more you practice reading, the more your reading skills grow.

4. Avoid distractions-:

If you want to improve your reading skills, then this is the other one of the essential tips that you should follow. For improving your reading ability, you have to be the focus and avoid distractions in reading.

Here you need to create the interruptible and distractable environment at the place where you are going to start reading. Now you should start reading with 100% concentration and with 100% focus.

The practice of reading at the place where you created the environment of too many distractions, it will develop your ability to avoid distractions, improve your attention, and also improve your reading.

5. Cover words that you’ve already read-:

While you are reading any writing(book, newspaper, or other writings), you can see that there are many conventional and complicated words in the entire writing that comes again and again.

Here one thing is noticeable that when you read those words for the first time, then it may take some time for you to understand clearly. But next time when that word comes again and again, then you make sure to read it quickly.

When you follow these tips during reading, then you can see improvement in your reading skills.

6. Check your reading skills progress-:

If you are working for a  long time on improving your reading. Then you need some change in your method of improving reading ability.  At this stage, you require to check your reading progress time-to-time.

You can take the help of some online free speed reading assessments for testing your reading skills. If you find the results are positive, then it will be good for you. But if the results are not positive, then you have to change the method of improving your reading.


We have mentioned the best tips and tricks to improve your reading skills. Hence we hope that our blog will become helpful for you and will clear all your doubts about how to improve your reading Skills from 100 WPM to 250 WPM. Still, If you have any confusion regarding your reading skills, Then you can contact us anytime. 

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  1. thank you for your blog post this is very useful for self improvement and once again thankyou for your initiative. I’m very happy and i’m sure i will follow the steps that are mentioned above.


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