What is a Thesis Statement and Its Formula

A thesis is a statement to be proven or supported with evidence either in some kind of written project or in an oral presentation. The thesis since the statement to be proven during the writing or the presentation usually comes at the beginning.

“ The precise statement of any problem is the most important step in its solution” – Ed Bliss.

Before talking about it, you need to know what is a thesis. There are certain norms which imply to write a good thesis, such as

  • Include all the points in your thesis. Which can clear your point of view as per the expectation of the reader.
  • Initially, include arguments from both sides that you agree on, but your readers are not.
  • Whatever question you are writing, just answer it in detail with or without a suitable example.  

These are certain points that make your thesis more interesting and more informative. For example, if you write,

‘Do you believe in dinosaurs?’

explain why you believe or do not you in the initial paragraph.

You can write it as

“I believe in dinosaurs as there are several historic pieces of evidence which have proven the existence of the dinosaurs.”

A statement like this is known as a thesis statement.

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A clear explanation of what is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is used to represent the topic that is being discussed in a particular academic paper. Additionally, the thesis statement reflects the objective of the paper that is written for a particular audience. Remember that the statement must be mentioned in the last lines of the introductory paragraph. You can use it to engage your audience and encourage them to read till the end.

The example mentioned above openly indicates the topic which is going to be discussed. The appropriate place to write down the thesis statement is at the end of the initial paragraph.

As it will attract the attention of the reader at the beginning of your thesis, and it will motivate your reader to continue their reading.

There are some other points, too, which are implied in the thesis because it is expressing your points in just a single sentence.

  • Flow a specific pattern for the complete thesis paper.
  • You are restricted to your subject to focus your claims on it.
  • A thesis statement must be included at the end of the introduction paragraph.
  • The body matter should be directed towards the conclusion of the thesis.
  • Always maintain your discussion and justify it with a suitable explanation.

Some examples of a Thesis Statement.

To make your thesis more engaging, It should be debatable. Sometimes you are writing to influence others to do certain things, and another time you are just writing to represent your opinion and establishing your point of view for it.

There are the following examples to explain the point mentioned below

example of Thesis statement
Thesis statement example source
  • Fact Statement

“Exercise is good for your health.”

Whereas arguable thesis can be

“Nauru is the most obese country with an average BMI ( body mass index) of 30 and above. Therefore, Nauruans must add exercise as a daily habit because it keeps them fit as well as keeps their heart healthy.”

– As some people will say that a diet can be a game-changer for the Nauruans, whereas another group will believe in the 80/20 rule in which 80% is your diet, and 20% is exercise. 

  • Fact Statement

Whereas arguably thesis statement can be

“A domestic cat can outrun Usain Bolt.”

“ Because of the flexibility, balance, double suspension the cats are faster than Usain Bolt” – Because of this statement, some people will agree with the features of the cats and the other side some people will say that “practice makes a man perfect.” If Usain Bolt practices these features, maybe he could be faster than cats.

A thesis statement is not just a statement

The reader of your article wants information that can engage them with your writing. Therefore, your thesis must be defensible but not factual. As fact statements are easy to write because they are ready proven.

There is the fact that you can not write a fascinating thesis around the fact statement. These kinds of thesis bound you from representing your demanding thinking and analytical abilities.

If you suppose to write around the facts, then probably you are going to write a boring article because you are writing that statement which is already known to all.

What is A thesis Statement formula?

Thesis Statement Formula
Thesis Statement Formula

The thesis statement can be changeable according to your writing type

Writing a thesis for your research paper can be easier for you as you know all hypotheses of it. But, writing a thesis statement for your essay can be a headache for you as you have to establish the aim of your essay and direct your essay into a flow.

For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay, it is not easy to convince the reader that as a coin has two faces, similarly, there is a different point from the reader’s perspective. Therefore, your thesis statement can play an essential role in grabbing the attention of the reader towards your essay.

Once you complete your essay, you are ready for proofreading. Reading your thesis statement can ensure that whether you have mentioned a suitable statement or not.

Do all essays require a thesis statement?

The answer to the above question is ‘YES,’ as a thesis statement is a basic block of any type of writing possible to innovative writing.

But still, it can appear different depending on your writing’s type

For a review:-

If you are writing a response, your thesis statement must have your own opinion too on which you are writing a review. These reviews can be based upon the movies, books, or any article or the other thing which is impacted on you as an audience.

in business analysis:-

Whenever you are writing an analysis of business, your thesis must have consisted of your research result and the methods which you have applied to get the desirable results.

Compare and Contrast Essay:-

If you are writing an article that has the similarity and dissimilarity of a subject, then your thesis statement must discuss the significant similarity as well as dissimilarity and support the body of your content.

Personal narration:- If you are writing your essay, then the thesis statement must be of the lesson that you have learned and what you want to share with your readers.

Tips on how to write a thesis statement

While you are drafting the thesis statement, there are certain points that you have to keep in your mind:-

Tips on how to write a thesis statement

A known topic

The thesis should be something that is known to you, and you can learn something from it. If you pick any topic which is unknown to you, then you can face several difficulties, but it can be helpful to you too. As you will research the new topic and you will get to learn more.

Restrict to your topic

If your thesis is based on your knowledge and the length of the thesis will limit you to a specific range. A wide scope topic requires a longer length of the article, whereas a shorter length of the article can sufficiently prove the narrowly scoped articles.


If you find any difficulty at the beginning of your article or in writing the thesis, then take a portion of the paper and note down all the ideas that come to your mind related to your topic. Manage all the ideas into a list of headings and shape them into a structure onto the paper.

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