Visual Analysis Essay: Example, Outline, Topics

A visual analysis essay is very important for students because most students write a visual essay for college or university entrance tests.The visual essay is written on history, painting, photography, etc. A visual analysis essay is a favorite essay of students because they are interested to write on art and history. Here in This blog, we will define visual analysis essay concepts and related terms.

What is visual analysis?

Visual: Visual related to sight or things that you can see such as a picture, diagram, painting, or film.

Analysis: It is the process of full detailed information that we understand into smaller parts.

Visual analysis is a process of looking at a piece of art such as pictures, painting, or film. This Process is analyzed on the historical significance and culture, Photography, Journalism, Film, Politics, art, and writing.

Visual Analysis Essay Example

Here an example of image. You can analyze an image of various methods.

  • The Artist’s Intent
  • The Audience
  • The composition of the image.
  • When it was produced and when it is viewed the historical context.

Visual analysis Essay Outline

Here is the structure to write a visual analysis essay.


The aim of the introduction to a visual analysis essay is to provide basic details about the work of art and to summarise the main points of the discussion.

  • Give a brief overview of the painting, including the artist’s name, year, creative movement (if applicable), and the artist’s motivation,So the reader can see it.
  • Add interesting facts about the art or artist.
  • Remember to include focal points in your introduction


Your thesis will tell the points of analysis on that work of art that you will discuss in your visual analysis essay.


Explore the work of art and it’s all terms in detail. You can add more ideas of art in the Body section. The body is the main part of the visual analysis essay.


The conclusion is the last step of a visual analysis essay. Give your thoughts and opinions on the work after you’ve thoroughly examined the painting and the artist’s techniques. Your ideas should be based on the points of the visual analysis essay. 

Top 10 visual analysis essay topics

  1. Analyze a piece of work from the Parks library.
  2. Analyze the cover of a magazine and see the transparency of it
  3. Determine the use of color and action in TV ads
  4. How does advertising affect our personal lives
  5. Display of brand name in digital media campaigns
  6. Analyze and compare the emotional appeal and type of sales in web ads
  7. Is advertising making people materialistic?
  8. Art through history
  9. Art through Images
  10. black journalists


A visual analysis essay is written on painting, films, history, design, etc. You can observe the art of work then you write ideas, opinions in a visual analysis essay. 

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