What Are The Basic Four Parts Of A Thesis Statement?

Preparing an excellent thesis statement needs research and time. This one sentence completely establishes the tone of your paper and can break or make your writing task. You should know about four parts of a thesis statement, which you include while writing it.

The thesis statement is the answer to so many academic writing

The objective of academic writing is to show your analysis, insights, and ideas. It also shows that you both understand and study the concepts.

You can think about the concepts in your way, accepted and opposed, or develop your particular ideas as an outcome of your evaluation.

The thesis statement is the one-sentence that gives the result of your thinking. Because it shows your main arguments and insights in summarized form.

What is a Statement of Thesis?

Here’s a short summary of the thesis statement in addition. if you need a refresher

A thesis statement, as described by Dictionary.com, is: “a brief statement, typically one sentence, which sums up the key point or argument of an essay, research paper, etc., and is created, supported, and explained in the text using examples and facts.”

Within the first paragraph of your dissertation, a thesis statement presents the principal concept of your article. It is the guiding part of your research paper that controls and organizes all the other thoughts. if you are facing any trouble you can take our thesis writing help

Types of Thesis Statement

There are two types of thesis statements. One is argumentative and the second is explanatory. 

Argumentative thesis

An argumentative thesis should be one or two sentences. It asserts the writer’s stance that takes a position. It should present the idea of writing. 

Let’s understand the argumentative thesis with the help of an example:-

  • BBC News is the best news TV channel.

It is not an efficient argumentative thesis statement because this sentence is not including any debatable point.

  • The TV channels should not manipulate the news in any manner.

It is a specific argumentative thesis statement because the writer takes the stand of a point in the debate. He totally agrees that news channels must show the news in its original manner.

Explanatory Thesis

Using an explanatory thesis, you’ll be searching for a subject and then describing the aspects of this subject. You’ll be then writing while seeing what you’ve discovered relating to this subject. The paper is deep on analyzing, or so the thesis announcement must reflect this.

Let’s understand the explanatory thesis with the help of an example:-

  • There is a continuous decrease in the GDP.

It is not an appropriate explanatory thesis statement because here, the writer just writes the problem, but there is no explanation of the reasons behind it.

  • The high cost of houses, Inappropriate housing support, and like to live in nuclear families are the main causes of homelessness. 

It is an exact explanatory thesis statement because here, the writer explains the reason behind the problem and explains it very well.

The main four parts of a thesis statement- different approaches

The original text of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis (main part) includes four parts.

The form of the study’s text can be modified accordingly, depending on the nature of the author’s work.

Whether it reflects a research-type article, a construction project, or a qualitative review.

1. Introduction

The introduction familiarizes the audience with the subject of the thesis and arouses his / her interest in it.

It explains the context, reasoning, and inspiration for selecting a subject, discusses previous research where appropriate, identifies the field of study, presents the assignor, and develops the task and purpose.

The significance and specificity of the topic, its use in professional life, and its significance for the author’s professional development can be assessed here.

2. Basis of theory

The theoretical framework of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis sets out the project’s goals and describes its development and research activities. The theoretical basis relating to the topic belongs in theory.

If it is impossible to find a theoretical basis for the subject, the history of the subject should be identified and a theory formulated. Its subject matter and nature depend on the method used and to what degree the phenomenon was studied.

 As a result of the author’s study, the theoretical basis is gathered from actual data and then undergoes synthesis.

The writer develops the theoretical context from previous research, professional experience, literature, and intuition.

It is possible to present earlier data and observations, along with a description of their reliability, overall significance, and connection to the author’s present work.

Data gathered are treated objectively by comparison drawing and findings summary.

Concepts that are essential to the topic are specified in the theoretical part of the study, while other concepts are described in the sense in which they appear.

3. Implementation of research:

The steps of the implementation of the writer’s research involve arguments. It must be correctly describ. By implementation reporting, a clear description is mentioned in the research project. The process is shown and how the author follows it to reach the goal. Based on the writer’s research implementation, the audience can assess the validity of the research.

The report shows the objective of the thesis, the data collection methods, the author’s approach to the research, the material used, and how it was used. It describes the target subject or group of the analysis and evaluates the authenticity of the findings. Any possible moral statements are displayed along with their justifications.

