14 Best Types of Essay Hooks to Catch the Reader’s Attention

Every student wants to grab the reader’s attention in their essay. And the Essay Hook makes that work happen for you. Why not you utilize the various types of essay hooks and create your essay impressively. So let’s dive into this blog and get to know about the 14 different types of essay hooks.  

To retain something for the long term, you require to hear things carefully rather than randomly. Similarly, it would benefit if you learned how to gain the reader’s attention to your writing.

Are you wondering how you can do it?

So, you have to use an engaging hook in your essay and maintain their interest alive. Here, our professionals have stated various types of hooks that you can use in your essay. By using it, you can make your essay writing interesting and engaging for the reader.

An overview of an essay hook

Every type of narrative hook can be explained as the initial first one or two lines of your college essay. It is important to utilize a hook because it is considered an introduction. It works magic when it gets to grasp the attention of readers. The first few sentences will assist your audience in deciding whether they want to continue the reading or not.

When you decide to use hook sentences in your essay, keep these points in your mind:

  • The type of essay you are used 
  • Your writing style and tone of your essay
  • Your target audience
  • The type of format you want to create

14 Types of essay hooks that make your essay engaging


It is the types of essay hooks that can be described as revealing a particular incident or account of a person in brief. In many instances, humorous stories vary from jokes since their main aim is not to create laughter but to tell the truth in a general approach rather than explaining a tale.

An anecdote is utilized to identify an individual by giving a particular trait or quirk, to describe an ideal thought of an individual, place, or something through specific aspects of a short story.

Hence, you can add an amusing and short story about an individual or incident in your essay. However, make certain what you are utilizing is popular. 

For example, give an example of a famous person related to the topic.


While preparing your essay, try to utilize advisable words that will greatly influence the reader’s life. It is necessary since it will give them want to learn more so that they can be acquainted. Also, giving your audience some helpful advice will help you get the reader’s attention you require. Readers will get helpful knowledge from the essay. For example, you can advise when you want to improve your habits in life; you have to start making it done regularly.


These types of essay hooks inspire the application of two concepts that don’t work collectively. Therefore, involving two contradicting concepts in your essay will help you grasp the recognition of your audience.


These hooks for an essay attempt to include some of the definitions of various ideas and terms applicable to your task. However, make assured you don’t quote the glossary. These hooks of an essay are often utilized in essays that are unscientific. It helps you tell your audience what you are discussing in the essay.

Bold statement:

Certain types of essay hooks convey the statement, which is expected to stimulate the reader’s feedback or opinion. Learners require to compose a statement concerning the consequence while writing an essay, but only if a particular case arises. For example, an individual can answer. “Quickly, you can possess the ability to upload the dreams to Online platforms”.


It is a condition where someone is needed to choose between two or more unsatisfactory results. It would help if you attempted to discuss two possibilities that appear useless to the reader as an essay writer. Because it allows them to be more alert to discover what occurred.


It is a scene that includes humor that can make amusement and laughter for your reader. Remember that a genuine joke becomes an ideal sentence of your introduction. It is one of the best types of essay hooks.

For example, you can explain your point through a joke or give an example of a comedy movie that shows your point.

Interesting points:

You can involve a few interesting points from reliable sources while creating your essay. If one comes with amazing data when doing the research, try to convert it into a genuine hook, and attract the targeted readers to understand the essay.

For example,

Leonardo da Vinci has an unusual ability to write with one hand and paint with the other hand together.

Individual experience:

Feel easy to add a concise story on experience making your life connected to the subject you are writing. Also, add something that you need other people to understand.

For example, you can relate the topic with your real-life experience, if possible.

Popular quotes:

Attempt to add a quote that is popular and related to your essay. All you require to do is write a quote from a notable person that is suitable in the matter.

For example,

Albert Einstein said that “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Create a picture:

It is that type of essay hooks that describe a setting or scene. It supports you and arouses any of the five senses of your audience.

Metaphor or simile:

The metaphor or simile hook retains your audience because it presents them to believe about a subject differently. Your readers wonder what you express and how you connect a subject to something that looks unrelated.

For instance:

Her eyes were like a couple of fireflies hypnotizing me fully.

The Rhetorical question:

It is a question that assists you in making an interest in the audience’s mind, but these types of essay hooks do not require an answer. However, it needs to be written in your essay.

For instance,

  • Why do people go?
  • What is the true definition of love?

Mention statistical data:

It is an unexpected statistic from a credible source. It can be Surprising information on the subject of an essay that your readers may not be aware of.

For instance:

According to the European Cockpit Association, 43 % of pilots confess that they fall asleep unwillingly during a flight.

Wrap Up:

So, this is all about the different types of essay hooks that will assist you to grasp the audience’s attention. I believe you see this blog useful. It’s your turn to use these hooks in your essay preparation and make it outshine, amongst others. In case you require help regarding your essay, you can take online essay help from the experts at buycollegeessay.com.

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