Transition Words In Essay Writing | Why, How to Use, and Importance

Transitions words play a vital role in every type of writing and it makes your content attractive, engaging and gives more sense to your reader. If you are wondering about how to use transition words in essay writing, then this blog is for you.

Here; we provide all the essential things about transition words. So this blog becomes helpful for using transition words for essays.

Today, essay writing is one of the essential parts of students’ academic life. It does not matter that you are writing an essay for academic or professional writings. The main goal of your writing is to convey all the information in your writing very concisely, purely and clearly. So that every reader easily understands it in the same sense that you write.

Transition words for essays are very helpful for you to achieve that goal as they can easily organize relevant connections between different sections, sentences, and paragraphs of your essay writings. 

In simple words, we can say that transitions tell your audience what you want to say in that writing. Even it makes your writing sensible and clear to read and understand. So if you are using transition words in essay writing, then you can quickly write a successful obvious, and easily understandable essay writing.

A Brief: ” essay writing with transition words definition’’-:

Transition words are the words that show to your audience the connection between each paragraph, phrases, and sentences. Transition words build it easy for the audience to understand how ideas and thoughts are connected.  There are so many transition words for English writing such as ‘so,’ like, ‘and,’ ‘but’ etc. 

Types of transitions-:

If you are writing an essay, and you want to know how to use transition words for essay writing. Then, first of all, you should need to know about different types of transitions. Here we provide you with different types of transitions-:

1. Transitions between sections-:

Particularly if you are working on an extended essay writing. Then sometimes it becomes necessary to comprise some transitional paragraphs in your writings that specify the relationship of the written information and summarize the information which included in the different sections for the audience.

2. Transitions between paragraphs-:

If you always keep in mind to properly arranging paragraphs in your writing, so that information of one paragraph properly leads to the next paragraph. Then transition will be helpful for you by highlighting the exact relationship between two paragraphs that already exists between them. Commonly transitions can be placed at the beginning of a paragraph or the end of the paragraph. So that they can easily show the interrelation between them.

3. Transitions Words within Essay paragraphs-:

There are many transitions we can see, mostly writings that are used between the paragraphs and sections. The primary purpose of transitions between paragraphs is to allow our audience to anticipate what is coming next, but before they read it. Some examples of transitions within the paragraphs are short phrases and single words.

So if you know all these types of transitions and how to use transition words in essay writing, then you can easily use transition words for essay writing.

Types of transition words-:

As we already discussed that transitions words are essential for any writing because they show relations between two sections, sentences, and paragraphs. One can divide transition words into various categories according to the type of transition you want to make.

Here we provide you with some examples of transition words with sentences so that you can easily understand that which one transition words for essay writing use in which situation-:

Transition wordsExample of phrase/wordExamples of sentence
1.Clarification That is used to say, in other words, or to clarify.We are friends now. In other words, our fight finished.
2.Example This word is used ‘’to give an example, for example, for instance’’.I like to relax in the evening. For example, I listen to music.
3.Enumeration This word is used for: ‘’ in addition, moreover, firstly/secondly, and further, etc’’.Today, I am going to write an article. In addition, I am recording some videos.

4.Similarity This word is used for ‘’similarly, likewise or in the same veins’’.He put his heart and soul into practicing the performance.  Similarly, He tried actually very hard to entertain the audience.
5.Cause and effect This word is used for: ‘’consequently, as a result, therefore, so, etc’’.I am completely tired. Therefore, I am going to bed to rest.
6.ContrastThis word is used for: ‘’on the other hand, however, but’’.I am not fond of sports. However, I do like cricket.
7.EmphasisThis word is used for: ‘’certainly, above all, most importantly’’.There are many benefits of sports. Above all, it keeps your body healthy.
8.Time This word is used for: ”after that, meanwhile, during”.At the start of this section, I will tell you what Grammarly is. After that, I’ll tell you why you should always use it when you are writing something.
9.Summarize / conclude This word is used for: ” in short, in conclusion, to sum up’’.In conclusion, we can say that transition words are an important aspect of writing.

Top transition words with essays writing-:

Here we are providing you some of the important English transition words for essay writings. With the use of these transitions words, you can easily write a clear and effective essay writing-:

FollowingApart from thisUnlikeClearly
FinallyIn additionOn the other handIndeed 
At this timeAlsoEven soWithout a doubt
Last but not leastMore-everIn spite ofparticularly
Firstly/secondly/ThirdlyNot only… but alsoIn contrastDefinitely 

Why are ” Transition Words In Essay Writing ” important -:

Many students are confused about why transition words are essential for essay writing. Here we mention some important points why one should use transition words in essay writing-:

1. Transition words help you in good story narration-: 

If you want to write a successful essay, Then you should use many transition words from time to time in your writing. There are 200+ English writing transition words. If you know where and how to use suitable transition words at the right place and the right time. Then these words are helpful for you to create an excellent story narration.

2.Making meaningful sentence-:

Many transition words can be used for making a sentence very clear, meaningful and easy to understand. If you write a sentence without using any transition word, then maybe only a few people can understand its actual meaning. But if you use transition words properly, then anyone can easily understand it.

3.Interconnecting two paragraphs-:

When you are writing an essay with 1000+ words. Then you always write very big paragraphs in your essay writings. So here comes the main role of transition words. There are some statements that start from one paragraph and continue to the second paragraph. So transition words help you to interconnect that two paragraphs easily.

4.Making an attractive, effective, and successful essay writing-:

If you have good knowledge about english transition words, and you properly used relevant transition words in your essay writing in the right places. Then you can easily write an attractive, effective, and successful essay writing.

5. Easily understood essay writing-:

If you write an essay with good writing, and you use relevant transition words in needed sentences, paragraphs, and statements. Then it becomes a helping hand for you to make your essay writing very clear and easily understood for the audience.


In this blog, we discussed everything about transition words to clear all your doubts about it. We discuss the definition of transition words, type of transition, different examples of transition words for essays and the importance of these words in essay writing.

So we hope that this blog definitely clears all your doubts on why to use transition words for essay writing. If still, you have any doubts about it then feel free to contact us. Our experts are always available for you to help you with all your academic essay Help.

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