Key point: Results of the study

Out of the four parts of a thesis statement, the essential part of the statement is the result’s presentation. 

Findings and results are not written similarly, but both try to show solutions to the research assignment.

According to the research problem, the result can be evaluated in several ways.

The structure of the statement and the type of research merge together to discover how the results will be visible.

When results are presenting, one should always constantly consider the objectives of the thesis.

4 Discussion:

The discussion must cover the complete work and all of its aspects. In the discussion, the outcomes are merging with the background information mention in the introduction or the section of the theoretical basis, and the main outcomes are reveal.

The discussions show a deeper analysis enhanced by the information obtained during organizing the bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

The writer’s result can be compared with those earlier statements mention by others. The crucial analysis can be made base on differences and similarities.

These results-based conclusions show how the master’s or bachelor’s thesis has changed or increased the field’s knowledge base.

Also, it depends upon the study and practical implementation of the results. 

These are the four parts of a thesis statement that you should include while writing a thesis statement.

what are the most common mistakes of a thesis statement?

Once you understand the basics of thesis statement writing, there are particular errors that you should watch out for.

Determining how to recognize these basic mistakes and learning how to avoid them. It will help in making a strong thesis statement. 

The unclear statement

Your audience needs to understand your objective immediately. If it is unclear or vague, you will lose your audience from the beginning. Put your concentration and use simple language to declare your main idea.

The complicated statement

Creating a statement that is wordy and too long normally frustrates your readers. It also weakens the points you are trying to mention.

The too basic statement

As you leave school, you should create your work with more maturity levels. A strong thesis statement must include the main points.

While being very obvious and basic in younger writing may be ok. But preparing as an older student must be more refined and precise.

The real purpose of the statement must be clear

Your audience needs to consider your topic in some ways. Is this data useful? Helpful? Worth studying? If no, then select a livelier topic that is worth discussing.

The statement includes bad use of words

Abbreviations, slang, and inadequate spelling have no point in a straightforward declaration of thesis. Use technical terminology to address.

The argument lacks reference to the rest of the writing

If you’ve got a good thesis point, if the rest of the essay strays from your key basis, it’ll mean nothing. Every time you must link your thoughts back to the statement of the thesis. The paper requires consistency and remains on goal with your original argument.

Useful tips for editing the thesis statement-

Now you know the different parts of a thesis statement and the mistakes you should avoid while writing it. But many students don’t know how to edit the thesis statement after writing it because editing is crucial. Don’t worry! Here we mention some tips for editing the thesis statement-

Useful tips for editing the thesis statement.

Give appropriate attention

When you think of writing the content, make sure you have kept some time spare for the editing. Go through your content completely. Divide your matter and read some parts. After that, take some time and get back for editing again. This work is tiring, but you can do it if you want to achieve success.   

Be your editor

Please read the material as if you were reviewing someone else’s work before editing it. It’s tough to point out your own faults, so try to be your own best editor. Also, take the help of a friend who is experienced in your area. Their candid reviews would be very beneficial to you.

Don’t edit the whole content at one time.

Give two days for the checking or divide the content into sections. Once you check a section, then take a break. It will help you to focus on the matter in a better way. 

Proofreading the content

Once you complete the edition of the content, then you have to make changes in it, then proceed to proofread the content. Checking the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are all part of proofreading. It is a very important part of all the tasks. Even if you are doing so much research, but your content includes so many mistakes, it will ruin your work. 


We define the major four parts of a thesis statement in detail. Along with this, we also make visible the students’ common mistakes.

While writing a thesis statement, and it should be avoided. We hope that our blog will become very helpful and clear all your doubts about the major parts of the thesis statement.

Still, if you have any confusion about it, then feel free to contact us anytime.

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After writing the thesis statement, I must ignore it and write the whole content?

No, not at all. It would help if you tied every paragraph to it some or the other way.

Why is a thesis statement important? Why does the professor give stress to it?

A good thesis statement helps in engaging your reader with the rest of the content. It will tell your reader what you include in your paper. It is like a roadmap that helps the reader to know which to focus.

 I have to research before writing the thesis statement?

Yes, of course! You have to wait until you research the topic and collect the information before you want to write the best thesis statement. 

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